Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 1 – Creation

If vampires don’t have blood in their veins, can their cocks even grow and pleasure a woman? Now here is a question that I never thought I would ask. No imaginable situation would have required me to go into that line of thinking while I was still alive. Until that fateful day 137 years ago. My name is Drusilla and sex turned me into a vampire.

The year was 1882 and I spent my days helping my father in his pub in London’s West End. The mornings and afternoons were usually slow, but the early evenings and nights kept us up busy on our feet. The visitors of the local theatres were often quite excited after having seen a play and needed to come down with a pint. I enjoyed working in the pub. I met many different people from different walks of life and from different parts of the world. My father often worried that I would be in danger among those drunk and jolly guests but I knew how to defend myself. And defend myself I definitely had to.

I was 21 at the time and I must say that I was a fair young lady. My father made sure I was wearing proper and fashionable clothing that accentuated my round figure. My blonde curly hair was held back by velvet ribbons and the silver jewelry I was wearing reflected the sparkle in my brown eyes. I enjoyed the attention of the young and old, the gentlemen and the artists. But I rarely responded to that attention in a way they would have wanted me to. My purity was mine to keep and to unlock.

On that fateful day in 1882, I was preparing some mushrooms for our early luncheon guests, when I heard a loud wahey go through our establishment. This meant that someone respectable had entered. I turned around and looked into the eyes of Mr. Bram Stoker. He was the manager of the local Lyceum Theatre and worked for the notable actor Henry Irving. I quite liked Mr. Stoker. He was always curious about learning new things and he was very passionate about his work. And he had the most lovable stories to tell about his little boy.

“Good day, Mr. Stoker! How are we today?”

“Fine, fine, dear Dru. Don’t you look wonderful today, like the sunshine caught in an empty jar, fresh and glowing.”

“Oh, Mr. Stoker, you are making me blush! What can I get you. Sir?”

“A pint and some bread and cheese would be quite agreeable, my dear. I need to make it quick today, there is a lot to do at the theatre.”

“Oh, the new play, Sir?”, I asked while cutting some cheese and bread.

“New, new. Not very new. Shakespearean. Much Ado About Nothing. Irving is playing the role of Benedick.”

“How delightful!”, I exclaimed, placing the plate of food and the beer in front of Mr. Stoker.

“You know, dear, why don’t you come and watch tonight’s play? I have two brothers from abroad at my house and they would love to get to experience some real London life. Your pub would be a welcome haven for them to visit after the play. What do you say?”

“I am honoured. Father, can I go?”, I turned around and looked at my father who was trying to fix a broken tap. “Please, Father?”

“Sure ye can, Dru. Just make sure to keep those fereign boys at a distance, will ye?”

“Oh, Father, of course!”

“I will send someone for you at 6 in the evening, Miss Drusilla!”, Mr. Stoker mumbled, chewing the last pieces of his food before rushing out of the pub.

At the Theatre

Now, should I have denied such an invitation? A free theatre visit, seeing one of the greatest actors of the time? I couldn’t. The evening promised to be magical but in retrospect, turned out to be magically twisted.

I was wearing a heavy red velvet dress with beautiful golden embroidery, a gift from my late mother. The butterfly shaped brooch and the pearly earrings were hers. The black corset I had borrowed from our neighbour, and the red ribbons in my hair I had bought this afternoon. I felt beautiful, nearly regal. I had never been this dressed up for anything. My father gasped when he saw me come down the stairs and tears welled up in his eyes. “Ye look just like yer mother.”. He kissed me on the cheek and wished me a wonderful time.

One of Mr. Stoker’s assistants was waiting for me outside the pub. We walked the short distance to the theatre in quite a rush. “So much to do, so much to do”, the young man said. “Who are those brothers I am to spent the evening with?”, I asked the hurried lad. “Romanian, Miss Dru. Quite the odd men, I must say. There is something mysterious and dark about ’em.” Mysterious? I was getting curious.

He gave me the number of the loge and I slowly walked up the beautiful stairs. The theatre was filled with a cheerful buzzing of excited men and women. I spotted many Lords and Ladies, and felt almost fraudulent in such company. I opened the curtain to the loge and two men turned their heads around. To my surprise, they were twins!

The men stood up and took a step towards me. The first one gave me a kiss on the hand, and looked me in the eyes, “Miss Drusilla, I assume?” . The accent was East European and there was something very attractive about it. I nodded. “I am Mihai and this is my brother Alexandru. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” I smiled. “The pleasure is all mine.”

