Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 3 – The Great Escape

This is the third chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here and the second chapter here.

The Romanian brothers didn’t seem to have followed us. I climbed onto the hay and looked at the road ahead. My gentleman saviour sat steady on his horse and didn’t allow for our speed to drop. He was probably right, we needed to build up some distance between us and those gruesome men. My head was bobbing to the motions of the wheels rolling over the unsteady ground, the occasional big bump making me jump on the hay cushions I rested on.

My mind was filled with confusing thoughts, my heart heavy with overwhelming emotions. I was far away from my father and the people that I had long trusted. I was alone in a new country I had never visited before, and in a shape that was both enticing and scary. And now I had even escaped from the brothers who I had so wrongly assumed were offering me a kind guidance into their world of lustful debauchery. What was I to do?

The sky turned from a nightly dark blue into a pink heaven. My skin started feeling uncomfortable. A thousand tiny needles seemed to be poking me everywhere. Oh no, the sun was rising! I tapped Jermaine on the shoulder and pointed at the sky. He stopped the cart and jumped down his horse. He climbed onto the hay with me. “You can close your eyes and rest, Madame Drusilla. I will cover your box with hay and we will travel on. Do not worry.”. I laid down in my box, and watched him close the lid. Minutes later we were travelling again, and the rhythmic motions of the road soon rocked me to sleep.

Bloody Flames

I woke up to the smell of smoke. I panicky tried to open my box, remembering its wooden shell and was already imagining the flames eating my famished cold body. The lid got opened and Jermaine’s blue eyes were curiously inspecting me. “Madame”, he said, nodding his head and offering me his hand to step out of my temporary wooden prison. I felt unstable on my trembling legs, but found relief when standing on steady ground.

I looked around. There were trees. Many many trees. And amidst those, I saw a fire burning. I followed Jermaine’s lead and walked towards the warmth of the flames. He had placed big rocks around the heat and a mount of dry branches was waiting close by to be used as fire fodder. He put a bucket filled with water in front of me. I hadn’t washed myself since the boat and the cold fluid seemed rather welcoming. “From a river nearby”, he said. He stood behind me and I felt his hands slowly pulling down my dress. The sensation of his warm hands on my naked skin and his breath on my neck, made me relax. My dress fell down to the ground and I stepped out of it.

I sat down on a rock close to the fire and watched him walk to the cart and return with a bag. A sponge, a brush, a dress, undergarments and small bottles of perfume and soaps were all placed neatly on the ground next to me. “I worked for the Comtesse Madeleine and I borrowed some things before I took leave.”. he smiled. He poured a liquid into the water, dipped the sponge and allowed it to soak. Then he walked towards me, stood next to me for a few seconds and started scrubbing my back. He was standing in front of me, leaning over me, the soft fabric of his shirt resting on my skin. I laid my head on his chest and after the initial shock of the cold water on my naked body, I enjoyed the scrubbing motions on my back.

I could hear his heart beat. I could sense the rushing blood in his veins. A primal hunger rose up in me, and I had to hold on to the rock I was sitting on. I wanted my fangs to rip open the skin of his neck and drink him, drink him dry. But I knew better, I knew that I had to control myself. He was working on my shoulders now, my arms, my armpits. As the sponge touched upon my exposed breasts, I felt a different kind of urge. Overbearing, wanting to be able to feel the throbbing sensation in my button. A need for a need.

He stopped. The sponge in the water, he took his clothes off in front of my curious eyes. The scars that I had expected from our play just two nights ago, didn’t show. His skin looked perfect in the light of the flames. My eyes wandered down his naked body, stopping at his half hard manhood. He took my hands and pulled me up. We were standing in front of each other, naked. He grabbed the sponge again and started rubbing my chest, my breasts, my belly, my hips. Kneeling down, he pushed the sponge in between my legs, letting it slide over my mound, down my thighs, my legs, my knees, my calves and then up again. He rested his head on my belly as he was scrubbing my bottom. He was breathing heavily.

I knew what I wanted to feel but I couldn’t feel it. The soapy water and my own juices created a flood of wetness down my legs. But the throbbing was missing. I had no blood, no pulse. I needed his blood to feel what I craved. He stood up and pushed me backwards, until a tree stopped my stumbling. We looked at each other. I watched the shadows created by the dancing flames on his face, his neck, his chest. I felt his pulse, I sensed it. We kissed, and his tongue pushed into my mouth, playful and seeking. “Drink me, Madame Drusilla, drink me!”, he whispered in a breathless moment. I froze. He wanted me to devour him, to suck the life out of him?

The urge was too strong now, and my mouth was instinctively drawn to his exposed neck. I kissed the warm skin, feeling the pulse vibrating on my lips. I opened my mouth and my fangs dug deep into him, creating hot pools of red, ready to be licked and sucked dry. I drank him. Big gulps of blood out of his perfect body. He lifted me up by my bottom and pushed me harder into the tree. My legs around his hips, I spread myself as open as I could. The throbbing began. The so much needed throbbing and its approaching relief.

He pushed his hard manhood into me, in and out, in rhythms that were controlled by him. He was my fountain, I was his ocean to swim in. One hand squeezed into his shoulder, the other playing with the throbbing place, my mouth was still sucking him dry. I heard him moan, scream almost. Blood was gushing through my now warm body and I heard the sound of waves in my ears. Rubbing, pounding, throbbing, gushing. Our movements became faster and faster. Until we both started twitching, his hot juices filling my mouth and my womanhood, my wetness covering his legs. I pulled away from him. Breathless, my lips covered in his blood, dripping down on both of our naked bodies.

