Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 6 – Taking Control

This is the sixth chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here, the third chapter here, the fourth chapter here and the fifth chapter here.

I shivered as I awoke to the laughter of young women walking past my room. The chill early autumn nights reminded me of my vampire nature. My cold flesh needed longer to warm up and didn’t contain the heat oozing from human blood. “Hmm, blood!”, I thought to myself, walking to the closet holding the dress I had planned to wear for the night. It was early October and I had been the Madame of La Fleur Blanche for several weeks now. And tonight things were to change. But first I needed to attend to more pressing matters. Adrien entered the room, finding me on my bed, undressed, brushing my hair. I was now able to sleep in a bed, in the safety of a room with bricks and heavy curtains covering the windows. The deadly sun was unable to reach my delicate skin.

Morning Ritual

Adrien sat down next to me, took the brush out of my hand and kissed my hungry lips. His soft fingertips rested on my shoulders and I could feel the pulsating vibrations from the bloodstream in his veins. I moaned in need for his juices. He held my face and looked me in the eyes. “Your beauty takes me breath away, Madame Drusilla”.

I smiled at him, and watched him open the buttons of his shirt, removing the clothing and putting it neatly on the bed. Tilting his head to the side, he exposed his delicious neck to me, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I leaned toward him, my hands resting on his knees. My tongue explored the salty softness of his skin. I nibbled and pulled the porcelain flesh, until my urges took over and I allowed my teeth to sink into him. I drank his life, his iron waters, knowing that he willingly and lovingly offered all he had to me.

The buzzing of energy from the sudden stream of redness flowing through my body, created a dizzy blur in my mind. I wanted more, I needed more. All, I wanted his all. His hands on my shoulders brought me back to the cold room we were sitting in. I released him from my deadly kiss. “Thank you, my dearest prince!”, I whispered as my tongue tried to catch the last drops of blood covering my lips. He bowed, silently dressed again and walked out of the room.

Madame of La Fleur Blanche

Refreshed, I opened the door, wearing the ruby velvet dress I had carefully chosen for today’s proceedings. I kissed the cheeks of the women passing me by on the long corridor. I enjoyed being their Madame. What I did not particularly agreed with was how the establishment had been run. No attention had been given to the health and well-being of the hardest workers. Instead, money seemed to have been secretly finding its way into Madam La Rouge’s pocket. Gentlemen took what they needed from the poor women, often in very deviant and shockingly violent ways. The most gruesome specimen had been banned from the establishment but a high number of men still behaved quite primitively around my girls.

My first course of action had been to allow doctors examine the women. Some of them were found to be ridden with illnesses and alignments I wouldn’t had wished on anyone. They were sent to nearby hospitals, receiving cures of mercury, in the hopes of rushing their recovery. To my disgusted surprise, some of the younger girls did not work in the establishment of free will. I allowed those that so chose to pursue another way of life, and most of them did so. They were now working in bakeries, in French fields and homes. The working force of La Fleur Blanche had almost halfed, but that didn’t cause me any distress. Some of our loyal customers welcomed the improvements and were willing to dig deeper into their pockets for their hours of enjoyment.

My worries were not with those gentlemen who respectfully approached us. I had my eyes on those with wealth, and who were sure of that their standing in society allowed them to treat ladies of the night in whatever way they pleased. Even with Adrien and Jermaine walking the corridors, we often had to tend to blackened eyes, bleeding gardens and teeth being lost. These members of the aristocracy, of the trade and the clerical guild seemed to be untamable in their ambitions to use their positions in the most unpleasant ways. The local Gendarmerie was rather hand bound in this situation.

Fortunately, things were going to change tonight. Many anights had we sat together, frustratingly combing our minds for paths to escape their web of violence. And it had been my sweet Emily who brilliantly suggested to use my special powers to turn the odds. And tonight was the night.

A Dance of Lust, Life and Death

I entered our largest room. Many of the girls were gathered. The round Louise with her wonderful bosoms almost escaping the corset. The morish Analie, her dark skin looking heavenly against the white of her dress. The aged Beatrice, grey curls framing her still beautiful face. Tall Katherine with her almost yellow eyes. And then there was Emilie, my Emilie. She was standing in the corner of the room. Her naked feet on the wooden floor, her luscious forms covered only in a robe of heavy black velvet. The air was filled with an electrifying anticipation. I walked toward the bed which had been pushed to the center of the room.

The excited chatter ceased as everyone became aware of my presence. I saw Adrien and Jermaine standing with Emilie, reassuring hands on her shoulders. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Tonight was the night. I cleared my throat.

“Mes amis, belles filles. Tonight we are going to begin our reign of glory in the city d’amour. What you are about to witness could cause great distress so I want to speak a word of warning: please remove yourself if you do not feel comfortable with seeing what my vampire nature can cause. And be assured, I shall not harm any of you.”

The women nodded and looked at me with love. I knew I had their trust. They had seen my efforts of care, they had witnessed my anger when I watched gentlemen treating them like cattle. They were assured that I wanted to improve things. I needed their trust now. I was about to show them who I really was. I was overwhelmingly nervous. My hands were shaking, and my skin was covered in goosebumps. I nodded into Emilie’s direction. Her robe dropped to the floor and the dance of death and lust was to begin.

