Guilty Pleasures

I pulled my scarf higher, trying to cover most of my face, as I made my way to the erotic fiction and romance section of the university’s library. I didn’t want any of my fellow students see me indulge in something so vulgar. My PHD thesis was on the importance of high-brow literature in today’s social media infected society, after all. The kind of book I was looking for didn’t exactly fit into that category. In my mind I cursed out my friend Tess who had introduced me to the books of Diana Gabaldon. I really needed my Jamie-fix, however much embarrassing that could seem to the people I usually surrounded myself with.

I browsed through the books on the shelves, my fingers touching the colourful covers. ‘Ga’ . I was getting close. I went down on one knee when I felt someone else next to me, bending down as well. Our hands touched as we both reached for the same book. I tried to pull the object of my want off the shelf. I needed my Jamie-fix! But the other person wouldn’t let go of the book.

“Excuse me, but I was here first. I need this book”, I said as I was getting up. How dare someone take this book from me. I looked at the young woman standing next to me, looking back at me angrily. Alison from drama class. Crap.

“Robyn! You like historical romance? Not too popular and cheesy for you?”, she laughed. I blushed. Shit, she was going to tell everyone. I look at her sparkly blue eyes and her blonde curly hair. She was so pretty, I had always envied how she seemed so flawlessly put together. She probably didn’t need the hour I spent in front of the mirror every morning.

“Aye, it is for research. I need to learn to classify the different genres better, you know? So I heard about this author and wanted to look into her work.”. I nodded convincingly.

“Is that why you are holding the third book of the series in your hand? Starting to look into Diana Gabaldon?”, she laughed.

My face turned bright red. Shit shit shit. “Oh, is this the third book of the series? I didn’t know that. I just grabbed the first one I saw. I don’t know anything about the books, really. Sorry, I didn’t want to ruin your afternoon reading.”

“Dinna fash, Sassenach.”, she said in a fake Scottish accent.

I felt the familiar tingle in between my legs. Sassenach, that is what Jamie called Claire. I better not show that I knew what she was doing, I thought to myself. I shuffled with my feet. “Well, I better get going then. Important stuff to do.”

“Oh. Robyn, I can see that you know exactly what I just did there. Don’t you pretend. The Scottish hunk is in your head too. You are imagining him right now, with his red hair, his rough hands, his hot accent and his short kilt.”

Oh gosh, she described the image in my head so well. I felt the day dreaming starting, feeling his hands holding my face, his lips getting closer … no! I needed to keep my reputation up . “Jamie, eh? Is that his name, the protagonist?”, I asked.

“I didn’t say his name. Busted!”, she was laughing again. “Isn’t it amazing how well Gabaldon describes him? I swear, the first time he came up, I just hoped that he would be Claire’s love interest. I mean, he is so innocent, yet so dominant. So rough. yet so romantic. So raw!”

I gave up. “Yes! And the first sex scene? Remember, the one that went on for page after page, of them exploring each other’s bodies, the tension. oh the tension. I felt like I was her, feeling his hands on my body, feeling his body with my hands. Tracing his scars, holding his ass.”

Alison looked at me. Something in her facial expression had changed. There was a new intensity. “Hey, you want to sit down over there?”, she asked, nodding into the direction of a table in the corner.

“Sure”, I whispered. I felt aroused, I had never talked with anyone about those hot scenes before. This was a new experience.

We pulled the chairs out from under the table and placed them so we sat opposite each other, the table next to us. I put the book on the table. We both looked at the cover, and then at each other again.

“So Jamie is a turn on for you?”, she whispered.

“Mmmhm”. I starred at her. She pulled her chair closer to me. Her hand was on my knee now, her legs in between mine. I could feel her fingers wander up, pushing under my short skirt, stopping right before my pussy.

“I can smell you, Sassenach.”, she said in a husky voice. “You want me to touch you, don’t you? Tell me so I know you want this.”

