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Sing me to sleepSing me to sleepI don’t want to wake upOn my own anymore “Asleep” – The Smiths


Decks Dark

Then in your life, there comes the darknessThere’s a spacecraft blocking out the skyAnd there’s nowhere to hideYou run to the back and you cover your earsBut it’s the loudest sound you’ve ever heardAnd...



I can’t sleep tonightEverybody’s saying everything is alrightStill I can’t close my eyesI’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all of these lightsSunny days, where have you gone?I get the strangest feeling you...



That moment. That very moment. When he has you right where you belong. Stuck in anticipation. In his grip. Knowing that it is going to hurt. But you want it to last just a...


Orgasm Addict

Ooh, so whether you’re asking in an alley and your voice ain’t steadyYour sex mechanic’s rough, you’re more than readyYou’re an orgasm addict, you’re an orgasm addict