Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 5 – La Fleur Blanche

This is the fifth chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here, the third chapter here and the fourth chapter here.

We were flabbergasted. I banged on the door of the establishment. I didn’t find the courtesy to knock instead of violently demanding attention of any importance during that moment. But my efforts did not result in any kind of reaction. The door was still closed and we were standing on the street in front of the Fleur Blanche, helplessly confused. I shouted: “Emilie, don’t despair, we will return!”, while Adrien and Jermaine pulled me away to avoid receiving the wrong sort of attention for my emotional scene.

We withdrew to the royal park, sat down on a bench and watched the water fountain’s playful movements. I was furious. Emilie was bound to me and I felt protective of her. I wanted her to be safe and well, and not in the hands of someone like the terrible Madame La Rouge. My first impulse was not well received by my two gentleman friends. I wanted to storm the brothel, and drag Emilie out of there. But where would we take her and where would we all go? Our plan had been to have a new beginning in the city of love and bringing that to an abrupt end seemed unreasonable.

As the hours drew closer to sunrise, we made our way back to our temporary home. The only tangible idea we agreed on was to report Madame La Rouge to the police for health code violations. Adrien and Jermaine were to go to the Gendarmerie in the morning and discuss the matter with anyone who would want to listen. I crawled into my box knowing that a restless sleep awaited me.

The next evening my companions told me the tale of their day. The police had not been very helpful and did not make note of any health code violations. It very much had seemed as if many of the inspectors frequent La Fleur Blanche, as guests of Madame La Rouge. Adrien and Jermaine had been laughed at, ridiculed and been shown the door. I felt the fury from the night before rise in me again. I would not allow anyone to treat my Emilie without respect and kindness!

I drank the blood my bound men offered me and once my energy was replenished, we discussed our further actions. It was decided that we would wait outside the establishment and then think through our options there. I put on a beautiful dress, one that Marcel had gifted to me, and refreshed myself. I wanted to make an impression when engaging with those who held my dear Emilie captive. As we walked the streets of Paris and made our way to the Fleur Blanche, I felt eager to solve whatever problems laid ahead of us. Our lives were to improve, not held back by greedy violent people with no respect for human lives.


The red lamp outside La Fleur Blanche was lit. Business was happening behind the closed door, and a wave of despair ran over me when imagining my poor Emilie being tortured. If a vampire’s life really was to last to all eternity, then I didn’t want to have to spend decades regretting not having helped my dear friend.

Dozens of men, and sometimes the occasional woman, knocked on the heavy wooden door. The two protectors of the brothel, the terrible men who had thrown us out the night before, answered the calls and welcomed many upstanding members of society into the house. We watched men with royal emblems on their coats, artists with a flair of despair, capitalists with an aura of newly earned money, aristocrats in high hats and members of the police force in uniforms, enter the building. La Fleur Blanche was frequented by those with power, it seemed.

A nearby church rang its bell eleven times and moments later, we saw Madame La Rouge leave the house. She was accompanied by one of the protectors and was holding the leash of a small dog. “Fou Fou, don’t eat that!”, I heard her shout when I stepped out of the shadow of a building and walked towards her. “Mon Dieu, that dreadful woman from last night! How dare you come close to my house again!”, she yelled at me. Her protector tried to step towards me, but I saw her hold him back. I felt the presence of Adrien and Jermaine behind me.

“Good evening, Madame La Rouge. I am sorry to disturb you on this wonderful evening. That is a very adorable dog. I am a lover of animals, they often bring more pleasure than humans bring to this world, don’t they?”. I bent down to pet her animal. The dog first growled at me, sniffed and then winced.

“Oui, oui, animals are better companions and even conversationalists”, she said in a calmer voice. Her eyes now showed both feelings of frustration and curiosity. “So what do you want, Madame …?”

“Madame Drusilla”, I replied, bowing in front her, and touching her hand in respect. She squeezed my fingers. “I thought we could forget about last night’s events and begin our friendship afresh. What do you say, dear Madame La Rouge?”.

She looked at me with suspicion, then uttered in a brisk tone: “Walk with me.”

We walked in silence for a few minutes, our male companions following us. “So what was your business last night?”, she asked harshly.

“I was under the spell of the beautiful Emilie, so I came to visit her. What she had told me of La Fleur Blanche had seemed intriguing and I like to inspect the businesses I want to invest in.”, I said convincingly. I started trembling a little, worried that she would call me out on my lie.

