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The Rarest Rose

I really love this kimono style lace robe. It reveals more than it covers up, but that is how I like my lingerie! Once I had the rarest roseThat ever deigned to bloomCruel winter...


Coma White

Something is cold and blank behind her smileshe’s standing on an overpassin her miracle mile‘cuz you were from a perfect worlda world that threw me away todaytoday, today, to run awayA pill to make...



Following the footstepsof a rag doll dancewe are entrancedspellbound “Spellbound” – Siouxsie and The Banshees


Wunderbar Bra

I have more than once talked about how difficult it is for someone with my body shape to find beautiful underwear and lingerie. Things are either flowery or made out of cotton, both not...



I love wearing net-dresses, they are both naughty and goth, and in different variations they work well in a club-setting or in the bedroom! I like this picture because I look vulnerable, yet confident....