Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 9 – Changes

This is the ninth chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series, a series of vampire erotic fiction. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here, the third chapter here, the fourth chapter here, the fifth chapter here, the sixth chapter here ,the seventh chapter here and the eighth chapter here.

My friends and I rushed towards our enemies. I flashed my fangs and growled. I was going to destroy them. Our naked feet on the wet cobbled street, our faces blurred by the smoke coming from our burning home, we stopped in front of the Romanian brothers. Although our bodies were barely covered after rushing up the stairs and getting out of the window just after play time, we weren’t bothered by the rain drops landing on our skin. All I could think about, all I could make my friends think about, was taking revenge on the brothers.

And what did Alexandru and Mihai do? They were laughing. The audacity! “Oh, Drusilla, silly little girl. Look at how that ugly anger turns your beautiful face into a grimace. Naked and exposed on the street. The perfect whore.”, Alexandru bowed. I leaped forward and scratched his face. The sudden movement made him drop Adrien’s decapitated head. I heard Analie scream behind me as we watched it fall to the ground.

That seemed to be our battlecry.. Everyone stormed towards the brothers now. Mihai was soon sat on by several of our male bounds, while two of my girls were holding his hands and legs down. I was standing in front of Alexandru. “You know you can’t kill me, silly girl. And I don’t want to hurt your delicate body. But I follow the dance and make my moves if I have to, darling.”, he said, looking at his brother lying on the ground.

I took another step into his direction, and he took one step back. He seemed afraid of me. My determination must have shown on my face, and my movements were most likely quicker than he had expected. I jumped forward and pushed him. He stumbled backwards but regained his balance. He was in the offense now, running and then trying to kick my belly. I jumped to the side and from the corner of my eye, watched him fall on his knees.

With a quick move, he grabbed my hair from behind. I screamed. My head pulled back, naked in the pouring rain, all I could do was scream out the turmoil of my soul. That sound turned into an angry howl and gathering all my strength, ignoring the pain on my scalp, I turned around and kicked him in his groin area. His grasp of my hair let go, and he fell to the ground. Another swing of my leg and he was on his back.

I saw tears running down his face. His fangs were exposed and his face was marked by terror. He had underestimated the monster he had made me into. He had forced me to become a demon, instead of the kind queen of darkness others had known me as. I placed my foot on his throat and pushed down. “You better not move, mon cherie.”, I whispered into his direction.

I looked around and saw the priest among the men holding down Mihai. “Pére!”, I shouted. “Pére!”. He came up to my side as quickly as he could. “Please run to your church and bring us some blankets and ropes. We need to clean this up before the gendarmerie arrives.”. He nodded and ran into the direction of his home. A group of people had already gathered to watch the fire, some bringing buckets with water, trying to contain the flames. We needed to disappear before anyone found out who we were, and what really had happened here.

The Church

Pére Manuel, who was still bound to Analia through the vampiric ceremony I had witnessed, returned with blankets and and ropes. We quickly tied up the Romanian brothers, and covered ourselves in blankets. We were seven girls and five men. 12 survivors of the fire. I swallowed. I was starting to feel the cold rain on me, and I was lusting for blood. And I felt broken. We had to get ourselves out of the spotlight, standing next to a burning brothel in the middle of Paris.

We carried the struggling and moaning brothers in between us. They were heavy but we didn’t want them to stay at their crime scene, maybe revealing my and my girls’ true nature. When we arrived at the church, we locked Alexandru and Mihai, still tied up, into a backroom. Then we all sat down on the wooden benches of the church. I heard someone crying, and the soothing words of a male bound consoling the girl. I tried to make plans for what to do next but my mind was racing.

Everything was gone. My friends, my Emilie, my establishment. In the house of God, I could have prayed. But no God could exist in a world with so much pain and creatures like me running it. I sighed. I noticed Analie sitting next to me, her curly dark hair still glittering with drops of rain. Her hand rested on my naked knee. She found a string of lose hair and put it behind my ear. Then she kissed my cheek. “I am sorry, Madame Drusilla, that we lost everything. We are les vampires, we can not die like humans do. But our souls suffer too.”

I watched a tear run down her beautiful face. The torches and candles on the walls of the old stone church, had turned her otherwise dark reflection into a warm and golden colour. I touched her cheek and kissed her on the head. “It is okay, mon amour. We are together, that is what counts.”. She rested her head on my shoulder and I embraced her.

The hand she had placed on my knee was now slowly wandering up my naked legs. I was still barely covered, just a blanket over my shivering shoulders. I instinctively opened my legs a little. Her warm fingers were a welcome sensation to experience on my cold skin. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. Pére Manuel handed me a glass of red liquid which I quickly identified as blood. We had enough bounds with us to not worry about any blood supply, at least. I nodded into the priest’s direction and drank a few sips of the red life liquid. I felt a small droplet running down my chin. Before being able to lick it off, Analie’s tongue found its way onto my face to steal the red drop, and then her lips kissed mine.