I sat down on the bed and watched her seductively making her way to me. My now steady hands were resting on the luscious sheets covering the softness of our love nest. I heard the silent shuffling of feet and saw my girls forming a circle around the bed, only allowing a small path for my lover to reach me. Emilie stopped in front of me, her naked body enticing me, her warmth drawing me to her. I embraced her, my head resting on her belly, my hands feeling her skin’s softness. She took a step back, and looked straight into my eyes. Her fingers ran down my arms as she slowly walked to the side of the bed. Our fingertips were touching now, not letting go of each other. I turned, following her movements, my eyes not wanting to miss an inch of her seductive body.

She climbed on the bed and knelt in the center of it. I turned all the way around and looked at her. I couldn’t believe my luck, I couldn’t believe I would create her anew. I crawled towards her, like a cat approaching its prey, a focused calm running through my body. I stopped before her, sat up, kneeling in front of my prey, my love, my Emilie. We looked at each other, smiling. Fingers gently touching faces, locks of hair being placed behind ears. Her luscious lips touched mine, first nearly innocently shy, then more demanding, her tongue pushing them open. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwined in a dance of lust and need. I felt her hands pushing down my dress, exposing my breasts to the cold air of the room, to everyone observing us. My hands were dug deep into her hair.

Our lips seemed glued to each other. I opened my eyes, slowly pulling away from her, feeling the skin of my lips only reluctantly leaving her pink softness. Our hands were wandering now, exploring each other’s bodies. The roundness of hips and bosoms, the harshness of shoulders and elbows. We were both breathing heavily, knowing what was to come, enjoying what was happening. I bent down and took one the rosy petals of her bosoms into my mouth. My tongue played with her growing arousal, her fingertips gently moving over my shoulders and back. I allowed my hands to wander down her belly, her mound and to open the fleshiest part of her. A smell of want conquered my nose and my probing fingers were covered in her wet need. I found her swollen button and gently circled it, feeling her body react, her hips move, her breathing intensify. My lips leaving her rosy petal behind, I looked up to her. Emilie’s eyes were closed, her lips parted. I knew that people were observing us but in this moment it was only us, all I could see was her.

I straightened my back, and looked up and down her gorgeous shape. Her legs were spread in a kneeling position, her head was tilted, hot breath was escaping her open mouth. My hand was still deep inside her mound, my fingers rubbing her button. She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Drink me, Queen!”, Emilie whispered. Her neck was stretched and ready to be ravished. My lips touched her skin, kissing her, taking in her warmth, her need. My fingers continued to tickle her button, sometimes flicking it, sometimes holding it inbetween fingertips. She was moaning and I could sense her relief building up. I bit the skin of her neck, pulling it, playing with it. Emilie was starting to twitch, the wetness in her turned into floods. I sank my teeth deep into her, sucking out streams of red deliciousness, her body spasming under my control, her pulse becoming my life. I heard a gasp coming from our audience, knowing that they had just realized who I really was. I drank, and I drank. We were one.

I released my love from my deadly grip, leaving her nearly unconscious. I held her head and gently allowed her to rest it on pillows. Her face had turned white, her lips had lost their rosiness. I felt the primal need to finish her, to rip her open and drink directly from her heart. I felt hot drops of blood running down my chin, leaving traces on my naked bosoms, my belly, my dress resting on my hips. I growled, fearing my need would take over. I felt something cold on my shoulder and tuned my head. The blade of a knife was resting on my skin. I looked up. Jermaine was smiling at me. I was back in reality and remembered our plan. I took the knife from him. I sat down on the belly of the naked and weak Emilie, watching her chest heaving heavily, knowing that I had to be quick. “Emilie, we are doing this now. Oh, my Emilie!”.

I lifted my arms up into the air, presenting the knife to everyone in the room. In one go, I slit open my wrist with the sharp blade. The feeling the hot blood running down my arm made me shiver. I heard screaming, the women in the room being taken by what was happening. My head was buzzing from my meal, from the pain, from sitting on the helpless Emilie. I wanted this moment to last but I put all my strength into giving her what she needed. I dropped the knife on the bed next to me and pushed my wrist onto Emilie’s mouth. “Drink, mon amour, drink”, I whispered. I felt her lips parting on my skin, and the strong sensation of my blood being sucked out of me, took over. I watched her taking her life from me again, I watched her willingly allowing me to shape her. I leaned back, closed my eyes. I felt my naked mound on her belly, my dress stil covering my legs. I felt our connection grow. A sudden weakness overcame me and I sensed myself drifting into unconsciousness. “Stop, please stop now, my child.”, I whispered.

Strong hands lifted my weak body and placed me next to the now sleeping Emilie. Jermaine, Adrien and the women cleaned us with warm wet towels and pulled heavy sheets over our shivering bodies. I turned to my side, embraced the cold Emilie with my arms and rested my head on her shoulder. I had created my first vampire.

The Beginning of a New Reign

We had prepared for the days of transformation. I wouldn’t let her suffer like I had done. We kept Emilie warm, we fed her with blood, we bathed her. And we allowed her to rest. On the fourth day, she was strong enough to sit up and we gathered all the women in her room. Emilie looked ravishingly beautiful. Being a vampire suited her. I sat next to her, holding her hand.

“Mes belles filles. Emilie is a creature of the night now. She needs to feast on blood like I do. But most importantly, she will help us contain the violence you all had to endure. This is an experiment, mes amis. We deserve more than we are given. We deserve respect, and kindness. And if the gentlemen won’t give that to us, then we need to take it. A new era is to begin now. By being bound to us, these gentlemen will become tame puppies wanting to please us. We are now in control. Our reign is beginning!”

Everyone was clapping their hands and cheering. I embraced my sweet child Emilie and looked around the room. We were on the right path. No men shall hurt us anymore.

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