Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 2 – French Landscapes

This is the second chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here.

I woke up to the sound of screaming seagulls and men yelling in a foreign tongue. My head was buzzing and throbbing, my limbs felt frozen and I started to shiver. A curious hunger spread through every part of my body. I felt a strong urge to still that need and tried to move. Darkness surrounded me. My stiff fingers tried to discover the walls of the prison I seemed to be stuck in. I soon touched hard wood and after a few confused minutes, I was certain that I was in a wooden box. I hadn’t found a way out and began to slowly panic.

Memories from the previous night flashed through my mind. The theatre, the Romanian brothers, the moments of passion, the blood. The blood! I felt my neck and two crusty wounds seemed to have formed on my skin. My thoughts were racing. Was I dead? Was this heaven? Was I going to meet my beloved mother soon? I didn’t feel dead. Would a dead person feel pain and hunger? I was flabbergasted by the circumstances I had found myself in. I shivered. My bare knee bumped against my wooden prison. I was naked. Well, that would explain why I was feeling cold. I was frightened. Where was I?

I knocked on the wall closest to me. The yelling stopped. I heard someone approach my wooden prison and a lock got opened. Someone pulled open the top of the box. I stuck my head out and covered my exposed breasts. Mihai was standing in front of me, observing me. “Miss Drusilla.” he whispered and bowed. I cleared my throat.

“Good day, Mister Mihai. Would you be able to tell me where we are? I must have fallen asleep and found myself in the most curious circumstances. I seem to have lost my clothing and I must say that I am rather dizzy.”

“Oh!”, he exclaimed and rushed to the other side of the dim lit room. He returned with an unflattering purple robe and that seemed to be covered in dust. I inspected the questionable piece of clothing but then covered myself with it. I was still shivering.

“You are our first, Miss Drusilla. Excuse us if we don’t seem too confident in our actions. You must be freezing and hungry.”. Alexandru stepped out of his brother’s shadow. The room seemed to be moving. There was an uncanny darkness. The only source of light was a candle on a table nearby. I still heard the seagulls screaming.

“Where are we?”

“On a ferry, Miss Drusilla. We are going to leave the docks soon.”

I felt dizzy and sat back down in the box. “A ferry? To where?”

“We are returning to Romania and we are taking you with us. You can thank my mad brother for making you join us.”, Mihai replied, sitting down on the floor and taking off his top hat. He gave his brother a stern look.

“It seems like I got lost in a moment of passion, Miss Drusilla. I had you drink my blood and that prevented your untimely death. It also turned you into a vampyr, I am afraid.”, Alexandru explained.

“Excuse me, a vampire? You turned me into a vampire?”. The dizziness got overwhelming and I gasped for air. Alexandru walked over to me and handed me a vial containing a red fluid.

“Drink, Miss Drusilla. You need to drink so you survive. Be a good girl and listen to me.”, Alexandru poured the red fluid into my open mouth. I felt some of it dripping on my naked cleavage but I didn’t take much notice. My focus was on how splendidly the fluid seemed to quench my thirst. I swallowed it hastily and begged for more, but Alexandru shook his head. “We need to ration for the journey on the water. dear. It is okay for you to rest. Your body is going through a dramatic transformation. Why don’t you close your eyes?”. I laid down in my box and closed my eyes. “There there. Sleep, little girl.”.

French Landscapes

A finger stroked my cheek and I woke up. Without a word, Mihai handed me another vail of what I assumed was blood. It didn’t seem enough and I looked at him with hungry eyes. “Shhh, Miss Drusilla, we decide how much of what you get. You are our creation. Now get dressed!”. He threw a simple dress inside my box and I silently pulled it over my cold and damp body. My curly hair was hanging over my eyes and I tried to contain it by brushing it back with my hands.

I watched Alexandru walk over to me. He offered me his hand. I stepped out of my wooden prison, my bare feet touching the wet planks of the ferry’s floor. He handed me a small mirror and pointed towards the table with the lonely candle. I saw a bowl of water and a couple of ribbons. On the floor, there was a pair of simple velvet shoes that seemed to be destined for me. After having refreshed myself, I turned around and looked at the two men. They were both observing me. “Where are we going, gentlemen?”

“We are taking a carriage and will be travelling through the countryside of France, my dear. It will be a long journey back to our home. But by the time we get there, you will have learned out ways, I am certain. You are such a smart girl, aren’t you?”, Alexandru said.

I didn’t care for the way either of them had talked to me ever since I was aware of the journey they had decided to take me on. There was something belittling in their choice of expressions. They seemed to think that I was a lost girl, not understanding how the world works. They would be surprised, as I knew how to handle the gentlemen who think they own women like cattle.