“Invest? You come from money, Madame?”, she asked. I nodded. She cleared her throat. “I apologize for forcing you to leave my house so abruptly last night. I am very protective of my business, and do not allow uninvited guests that do not seem like they are going to pay. My sincere apologies indeed, Madame Drusilla. I hope you accept them. Do you, mon ami?”

I laughed of relief. “Of course, I do, Madame. I appreciate someone with a strong sense of wanting to protect what is theirs!”.

“We can go inside and you can take a look around now, if you have the time, Madame. I am yours to show you the premises, and the girls that work for me, if that is in your interest.”, she smiled at me, her grey curls bobbing as we walked.

“I would very much like that!”, I replied eagerly. We had walked up and down the street, Fou Fou had done his business, and now I could take care of mine. Madame La Rouge’s servant opened the door for us, and I stepped into La Fleur Blanche.

The Establishment

We were greeted with laughter. Undressed women were being chased by gentlemen in their knickers. Couples were kissing in corners. A blonde beauty in a red corset, pulled an older man up the stairs by bis hand. A scene of debauchery and deviancy was playing out in front of me, and I felt compelled to join in, laughing and moaning the night away. But I had to stay focused. I still didn’t have a plan and I was worriedly looking for Emilie.

And then I spotted her, standing in a corner, head bowed down. She looked up and saw me. Her face was red and bruised on the right side, and she was limping as she approached us. The fury I had felt earlier grew into primal proportions inside me. I wanted to rip Madame La Rouge apart. No one hurts what I protect, no one touches what I created. My hands formed fists and my fangs wanted to destroy that old woman’s flesh. I felt a calming hand on my shoulder. I turned around and looked into Jermaine’s eyes. “Not here, Madame. Not here.”.

I breathed out and embraced my poor Emilie. “I will save you. Trust me, my beautiful girl”, I whispered into her ear before saying out loud: “Mon ami Emilie, how lovely to see you again!”. I turned to Madame La Rouge, “Now Madame, show me your establishment, will you?”. I reassuringly touched Emilie’s arm, before I followed the grey-haired big-bossomed woman up the stairs to inspect what she believed belonged to her.

On the upper floor, she showed me room after room with luscious beds, curtains and fabrics. Big beds, round playgrounds, sturdy chairs. All places to enjoy the beauty of sexual pleasures. Some doors were closed and giggles and moans could be heard. I was starting to wonder how such luxury could be upkept by a woman like Madame La Rouge.

She stopped in front of a dark room. “Now this is our torture chamber, Madame”, she explained. We took a step inside and I was instantly intrigued by the gloomy atmosphere of the place. A long stretcher was in the middle of the room, in black leather. Metal cuffs on the bottom and top of the table sparked my imagination. A giant cross, a large cage in the corner. One wall was covered in whips, chains, swords and different tools that seemed apt for a torture room. The windows were hidden behind heavy red velvet curtains. The only light was coming from a table with three candles, giving off a smell of jasmine.


“Do you enjoy being tortured, Madame La Rouge?”, I whispered and took a step into her direction, my eyes now locked into hers. My hand moved towards her face and my fingers ran over her round and wrinkly cheeks. She giggled. “I am a bit of a masochist connoisseur, you could say, oui.”. I didn’t take my eyes off of her. I suddenly had an idea and it awoke parts of me that I didn’t know existed. My mind and body tingled. My fingers moved down to her shoulders, down her arms and then embraced her hands. I walked her to the middle of the room.

I was standing behind her and began to slowly untie the strings of her corset, pulling them to make space. I felt her breathing slow down, and her body relax. She smelled of vanilla and a vague scent of wine. My hands were sliding to her front, opening one button of the corset after the other, hearing the click as the metal unhinged. Pulling the corset off her, I admired her round forms. I walked around her. I smiled, and so did she. I opened the front of her undergarments, and pulled down her skirt, watching it fall to the ground. She stepped out of it. Only dressed in a white underdress, her breasts almost exposed, I looked at her. “Does your masochist side want to play with me, Madame La Rouge?”. She nodded: “Oui, Madama Drusilla”. I pointed into the direction of the table and she climbed onto it, and lied down on her back, anticipating what she thought was going to be solely about sexual pleasure.

I followed her and first closed the cuffs around her ankles, then the cuffs around her wrists. I leaned over her, my breasts touching the top of her head, my hands running up and down her face. Walking around the table, I observed her and let my eyes wander over her body. I wanted to see her skin, I needed to see her at her most vulnerable. I was standing on her right side now, and exposed my fangs to her. She froze. I allowed my teeth to sink into the fabric of her underdress and ripped it apart in places, like a wolf would tear apart his latest victim. Her dress in pieces, her skin was exposed everywhere. I slapped her round belly and a loud smack was echoing through the chamber, followed by a squeal from Madame La Rouge, and a loud sigh coming from the door. I turned my head and saw that a crowd of women had gathered in the door frame, all observing what I was doing to their Madame.