He fell to the ground. I knelt down next to him, worried that I had done what I was trying to avoid. I didn’t want to kill him. I was not a murderess. I watched his heaving chest, I sensed his pulse. Air and bloodflow seemed weak but steady. I sighed. I pulled him closer to the fire and gently cleaned him with the sponge. Surprisingly, his wounds had already disappeared. My fingertips were running over the skin of his neck. I tenderly washed the rest of his body, and then I cleaned myself up. Once our skin was dried, I dressed us both. I was sitting on the ground, watching the flames, occasionally throwing in a new branch to feed the fire. He was sleeping next to me, deep, his breath and pulse slowing rising in speed again. I had to shake him awake when I watched the dangerous pink spreading over the sky again.

“Jermaine, please wake up. We need to leave.”, I whispered into his ear. He jumped up instantly. “Madame Drusilla, I am always ready to serve you!”. He quickly put out the fire, gathered everything we needed and walked to the hay cart with me. He helped me up, and closed the lid of my box. I heard him cover my prison with hay, talk to the horse and then the rhythmic sounds of the wheels rolling on the ground lulled me into a much needed sleep.


A knock on the wood of my box awoke me. “Madame, do you want to join me for dinner in the pub?”, a smiling Jermaine asked me. I nodded sleepily. I had missed the buzzing of people. I adored being in nature, but a chair to sit on and people to observe are much more pleasurable activities for my London soul. “Where are we, mon ami?”.

“We are in a village to the South East, Madame. We are slowly making our way to Paris. The city d’amour, yes? Easier to hide from those barbarians.”

I nodded. That sounded like a good plan. I jumped down the cart and together we walked to a building with candles lit in the windows. A sign saying “Auberge ” was hanging over the beautifully carved door that Jermaine opened for me. The sound of laughter and music was instantly flooding over us. People in simple dress were dancing and frolicking. They shook Jermaine’s hands and kissed mine. He bought himself a meal and a glass of wine and placed a glass of whine in front of me too, whispering: “So no one suspects, Madame.”

Comtesse Madeleine’s dress and her perfumes convinced the locals that I was of higher standing. I introduced Jermaine as my servant and people soon gathered at our table, telling us about the current states of the village. Crops were growing, the school building had been repaired after a fire. A young man caught my attention. Tanned from the sun, his skin looked almost golden. His blonde curly hair framed his oval face perfectly. And his brown eyes had a strength and a spark of mischief in them. He sat next to me and kissed my hand. “Adrien.”, he said. “Madame Drusilla.”, I answered. Our eyes met. He was my first. The first catch I got all by myself.

Jermaine, Adrien and I walked up the stairs to the room we had gotten for the night. Jermaine lit the candles, and I sat down with Adrien on one bed, while Jermaine sat on the other. I felt Adrien’s hand on my thigh and I quivered. His hands were strong and confident. He stroked my hair and I sighed. He smelled like sweat and honest work. His lips were on my earlobes, on my cheeks and then found their way to my lips. He tenderly bit my upperlip as his hands wandered down to my breasts. He pulled down my dress and exposed my naked chest. His fingers played with my nipples, squeezing them slightly, making them hard. He sat between my legs now, kissing every inch of my naked chest. The dampness between my legs slowly turned into a pool of wetness.

But my frustration grew. The throbbing feeling was missing. I opened my eyes and my gaze rested upon Jermaine, watching us. He understood. Adrien was pushing my dress up, over my knees, all the way to my belly. He spread me open with his fingers and then sunk his face into my womanhood. The tip of his tongue was playing with my button, but I felt nothing. Oh the frustration! Jermaine walked over to us, sat next to me and exposed his neck for me. I looked up at him. “You need it, Madame, take it!”. I formed a merci with my lips and allowed my fangs to yet again sink into his flesh. The sweetness of his blood spread in my mouth and quickly reached other parts of my body. The throbbing began.

I moaned as I felt my button swelling. I was close, very close to the relief I craved. But Adrien wouldn’t allow me to twitch just yet. His face emerged from in between my legs. My fangs were exposed, blood was running down my chin and dripping onto my naked breasts. Stunned for a moment, looking at me and Jermaine, Adrien smiled. He pulled down his pants, grabbed my ankles and pushed inside me. I looked at Jermaine who was naked and played with himself. Adrien entered me forcefully, leaving me breathless for a moment. He was pounding me ruthlessly, and I moaned loudly. Jermaine started rubbing my button while not letting go of his manhood. Moments later, I twitched to the feeling of his hot juices landing on my breasts.

Adrien leaned over to me and whispered “Drink me too, Madame drink me too!”.

“You will be bound to me. You will be my servant and keep me alive. Do you really want that?”, I said in between moans.

“Yes, Madame Drusilla, yes!”, he yelled.

Jermaine was still rubbing my button, and I saw him smile. I grabbed Adrien’s hair and pulled him closer to me. Without a second of hesitation, I forcefully pushed my teeth into his tanned skin, leaving two wounds that I hungrily sucked at. I felt his blood running down my chin, my body, drenching my dress. He moaned one last time, and then his hot seed landed on my bush as he pulled out his manhood. I screamed and my whole body spasmed in pleasure. The three of us were laying on our backs on the bed, breathing heavily. My body was covered in sweat, blood and juices. I had created another bond, Adrien was bound to me now.

“We are leaving for Paris soon, my sweet Adrien. You are coming with us. Get your things and meet us outside before sunrise.”

“Yes, my queen!”, Adrien mumbled and got up. “I will bring you a dress too.”.

“Thank you, mon amour.”, I whispered. Jermaine was holding me tight, his head resting on my shoulder, sleeping.

The sun was rising as the three of us left the village. Jermaine was riding the horse, I was in my wooden box and Adrien was sitting on the hay. I was now safe, with two men who didn’t want to force me to cruelty but who embraced my new nature. I was their queen, and they were bound to me.

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    […] This is the third chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here and the third chapter here. […]

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