The sun had already settled and darkness surrounded us as we set off in our carriage. We were travelling from the town of Calais to a nearby village to stay for the night. They explained to me that they always had two men with them who were their blood bounds. They drink from them daily and with that, have built up a connection with them that they are unable to break. These men help them travel during the days. Vampires could not be exposed to sunlight, one of the few things that was threatening their immortality. So we’d have to do with sleeping in wooden boxes.

Arriving at the village, we made our way to a guesthouse. We entered and were met with a scent of sweat, alcohol and food. People were singing chansons and were merrily enjoying ourselves. Mihai ordered us a bottle of wine and we sat down. I soon realized that the magical spell that they had put on me when I had first laid eyes on them, also affected other women, and certain men. Within a short period of time, we were amidst joyful French villagers, all trying to get closer to my Romanian mentors.

Even I felt a difference in how I was treated. I wasn’t dressed in any impressive fashion but men and women still complimented me. Hands brushed my shoulders, eyes locked into mine. A woman whispered inappropriate comments into my ear, that would have made me blush, if blood had been still running through my veins. As the evening turned into night, we walked up to the room that was offered to us, followed by an entourage of two women and one man. I had suspicions about what was to happen, and I was excited that I’d be learning the ways of surviving as a vampire.

Soon I watched the brothers kissing the French women, pulling their hair slightly, brushing their lips over their necks. I was sitting next to the young man who seemed to be unable to take his eyes off of me. I looked at him. He had light blue eyes and brown hair. His hands looked soft, indicating that he was more of a thinker than a worker. “Jermaine, Madame. Je m’apelle Jermaine.”. He took my hand and kissed it. My French was limited but I was able to hold a conversation with him, while watching Alexandru and Mihai slowly undressing the two women.

The women’s porcelain skin looked wonderful in the light of the candles in the room. Breasts were exposed and mouths embraced hard nipples. I watched the women close their eyes, and enjoy the sensations. A dampness spread between my legs and a hunger was awakened inside me. But where was that throbbing? Where was the throbbing need? I was confused by the differences in sensations.

Mihai was licking his playmate’s neck and gently pushed his pointy teeth into her naked skin. I watched a drop of red blood running down her neckline down to her beautifully shaped breast. A strong need to jump up and lick that blood off overcame me. But Mihai already had sucked in its sweetness. Alexandru was laying on top of his woman, biting her breasts, leaving behind little pricks of blood, forming a gorgeous pattern. He traced is work with his tongue and the woman moaned in excitement.

I let my tongue run over my teeth and I felt the pointy specimen I had just seen exposed in Mihai’s mouth. I looked at the gentleman next to me, and made a decision pushed forward by the dampness of my bush and the hunger inside me. I opened his shirt and licked his hairless chest. He pulled me up by my hair and and kissed me. Jermaine tried to take over and had his hands wandering over my still hidden breasts. I held his hands by the wrists, and looked at him. He relaxed and I loosened my grip.

As I was kissing his neck, his artery was screaming at me. It was like a loud pull that I couldn’t resist. My lips sucked his skin. I opened my mouth and carefully pricked his neck, just enough for a small flood if red to run down onto his chest. I traced that flood with my tongue. The sweetness of the blood made my head buzz. I felt unable to focus on anything else than his pulse, his smell, his need. In the corner of my eye, I could see the Romanian brothers deliciously torturing the two women, who now seemed to be entranced by the experience. Moaning, red streaks of blood running down their naked skin, they were being ridden by the devils they had been warned about during Sunday morning church gatherings.

Following Alexandru’s example, I left a small pattern of pricks on Jermaine’s chest, playfully allowing my tongue to catch the dewy drops of blood. The throbbing between my legs took me by surprise. The need for blood was now in symbiosis with my need for his manhood. I opened his belt and pulled down his pants. He had his eyes closed, his mouth open. I tilted my head. His total submission to my doings was amusing. I pushed him back into the chair he had just sat on and pulled up my dress. I spread my legs and my dampness met his hard spear. I sighed as I felt the fullness he offered me by just sitting there.

I moved my hips and the sensations took over my body. I forced his one hand down, making it rub the button that caused all the throbbing. Leaning over him, I allowed my teeth to fully sink into his neck. I sucked the life out of him, but he seemed to enjoy the my need for him. I could feel him get harder inside, my hips moving faster now, his fingers squeezing my throbbing place. He moaned loudly and as the buzzing in my head and my body took over, I felt the explosion of juices filling my womanhood. Waves of pleasure ran through me, feeling his blood dripping out of the corners of my moth and his juices making their way out of my nether regions.

A hand touched my shoulder. “We need to leave, Miss Drusilla. Well done, dear, well done.”, Alexandru said smirkingly, looking at my bloodstained dress. I climbed off the the exhausted Frenchman and turned around. Two women were laying there, lifeless. I gasped for air. Did the brothers kill them? I watched Jermaine’s chest moving from the air he was still breathing. I sighed in relief.

“Finish him off, now, silly girl!”, Mihai yelled at me harshly from the door. “We need to leave.”

