Fucking damn it. I’m frustrated with that I ended up being so appalled by my own body again. I had been trying so hard the last few years: to accept, to conquer and to embrace. I was never at a place where I absolutely loved my body. But I was okay with it. But things have gone downhill again. I know why. Depression definitely plays a role here. I haven’t had proper sex in weeks, and not a lot of play either. I am at a place again where I can’t look at myself in the mirror without almost gagging at what I see. I masturbate under the covers so I don’t need to see myself naked. Fucking damn it. So I took this picture to challenge myself, to start accepting my body again. I don’t know if it is going to make any difference for my feelings in the long run. But for now, I am okay with this picture of my naked body.

Sinful Sunday

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18 Responses

  1. Accept … accept !!!
    Your eyes always draw me into your sexy, arousing, photos.
    Acceptance, arousal, stimulation, satisfaction, empowerment … strength.
    I always think it’s about a feeling from the mind and the heart !!!

    Xxx – K

  2. naughty nora says:

    Beautiful <3

  3. Yes Yes! Listen to what K says, and everyone else who like me will comment about how your image in photos makes me stop and pay attention – you have such a dramatic allure, there is something so sexy about you, as if I am commanded to look.
    (I couldn’t re-tweet cos “nipples” on show and I am a wimp about shadowbanning) You look a delicious, hot pin up girl, oozing attitude and strength. I hope you will be able to believe all the positive feed back you’re going to get.

  4. mywildlens says:

    Gosh, you look incredible! I think the way we relate to our bodies is always changing and evolving, and just like any other relationship there are good patches and difficult ones. I’m sorry you are having a difficult one and I hope it passes soon.

    • Thank you so much! And yes, I agree with that, the way we connect and view to our body is ever-changing and low and more negative episodes are just as normal as times of high self-confidence.

  5. Laurent says:

    Delightfully delicious….
    I could feast all day if allowed.

  6. Damn it indeed! I wish that my opinion of your body would help, but personal experience tells me that it won’t. (Though, for what it’s worth, I echo Laurent- delightfully delicious Devi)

    Self perception is not to be trusted! The way we see ourselves is not how we truly appear. Viewing myself as I would a friend helps my self acceptance in the dark times. I hope sharing helps you find a way back out feom under the covers N x

  7. jack says:

    imagine someone that would spend hours teasing You with their tongue because they are teased by You…..

  8. Lisa Stone says:

    You are on the right track.

  9. sub-Bee says:

    Acceptance is the key but fuck, it’s so hard to learn to accept yourself and see what others see in you.

  10. Molly says:

    I think you look absolutely breathtaking but I know all too well that my words will seem smaller, quieter, than the ones in your own mind. I hope maybe they might help to quieten them a bit though and led you to a place where you can embrace your beauty


  11. Mary Wood says:

    You yourself are throwing yourself a bold challenge.

  12. LadyM65 says:

    Just found you today. I’m overcome with tears as I see myself in you – in the best of ways. I’m new to Sub life and a writer who isnt writing & used to post photos expressing my sexy self but after a battle with cancer I became depressed (more than usual) and just lost my confidence inside & out. Thank you for being brave – you’ve helped me today in so many ways!

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