I nodded.

“Was that a yes?”. Her fingers still hadn’t moved.

“Yes, please touch me.”

“Jamie is getting you all hot and bothered, Sassenach. Mhmm?”. Her fingers pushed aside my knickers and found their way into my lips. She was slowly circling my clit. I moaned. Remembering where I was, I looked around quickly. No one was there. We were well-hidden behind the shelves of shameful reading material.

I leaned back and she climbed onto me. Her legs spread, I could smell both our fluids, I could sense that she needed this as much as I did. She grabbed one of my hands and guided it towards herself. She was wearing a dress, and I was able to gently push my hand under it and then in between her legs. I was surprised when no fabric stopped me from reaching her private place. She wasn’t wearing any knickers!

I found her swollen clit and started rubbing it. She had already sped up her treatment of me and I could barely sit still. I pushed myself closer to her, moving my hips in rhythmic motions, wanting her to touch me more. She stopped and flicked my clit. I squealed silently.

“Psst, Sassenach, dinna wanna make people aware of what we are doing here. I ken you want to come, but let’s do it together, aye. Rub me harder.”

I rubbed her clit harder and faster. She closed her eyes and moaned. She held on to my clit, and I held my breath. She opened her eyes, looked straight at me and said: “Come, Sassenach, come with me.”

I felt her spasm as my fingers continued their motions. Waves of pleasure ran through my whole body as I watched her enjoy her orgasm. Her juices on my hand, my juices on her hand. Still breathing fast, she stood up and pulled down her dress. She sucked on the fingers that had just made me come, and winked.

She grabbed her bag from the floor. “You take the book. I want to know what it does to you.”. She gave me a kiss a on the cheek and then walked towards the exist. I sat there breathlessly, holding onto the book that had started this whole adventure.

Masturbation Monday

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25 Responses

  1. Now I know why you had been looking for a Scott the other day😉. Love the girl on girl action. Xo

  2. Jae Lynn says:

    Filthy and fun! You know I love your stories 😉

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    That’s an author whose name I’ve seen but whose books I’ve never read. This is a fantastically creative way to write a book review though, and now my interest in the heretofore in-bothered-with Gabaldon is piqued. 😉

  4. Posy Churchgate says:

    I love this series of books, and the spin off ones are pretty raunchy too (but delving into other gender comibinations). How wonderful that you’ve written this Devie. I’ve popped it in my TBR pile and am excited to delve deeper into your sexy fiction.

  5. Ooooh Jamie and Sassenach… yes please! More, more more. I LOVE that series!

    Rebel xox

  6. Gabaldon has several degrees. She’s a smart lady, and I’ve seen her books in romance and in fiction. I hate it when people shame others for reading. Reading is about pleasure (no guilt necessary), and we should read whatever brings us joy without justification.

    Gabaldon’s books are well-written and well- researched. I’ve read the high-brow stuff, and I gladly put her on my shelf right beside them.

    • I so very much agree with you, when it comes to popular fiction and romantic historical fiction, Gabaldon is one who actually offers more than most other authors. She is well-educated, and the background is so well-researched!
      I think it is really the genre that still puts her in the low brow literature context, but it is quite misleading. I remember writing an essay about Outlander at uni, and it was in a class on popular fiction.

  7. Asrai Devin says:

    Full confession I love Jamie, but I couldn’t get into the story of the books or TV show on this one.

    ANd daaaaaaaaamn this was hot!!

  8. Kayla Lords says:

    As someone who has loved this series for more than 25 years (no really, lol), I ADORE Jamie, and I LOVE where this went.

  9. Isabelle Lauren says:

    Wow, this was such a hot story! I love their mutual love for Gabaldon’s books, and it’s super hot how they got each other off!

  10. jupitergrant says:

    Oh, this is hot!! I haven’t read the books, but I definitely enjoy the tv series, and yes, Jamie is way sexy!

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