Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 7 – The Ceremony

This is the seventh chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here, the third chapter here, the fourth chapter here ,the fifth chapter here and the sixth chapter here.

I stretched my arms and leaned back into the comfortable chair by my desk. My desk, in my office, in my establishment. I was holding a crystal wine glass filled with delicious blood. It was still warm and its sweet energy spread slowly through my body as I devoured it drop by drop. I had never imagined that I would be the one being served, after having worked in my father’s pub for most of my life. But here I was, in the brothel, in Paris, guiding my girls into a life of prosperity and safety.

A flash from my past raced through my mind. Images of my father, the pub, the day Bram Stoker changed my life, the Romanian brothers. I shuddered. All that was behind me now, I was to put my efforts into building a future that would not only sustain me and those I cared about, but also protect us from the evils of this world.

We had had weeks of excitement and change. After creating my first vampire in Emilie, I had to teach her how to survive without doing too much damage to the humans we get our meal from. New dangers awaited her. The sun was now her biggest enemy and my beautiful sister missed walks in the warmth of her yellow friend. We redecorated one of our rooms, it was now called The Sun Room. Paintings of sunflowers, sunsets and sunrises depicting all the wonderful colours of the skies. Sheets in a warm yellow, lamps everywhere. Even I enjoyed spending time in that room, remembering and grieving the daylight hours of my past.

The most difficult endeavor had been to teach my sweet Emilie how to control her hunger. She was to turn those vile men into bounds. They were to be her servants and willing lovers. But for that she needed to let them live. Having the power to take someone’s life, in combination with a hunger so deep it feels like it is tearing you apart, seemed to be almost impossible for her to handle. During the first attempt, she nearly killed the man. He only survived because I stormed into the room. I had observed the ceremony through a barely opened door and intervened when I saw the life leaving his body. He was now her humble follower. Not only showering her with gifts, but also showing her respect and kindness.

After that event, we were forced to implement rules for the ceremony of creating the bond between a vampire and a potential bound. Bound to their mistress by blood. The more controlled approach gave me more confidence to increase the number of bloodthirsty women in the establishment. We were now four vampires in the brothel. There was me, Drusilla. There was my sweet Emilie. The dark skinned, moorish Analie. And tall Katherine. We all knew the steps, the rules and the goals of the ceremony. We knew what would force us to focus on keeping our victims alive. We all knew how important it was to control those men. We needed their money, their respect, and we needed their blood to keep us alive.

It was an odd sensation for all of us: to be in control. We didn’t have to be afraid anymore. We had them in our hands, and they gave us what we needed. We didn’t have to endure terrible pains and humiliation anymore. And if we wanted some of our sinful desires to be fulfilled, there was never a shortage of men who wanted to do so willingly. We were queens now.

A knock on the door pulled me back into reality. Jermaine’s head popped through the door opening. “Madame, he has arrived!”. “Thank you, mon amour!”. I stood up and adjusted my dress. I smiled to myself. Another man to be shown that he needs to learn to obey, to be respectful, to serve the woman he wants to use for his carnal desires. I knew that Analie would do a wonderful job, I had watched her do it twice already. She followed the rules and showed no mercy in her punishment. I wanted to watch her fiery performance again. The feeling in between my thighs reminded me of that my veins were filled with fresh blood and my pleasure level was nearly human again.

The Ceremony

I stood outside Analie’s door and listened. The dark voice of a man was telling a story while the encouraging giggles of a woman were interrupting him every now and then. It had begun. She was giving him attention, showing him that she admired him. I silently opened the door and peeked in. They were standing by the window that was covered in thick purple curtains. She was wearing the white dress I had a tailor make for her. She seemed so innocent in it, and it made her dark skin look even more inviting to touch. Her black curly hair was pulled back and a red feather was the only thing that broke the otherwise clean hairstyle. I watched the red rubies in her earrings and necklace glister in the light of the lamps. I knew she was naked under the dress. I saw her bare feet on the carpet and she walked over to the decanter to fill Père Manuel’s glass again.

He had been a visitor of our establishment for years, long before I took over. And he was notorious for hitting the girls. He did not care for the dark skinned folk and loved to humiliate and hurt them. Analie had been his favourite the last few months and it was now time for her to finally take the control away from him. His round belly was covered in his priest dress, he had removed his hat and jewelry. They were neatly placed on a table in the corner furthest away from me.

“Shall we being, Père?”. I smiled. She had remembered. Ask them if they are ready. making them feel like they are in control. The man grunted and started fumbling with his clothes and then just let them drop on the floor, as he walked to the bed. His body was covered in hair and his stature made him look bear-like. He was not unattractive. But the look on his face was one of entitlement, one of demanding obedience. His life was about to be turned upside down.

Analie turned the gas lamps off and instead lit the candles that were placed all around the room. She didn’t hurry. She wanted his attention as she seductively walked from candle to candle, the light uncovering the perfect lines of her body and the petals of her bosoms. I watched the priest being entranced by her, his eyes following every step she was taking, She seemed so natural, none of her movements looked planned. But I knew that they were. I had observed her learning them.

