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I’m on my knees,I beg your mercy,My soul is my loss,I’m well hung from your cross. “Kiss” – London After Midnight This picture captures an intimate moment between my Master and me. I love...


A Night Out

We had been out clubbing and dancing. A local goth club night. I had danced for hours. My feet hurt. But I was content. Content with myself, with the way I looked. So I...


Looking Up

But if you could just see the beauty,These things I could never describe,These pleasures a wayward distraction,This is my one lucky prize. “Isolation” – Joy Division Want to see more sinful pictures? Kiss the...



I can’t sleep tonightEverybody’s saying everything is alrightStill I can’t close my eyesI’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all of these lightsSunny days, where have you gone?I get the strangest feeling you...



That moment. That very moment. When he has you right where you belong. Stuck in anticipation. In his grip. Knowing that it is going to hurt. But you want it to last just a...



I promise you, there is a submissive in this brat. See, I told you. Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinful this week.



My Master is stil abroad. I feel lonely and lost without him. I miss his guidance, his reassurance and the safety he provides. I miss his hands on me, his eyes observing me. Miss...


Sliding in the Darkness

Playgrounds are grounds for play, no? We had an interesting night the other day, taking a walk in the darkness. We ended up in a park with a playground. Those slides are definitely not...



Gazing over the city and the mountains, naked and warmed by the late afternoon sun. Safe in a distance, from the stressors of life and the piercing eyes of others. Free and alone, while...