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I can’t sleep tonightEverybody’s saying everything is alrightStill I can’t close my eyesI’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all of these lightsSunny days, where have you gone?I get the strangest feeling you...


The Most Beautiful Revelation

Did you never see beauty at the moment of suffering,You have never seen beauty.Did you never see joy in a beautiful face,Never have you seen the joy! “The Most Beautiful Revelation” – Friedrich Schiller


Coma White

Something is cold and blank behind her smileshe’s standing on an overpassin her miracle mile‘cuz you were from a perfect worlda world that threw me away todaytoday, today, to run awayA pill to make...



I heard her giggle. That could only mean one thing. The date went well and she had brought the man back home with her. I was sitting in the livingroom, my naked feet on...