She was now standing in front of him. I saw the arousal in between his legs. His manhood was hard and ready to conquer her. But she was not done with the seduction yet. She needed to push him into a space where the passion was so strong that he wouldn’t panic when he felt her biting his neck. She slowly allowed her dress to fall down to the floor, sliding down her soft skin. Her bottom was delicious and the tingle in my private place reminded me of my own arousal.

I saw his hands wander up and down her body, resting on her breasts and massaging them. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted but not enough to reveal her fangs. I had taught her well. I could smell her arousal from my hiding place by the door. I knew what she was going to say next. “Do you want to try something different today, Père? I want to ride you, I want to feel you deep inside me. I want you.”. I formed the words with my lips as she spoke them. The next part of the ceremony was about to begin.

The man nodded and lied down on his back. I watched her climb onto the bed. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I parted my legs, leaned onto the door frame and pulled up my dress. I wanted to start rubbing my button, knowing that I could get relief with the fresh blood still in my veins. She looked perfect as she slowly sank onto him, allowing his member to enter her gently. She moved her hips first from side to side, then back and forth. He grunted in pleasure. My fingertips played with my swollen button, and were to my surprise joined by a second pair of hands. I turned around and looked into Jermaine’s beautiful eyes. “Let me help you, my queen.”. I sighed, held onto the door frame with both of my hands, and enjoyed Jermaine’s gentle touch, that then turned into a combination of rubbing and flicking.

I continued to watch Analie riding Père Manuel. Her face was focused. I knew she was trying to read his reactions, to find the right moment to drink him dry. His grunts became louder and faster. Now, now was the moment. I observed her dive down on him as his body started to spasm, caught in the net of his pleasure. She bit him hard. She was sucking his life out of him, swallowing it. I knew she was counting the seconds. Two minutes, no longer. He needed to survive. She let go of him and as I watched her sit on him, her mouth wide open, blood running down her chin and dripping onto her naked breasts, I felt my own arousal becoming overwhelming. I pulled Jermaine closer to me, and pressed my lips against his. Wave after wave of pleasure was running through my body, as my tongue pushed into his mouth. My legs were trembling and I had to hold on to my lover, to not slide down on the door frame, onto the floor.

“Kneel down!”, I heard Analie say. I let go of Jermaine and peeked through the door again. The naked priest was kneeling before his new goddess. Analie was still undressed and the dried blood on her body made her look even more enticing. She uttered the words we had come up with together. “Do you promise to obey me, to respect me and to provide me with what I need, priest? Do you swear that you will protect me and not let any harm to come to me?” I smiled. She was perfect. Her voice was strong, confident and she knew what she was doing.

“I swear, my queen!”, the priest said, his eyes on the floor.

“Good. Now get dressed and leave. Tomorrow at the same time. Don’t be late or you shall feel my wrath. You hear me, priest?”

“Yes, my queen.” He quickly gathered his things from the table and the floor, got dressed and stormed out of the room. He ran past Jermaine and me, not even noticing us. I giggled. I was so proud of my girl. Another man bound to us.

Visitors from the Past

I entered the room and embraced Analie. “You were perfect, mon belle fille!”. She smiled at me. Jermaine entered with a bowl of warm water and some towels. She sat down on the bed and we gently cleaned her body, the towels turning red. She removed her jewelry and we placed it into a red velvet box. The earrings and necklace were only to be used during ceremonies. “It felt like sweet revenge, Madame. Now he can’t hurt me anymore. It is such a relief”, Analie sighed. I kissed her forehead.

“Let’s meet the other girls in the music room. Beatrice promised some entertainment tonight with the music teacher coming in for his weekly visit.”, I suggested. Analie covered herself in a brown velvet robe, and the three of us made our way down the hallway, down the stairs and to the music room to the right. I heard Beatrice’s sweet voice singing chansons, accompanied by the piano played by her lover. All the girls were gathered. Adrien was waiting for us with with wine glasses filled with red deliciousness. I looked around and saw happiness. The women felt safe. They were enjoying their lives.

I heard a knock on the front door of our establishment. I looked at Jermaine. He nodded and left to open the door. Moments later he reappeared and whispered into my ear: “Madame, you really need to come with me.”. I heard the panic in his voice and got up from my chair in an instant. I froze when I discovered who was waiting for me in the foyer of the brothel. My creators, the Romanian brothers, were staring at me with a cold smile on their lips.

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  1. Such a thrilling ceremony. I don’t know of it was intentional, but to me you have captured the pain of many women, and how they rose out above it, came out on the other side as stronger women.

    Rebel xox

  2. slave sindee says:

    nicely written i was dreaming i was the priest. desiring The Ceremony and serving a Queen

  3. quinnrhodes says:

    There’s so much vivid and beautiful description in this post. I had a lot of fun reading it.

  4. Violet says:

    I knew someone long ago that once said that they didn’t like vampires because, and I quote “They’re always so sexual and the stories have so much ritual.” And I was like …. “yes….?” LOL Enjoying the Drusilla saga!

  5. Kayla Lords says:

    Loving this series! And also, I’m on the edge of my seat with that ending!

  6. jupitergrant says:

    Wonderful! I’m anxious about Drusilla’s surprise visitors, though!

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