My fingers were circling her hard nipples, I then spread my hands and squeezed her full breasts, letting my nails sink into her. Removing them, I watched small drops of blood gathering where my nails had just punctured her. I felt an urge arise that I didn’t want to follow. I would not drink her blood, she didn’t deserve to be bound to me. She was weak in hurting others for her own gain and greed. She was to suffer but not receive that kind of relief.

My fingers were running over her naked body, my nail sinking into her fleshy parts, until I reached her grey bush. I pulled some of the hairs, watching her squirm from the pain. I could smell her musky need, and observed small drops forming the closer I got to her most private place. I dipped one finger in, then two. I pushed them in and out fast, my other hand firmly pressed against her button and rubbing it. I let my upper body rest on her belly, watching her face. She was close to relief now, her eyes were closed, her lips parted, silent moans escaped her. So I stopped.

Her eyes opened. “Please!”, she shouted. I laughed. “Please what, Madame La Rouge?”.

“I need relief, please.”, she stammered. I shook my head. “I decide when you can get relief. Oui?”. She nodded and sighed.

I walked to the wall, and took a flogger and a set of metal clamps. I slowly attached the clamps to her nipples, watching her face cringe in pain. “Too much?”, I smiled. “No, Madame, no.”, she hissed through clenched teeth. I took a step back and admired my work. Red streaks of blood were painted on her skin, nipples in a firm grip of pain. Her underdress in shreds. I stood in front of her and lifted the flogger. “Ready, Madame La Rouge?”. “Oui.”.

I let the tails of the flogger dance on her naked skin, and observed red streaks from impact blending with the floods of blood. The urge to ravish her and drink her dry returned and for a moment I became faint. My needs became overwhelming but then I remembered my plan and continued to create a symphony of pain on her skin. The musky smell from her bush got stronger and I spread her with my fingers. I rammed the handle of the flogger inside her. She screamed but then moaned. Pushing it deeper, I squeezed her button between my fingertips and pulled it. I observed her and let go when she came close to relief. A sigh of frustration escaped her. “Please!”, she moaned.

“You need relief, Madame La Rouge?”

“Oui, please!”

“What are you willing to do for that?”

“Anything! Just please give me relief!”

“Anything? Yes?”


“I want you to sign over La Fleur Blanche to me.” I squeezed her button again, slowly moving the handle of the flogger in and out of her. She moaned in need and frustration.

“D’accord. Yes! I will sign over the business to you!”, she shouted. I turned around and looked at the crowd watching us.

“You are all witnesses. In exchange for relief, Madame La Rouge agreed to give La Fleur Blanche to me.”

The handle of the flogger moved in and out of her faster now. I pulled her button with my nails. I watched her face become more focused yet more relaxed. Seconds later, her juices squirted out of her, her whole body trembling and twitching in a way I had never seen anyone do. My arms were drenched in her, my dress wet. “There, there. Well done, Madame Rouge.”. I walked over to the top of the table and gently kissed her forehead.

The New Madame

I made my way through the crowd, and saw one of her protectors. “I will wait in her office. She needs some water and something to wear.”. He nodded. Adrien and Jermaine followed me, grinning. And Emilie! Tears were running down her beautiful face. I embraced her and kissed her cheeks. “My dear Emilie, I promise you that I will take care of you. You are bound to me.”. The four of us walked to the office. I sat down on the large chair behind the table, while the others sat down on a sofa opposite of me.

The door opened and a gentleman entered. “Madame Drusilla.”, he bowed to me. His aged face showed intelligence and patience. “I am Monsieur Farmand and I am a notary. I took the liberty to prepare a document for the signing over of La Fleur Blanche.”. I took a look at the paper he had put in front of me. The terms were simple and clear. I nodded at him. “Thank you very much, Monsieur Farmand.”.

The door opened again and Madame La Rouge entered together with her two protectors. She walked over to the table and spotted the contract. She took a pen and signed the paper without uttering a word. I did the same. She looked at me for a second, nodded and left the room again. My three bounds started clapping their hands and embracing each other. Girls and gentlemen entered the room, cheering. I watched Adrien approach me. He wrapped his arms tight around me, and whispered: “My Queen.”.

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