“I am not a murderess, nor will I ever be.”; I replied, walking towards him. I felt more confident now, my hunger stilled.

“You do as you are told, girl. Do as you are told!”

I walked past him through the door. “No!”

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I turned around and said “Are you coming, gentlemen?”. I could feel Mihai’s eyes burning into me, the anger almost overcoming him.

At our carriage, I climbed up, opened my wooden box and closed its lid. I breathed out. I wasn’t sure yet what to make of my new life. But for now, I was content.

The Stable Boy

I got awakened by the sudden stop of the soothing motions of the carriage’s journey. I climbed out of my box and watched the brothers knocking on the door of a farmhouse. A round elderly woman pointed towards the a few sheds that looked like stables. The brothers bowed and returned to the carriage. “We are going to have to make do with something a bit less sophisticated for this night.”, Alexandru explained, as we walked towards the sheds. He told me that we could survive on the blood of animals but that it doesn’t sustain us as well as human blood could.

There was a faint light coming out from one of the sheds, Mihai knocked on the door and a young boy of maybe 18 opened the door. He looked at us with surprise. “Bonsoir!”, I said and smiled at him. He smiled back at me but couldn’t take his eyes off the dried bloodstains on my dress. We entered the stables and soon were engaged in a joyful conversation with Louis, the stable boy. He moved around some hay for us to rest on. Alexandru and Mihai exchanged a look, and Alexandru, siting closest to me, whispered into my ear: “You need to make him willing for us.”.

I swallowed. I could feel the hunger building up inside me too but still felt uneasy from last night’s tension between Mihai and me. Knowing that I would be alone without the brothers., I followed Alexandru’s suggestion. I got up and sat next to the boy. I opened my dress and allowed him to have a look at my exposed breasts. He stopped breathing for a second, being overcome by confusion and lust. I brushed his young innocent face with my hands, a finger moving over his full lips. His brown eyes were now hidden between his closed eyelids. I kissed his needy mouth and moved my hand over his chest, landing on his groin, I started to rub his growing phallus through his pants. I opened his shirt and kissed his chest. He moaned.

Pulling down his pants, I took a hard grip on his manhood and started to move my hand up and down, feeling it grow harder and harder. I buried my face in his neck, nibbling his fresh skin. I didn’t want to feel him inside me. I didn’t want to touch him. All I could feel was the hunger for his blood. Being watched by the two brothers, knowing how they had made me seduce this boy, left me feeling helpless. As I felt his relief approaching, I dug my teeth into his skin and sucked out his blood. I took huge sips of his life, and while his body was twitching from the doings of my hand, and white juices squirted on the ground before us, red floods were now running down his chest.

Mihai pulled me off of the bog, by my hair. I screamed. “My turn, you greedy whore!”. He threw me on the floor. Salty tears were running down my face, now blending with the red juices from the boy’s body. I tried to find Alexandru, and my eyes were suddenly fixated on a face in the door of the stables. Jermaine! He put a finger to his mouth as if to tell me to not let anyone know about his presence. I turned my head towards Mihai and the boy again, wondering how Jermaine found me and what he was doing.

Alexandru now switched places with bis brother, and stilled his hunger. Mihai walked over to me and whispered: “This time, Miss Drusilla, you will finish it. You will drink the last drop out of him. You do as I tell you. Understood?”. I looked at him and didn’t say a word. I watched Alexandru laying the limp body of the boy into the hay. Mihai pushed me towards the nearly dead body.

“Maintenant, Madame Drusilla!”, Jermaine yelled from the door. I pulled up my dress and ran towards him. Alexandru and Mihai were stunned for a second. I ran and ran, following the dark figure in front of me. He jumped on a horse that was pulling a hay cart. I climbed up on the cart and found my wooden box beneath the hay. I open the lid and climbed inside. As Jermaine rode off, pulling me with him, I turned around. Alexandru and Mihai were running and yelling. I waved at them. “Goodbye, gentlemen”, I shouted while smiling. I had broken one bond, and created a new one.

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic! Sexy and really exciting. I’m already a bit in love with Jermaine ? Great work, DS. Looking forward to the next installment ?

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    Wonderful development of the tale, I love how she has quite a modern mindset/attitude. I adored the blood letting which included bites on the chest area, very sexy indeed. I am glad Jermaine has sought her out and feel sure there is a continuation in the pipe-line. Great writing DS x

    • Well, she has worked in a pub most of her life so she knows how to handle the rude men! Thank you, Posy! And yes, I already have a few more chapters in my head, I just need to write them out 😛

  3. slave sindee says:

    i was throbbing as i read i so want to serve and be hers oh to belong to Miss Drusilla.

  4. I love how she just rolls with it and I expect that she’s going to get some major revenge on those two! And what about the guy that set her up with them? He might need to pay too. Can’t wait to hear the rest!!

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