They were both dressed impeccably dashing. Dark green and dark purple coats, white high-collared shirts, golden cufflinks, golden rings, and black long trousers. They both had sets of beautiful dark brown eyes and curly black hair. I felt a little bit weak in my knees, just looking at so much dazzling beauty in one place. But yes, the lad was right. There was something different about them, a glimmer behind the eyes, a gentleness in their movements. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.

They offered me the chair in between them, and I sat down. We engaged in a light conversation about our families, I told them about my father’s heritage in Scotland, they described their beautiful country of Romania to me. Once the curtain on the stage opened, we turned silent. Herny Irving did a wonderful job portraying the depths of the Shakespearean character and we were all under the play’s spell, laughing and crying with the actors and actresses on stage. I was able to give the two young men some more curious inspection while their eyes were glued to the spectacle in front of them. Their porcelain skin looked almost luminescent in the dark, and their lips seemed full and red. My mind wandered into shameful territory, imagining intimate touch in candle-lit rooms, the two handsome men giving me all their attention. I swallowed and turned my head back into the direction of the stage, joining in the cheerful laughter of the crowd.

After the play ended, we walked down the stairs, surrounded by excited members of London’s high society. I was in quite an excited mood myself, the evening had so far turned out to be just as magical as I had imagined. “Do you have a carriage or shall we walk to the pub?”, I asked the young men. I watched them exchange a quick glance. “Miss Drusilla, I am afraid we are leaving London tomorrow and would rather not spend the night among a lot of people. It might drain us of too much energy.”.

“Oh.”, I exclaimed, rather disappointed. I didn’t want to lose sight of the two men just yet.

“If you are not opposed to it, we have a drink at our host’s house and then we could lend you our carriage for your journey home. What is your opinion?”

“I would be delighted”, I said without hesitation. There was something that drew me to them, I couldn’t let go of their company. I needed to be close to them.

During our carriage ride, we conversed about the brilliant play we had just witnessed and reminisced about its fun and sad moments. I felt very comfortable in their company, even losening the ribbons out of my hair to relieve myself of the pressure of pulled hair on my scalp. I laughed, I smiled, I let go.

Blood Dance

Mr. Stoker’s house was neither big nor small. We were greeted by a butler carrying a gaslamp, looking rather surprised to see me, but recognizing me from my father’s pub. We walked inside and after a quick whisper, the old man handed a key to the Romanian brothers. “Shall we inspect the wine cellar together and pick something agreeable to our pallets, young lady?”, Alexandru asked me. Oh, now that sounded fancy. A wine cellar. I followed the two men down stone stairs, lit up by torches attached to cold walls.

Two tall cupboards, bottle next to bottle, covered the wall on the left of the cellar. A rather monstrous wooden table took over the space of the rest of the room, a bench next to it. Mihai, wearing the dark green coat, lit two candles on the table and placed them in holders on the wall. The room was now illuminated by a warm light. The three of us were standing in front of the wine bottles, curiously reading the labels. I suddenly felt a cold breeze on my neck. I turned my head slightly, and saw one of the men standing behind me, breathing in my scent. I closed my eyes. A new sensation travelled through my body, leaving a new kind of tickle on my now hardened nipples, and a surprising dampness between my legs.

“You smell very nice, Miss Drusilla”, Mihai whispered. A finger brushed away the curls from my neck and gently stroked my exposed skin. Alexandru was now standing in front of me, holding my hands, squeezing them a little. My open eyes met his glistering brown windows to the soul. A shiver went through my body. I was both afraid and incredibly comfortable. “Might I relieve you of your corset prison, Miss Drusilla?”, Mihai asked. “Yes”, I whispered, lost in the sensations that my mind and body were exposed to.

Alexandru stroked my cheeks, kissed the top of my head, and allowed his long nails to run over the naked skin over my chest. I started to breathe faster. My eyes were locked in his, feeling the strong pressure of the corset weakening as Mihai was losening the strings on my back. I heard a click, and knew that the first button at the front of the corset had been opened. I wanted to look down, but Alexandru pushed my chin up with one finger, forcing me to stay locked into his eyes.

