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I am a cemetery abhorred by the moon, In which long worms crawl like remorse And constantly harass my dearest dead. I am an old boudoir full of withered roses, Where lies a whole litter of old-fashioned dresses, Where...



Prey don’t look behind youPrey they’re gonna find youRun now, run now, run and hideI see you tripping in your trialsBabe you’re gonna drown “Prey” – Diva Destruction


Guitar Hero

This week has been incredibly fantastic and weird for me. I don’t usually go out and party anymore because my mental and physical health are a mess. But this week? This week I went...



Sing me to sleepSing me to sleepI don’t want to wake upOn my own anymore “Asleep” – The Smiths


The Most Beautiful Revelation

Did you never see beauty at the moment of suffering,You have never seen beauty.Did you never see joy in a beautiful face,Never have you seen the joy! “The Most Beautiful Revelation” – Friedrich Schiller


She’s out to look so macabre and alone

You can see herWhenever it rainsFrom Rome to New OrleansDancing on the gravesBurden by the heartShe loves her sunglasses after darkAnd every single day her little life falls apartShe’s out to look so macabre...


The Crack Inside Your Fucking Heart Is Me

When you want itGoes away too fastTimes you hate itAlways seems to lastJust rememberWhen you think you’re freeThe crack inside your fuckin’ heart is me “Speed of Pain” – Marilyn Manson


Orgasm Addict

Ooh, so whether you’re asking in an alley and your voice ain’t steadyYour sex mechanic’s rough, you’re more than readyYou’re an orgasm addict, you’re an orgasm addict