Work With Me

Are you looking for someone who can write about a variety of topics surrounding sex, mental health, relationships and kink? Are you looking for someone to write an erotic story for you, your partner or your website? Are you looking for someone to review your sex toys?

Then I might just be the person for you!

Please contact me via the Contact page or send an email to if you are interested in working with me! I charge for some services, please read further if you want to have some more information on what I can offer!

Writing on Sex, Kink, Relationships and Mental Health

I have a vast knowledge and personal experience on many subjects in the areas of sex, kink, relationships and mental health:

  • D/s relationships
  • BDSM
  • Different kinks, fetishes and sexual practices (erotic hypnosis, ageplay, masochism, humiliation and many more)
  • Polyamory
  • Mental illness (and how it affects sex and relationships)

Some examples of my work:

BDSM & DS: The Power Exchange in my D/s relationship and The Strength of my Submission . And a guest post of mine about brats that has been featured on the SafeworD/s Club.

Kinks: Cum Tributes and Medical Staples

Personal Experiences: Degradation Play and Fist Fucking

Mental Health, Sex & Relationships: Childhood Trauma and Adulthood Sexuality and Dissociative Identity Disorder and Relationships

An article I have written has also been linked to the resources page on Sex Bloggers for Mental Health.

Guest Posts

I am open to writing guest posts for your blog or website. If you are part of the sexblogging community, I might do it for free! For any others, there is a fee involved. You can either give me a topic to write about, and a word count, or I can pitch an idea to you. If I write a guestpost, I would like my name and my website to be mentioned.

Additionally, I am open to someone writing for my blog. If you have an interesting topic you want to write about and you are looking for an audience, feel welcome to contact me! I might charge you if you are not part of the sexblogging community or you are working to promote yourself or your business.


I am interested in ghostwriting. That means that I will write an article or a post for you, and you post it on your website or blog, without linking it back to me. Please note that the fee will be higher for this than for guest posts because I am not able to promote myself.

Sponsored Posts

If you want to sponsor a post on my blog, that is something I can offer to you. I will clearly state that the post is sponsored and link back to you. Feel free to contact me for details and fees!

Erotic Writing

I am quite versed in the art of erotic writing. I have been in the round up of Masturbation Monday multiple times and I am currently working on two series. I can write a story for you, with a topic of your choice, or I can come up with a topic myself (which will cost you a little bit more). I am also interested in being in anthologies or doing partnerships with websites who feature erotic writing.

Examples of my erotic writing: Drusilla – Queen of Vampires , Mirror of Truth and Closer.

Toy Reviews

I have written toy reviews before and I am open to write more. I write honest and elaborate reviews. I do not charge for the reviews, but I don’t pay for the products. I am open to reviewing almost anything. The only requirement I have is that it is body safe! So get in touch if you want me to review a toy for you!

Advertisement and Affiliates

If you are looking for a space to advertise your company or business, my blog might just be the space for you. I would place your banner on the right side bar. Prices and fees can be discussed!

Please contact me via the Contact page or send an email to if you are interested in working with me!