An Ode to Spring

ode to spring

As I stand here, eyes closed

My senses are awakened by

the symphony of beauty you have created.

I welcome you, oh wonderful spring.

Your tantalizing scents play with my mind,

Your exquisite sounds tickle my ears

and take away my fears,

if only for a moment.

My eyes, now open,

eat the luscious art you have painted on nature’s canvas.

I want to dance, prance, cleanse

my soul from the darkness of winter,

and wash my body from the frozen stillness

I was imprisoned in.

Your strength gives me will, want and need

To discover, to explore.

I want you to undress me, to open what has been locked,

make me spread, naked and willing.

Your freedom will be my sanity,

if you can run free, so can I.

On dewy meadows I want to chase your beauty and youth,

move with your winds and get carried into the lands your art promises.

On the shores I shall stand, to witness your strength in the storms,

under blooming trees I will sit to hide from the shower

of petals and rain that you have summoned to give birth to another year.

I welcome you, oh spring, into my soul, and onto my body.

Your invisible hands dancing on my skin,

making me want to undress right here, so I can feel your everything,

your strength, your divinity, your playfulness.

I want to be your servant,

to follow you into forests, onto fields,

dive deep into the waters and fly high over the mountains.

Oh spring, take me with you on this journey that has just begun,

open my mind, give me wings and help me undress,

and get rid off these heavy cloaks filled with dreams past, and futures feared.

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8 Responses

  1. Really beautiful, Devie – it almost sounds like a prayer.
    ~ Marie

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    A wonderful emotional impulse. I saw the photo and thought it was very beautiful. And then I read your poems and realized that they are beautiful. Keep this mood in your soul.

  3. Truly powerful message, Devie. The words are even more beautiful than the garments of spring you’ve captured in your image.
    Having read your recent post about thoughts on writers block and other issues you’ve struggled with, I hope you will continue to feel as you did when you wrote this poem, which is as beautiful as you.

  4. I find this photo makes me feel good! It is so hopeful! I can also imagine you dancing and being free. And that’s a good thing too.

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