Fingers caressed my neck, nails scratched my needing skin. I felt a tongue tenderly licking me under my hairline. I sighed. The corset removed, both men slowly pushed down my dress, letting it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and was now standing in front of them, only my white undergarments covering my hot flesh. Not a word was uttered. A hand in a palm of each man, I was led to the table. I climbed onto it, sliding back. Mihai kissed me, his tongue pushing open my lips. I had never felt such passion before, primal and loving at the same time.

I heard a tearing sound and my undergarments were suddenly shortened by several inches. “Lay down on your back, Miss Drusilla.” I happily obliged to the request. I watched Alexandru slicing the rest of my white dress into shreds with his nails, almost making it seem like they were not the extension of human fingers, but the claws of an animal. I saw a glimmer in his eyes that both frightened and aroused me. My breasts were bare now, my private parts exposed. I smelled something musky, something I had never smelled before. My pulse vibrated in my nether parts. My purity was about to be soiled, and there was nothing else that I wanted more in that moment.

Mihail was leaning over me, holding a piece of white cloth in his hands, teared from my undergarments. He gently lifted my head and blindfolded me. Hands massaged my full breasts, making me moan with pleasure. I felt as if I was floating over the table, free and safe. Someone was standing between my legs now. Nails scratching the skin of my body, a tongue licking the wounds clean. I felt drops of blood running down my naked skin, being cleaned up before they could create floods on my body.

Someone slightly turned my head to the side. The blindfold moved up and I caught a glimpse of pointy teeth slowly moving towards my neck. I screamed! What was this? And then I remembered. They were vampires! Mr. Stoker had told me stories about these mythical creatures living off the blood of humans. I wanted to move away, but I couldn’t. I was both in shock and fascinated by what was happening. The short second of thought gave Alexandru the opportunity to sink his teeth into my flesh.

I had expected a piercing pain but all I felt was overwhelming bliss. The pain translated into shivers of pleasure travelling through my body. I heard him sucking the life out of me and started to feel dizzy. I needed him to take me. I hastily removed the blindfold from my eyes, and looked up. I saw him watching me, his mouth open, the red lips covered in my blood and drops of liquid dripping on my breasts. I pushed my wet bush against him. I heard him relieve himself of his belt. I spread my legs and felt something hard and warm enter me. Our eyes were locked. I moaned and answered his pushes with rhythmic responses.

“You are doing really well, Miss Drusilla”, Mihai whispered into my ear, watching passion taking over his brother and me. Suddenly Alexandru slit his left wrist with a nail from his right hand and pushed the bloody wound against my mouth. “Drink, Miss Drusilla. Drink me!”.

“Nu, frate!”, Mihai yelled. But it was too late. I was sucking his brother’s juices, my body continuing to follow his rhythm. Alexandru started to moan and I felt like I was flying. Our pulses synced, our bodies entangled, spasms took over my body. I sucked his blood as his hot juices shot into my womanhood. He pulled his wrist away from my mouth and rested his heavy head on my belly, embracing my body with his strong arms.

I heard Mihai cry in the distance. Alexandru had taken something from me, my blood in his veins had helped his manhood grow, and he had returned the favour. His juices had taken something from me that could never be retrieved, but his blood had given me new life.

I had become Drusilla, queen of vampires.

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  1. I absolutely love this. You have managed to put me right there in this time setting, and keep my attention from beginning to end. I was even holding my breath!

    Rebel xox

  2. I loved that opening sentence of course . . . made me giggle with delight. But then as your story unfolds, is absolutely wonderful throughout. Fabulous writing!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Posy Churchgate says:

    Wonderful writing. Beautifully set scene, mysterious and compelling to read. The sex scene was captivating, my heart was thumping along with Druslilla’s – loved how she gave herself to the experience.
    Rubbing my hands with glee that you have left the door open to continue the story if you want to! x

    • Thank you so very much, Posy <3 I was actually thinking that I could continue the story eventually, but it all depends if inspiration will strike. Maybe it will. Thanks for reading!

  4. jupitergrant says:

    I love this. So evocative and erotic, and you do such a terrific job of weaving the narrative and creating the images. The opening sentence forms a fascinating question, and the inclusion of Stoker is a very clever nod. Such a terrific tale. ???

  5. J. Lynn says:

    Wonderful story! I’m definitely a fan of your writing ? and this one does not disappoint in the slightest. I do hope you continue the story.

  6. This was great! I can’t wait for more.?

  7. AC @ The Cracked Lens says:

    Love this. It was extremely well written, and I’ve always been a sucker for a good vampire tale. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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