Her hand was now resting in between my open legs, and her fingers were leisurely playing with my dampened bush. Our lips parted and I smiled at her. “Let me take care of you, Madame. It will help you.”. I leaned back, put the glass down next to me on the hard wooden church bench, and closed my eyes. Analie’s fingers were now circling my button, holding me open and controlling me. I sighed of relief. Yes, I needed taking care of.

Her head was leaning on my shoulder again, I felt her breath in my neck, a warm breeze from a body that didn’t hold the warmth of a human anymore. She was rubbing my button now, fast and steady. I moaned a little as I could feel the relief building up. The explosion I had been waiting for, that I craved now, took over my body and made me shake and twitch. I could feel the wetness increase and could smell myself. As I arched my back in the last spams that ran through me, I opened my eyes and starred right at the crucified body of Jesus hanging over the altar. I shivered, shook my head and smiled. A soothing sensation spread through me and I could feel the tiredness of my body. I needed to rest.

New Beginnings

After a restless day in the dark church, I got up from the bench, still naked and shaken from the night before, and climbed up the steps to the altar. I looked around and saw that everyone was sitting close to each other, hugging, holding each other’s hands, whispering. I cleared my throat and everyone turned silent.

“Mes amis, mes enfants. The tragedy that hit us last night will forever have a place in our minds. We shall never forgot those that we have lost, the empire that we had built and that has now burnt down to the ground. But we are still here, so we shall make the best out of the life that we have been cursed with.”

I had to stop for a second to hold back the tears. Flashes from the night before were running through my mind. Emilie, Adrien, Jermaine. How could I ever forget them?

“We need to think of the future now, and I don’t believe that future can happen in Paris. We had to flee the flames of our home and we don’t know if the gendarmerie is looking for us. I suggest we leave France and travel by boat to Scotland. I have relatives from my mother’s side of the family there. They own quite a bit of land and I think we can hide out there for a while. I am not pressuring any of you into following me, but I would welcome anyone who decides to join me on this new journey. I can not promise much, but we would be together, as the family that we have become for each other.”

Analie jumped up. “I am coming with you, Madame Drusilla. I would follow you anywhere.”. Beatrice and Katherine joined her cheeringly, and so did all of their bounds. The others seemed hesitant and decided to venture out into the French countryside instead as they were too afraid of entering a strange country. I didn’t try to convince them to come with us, I didn’t think that I would still be able to guide anyone anywhere. My spirits were crushed. All I knew was that everyone had to get away from the city, as quickly as possible.

A couple of hours later everything had been arranged. Two carriages were waiting outside the church. One of the bounds was a rich gentleman of the aristocracy who had been able to get us some dresses and travel documents. We also acquired two boxes to hold the Romanian brothers. We had given them a glass of blood each and decided to take them with us, and then later make a decision about their fate. We bade farewell to those who would try their luck in France and drove off into an unknown future.

Skilled Succubi

It took us a few days to get to the canal that we needed to cross. The windows of our carriage were behind two sets of curtains so that were able to sleep during the day, without needing to worry about meeting a final fate in the sizzling sunshine. We took breaks so that our bounds could get more food and we could breathe some fresh air. Finally, during an early evening, we arrived at the harbour.

After some inquiries, we found a ship that was heading for Scotland. There weren’t any ferries running between France and the North of the kingdom but we were assured that one shipping company always ran the route to Firth, and sometimes took travelers on board. So all we had to do now was to locate the ship’s captain. We found him in the backroom of a pub, drinking wine, smoking cigars and playing cards. Him and his sailors were not as easily persuaded as we thought they would be. When Analie and I entered the room and asked to be taken on board, we were met with laughter.

“How do we know you don’t bring us sickness and despair on our ship, Madame? You both seem too beautiful to be travelling with no husbands but only friends. What is wrong with you two?”, was the answer we received to our inquiry.

Analie took the lead and walked towards the man with the captain’s hat. Without uttering a word, she pulled his chair back, and knelt in front of him. I watched her pleasure the rough fellow, while his sailor friends were cheering her on. His hands grabbed her by the hair and started to control the rhythm of her movements.

I walked over to the other men and sat down in between the three sailors. I pulled down the top of my dress and took their hands. They were eagerly massaging my breasts, while I pulled down their pants and started rubbing, sucking, licking and stroking their hard manhoods. Moments later my bosoms were covered in hot juices that I hid under the dress that I pulled up again.

I watched Analie standing next to the captain, cleaning her lips with the back of her hand. We might not have much to offer as respected women, but we were skilled succubi of a vampire nature, and we knew which fluids to drain men of, so they would do our bidding.

“So, monsieurs. about coming on board your ship and travelling to Scotland?”, I asked again.

“Oui, we ar leaving at dawn, so get your things on the ship, you whores. We will not be waiting for you. I hope you won’t put a curse on our journey, I still don’t trust you two!”, the captain said as he pulled his chair back to the table to take up the card game again.

“Merci”, I mumbled and we left the room. Analie laughed when we were back on the street, looking for the carriage with our friends. “Men are so easy, Madame. They are like animals. You give them a treat, and they obey.”. I giggled. “Yes, they are, mon amour. They are less complex than you and I are, I agree.”. We still had a few hours to find the ship and get our things on board. The Romanian brothers were coming with us. They had kept me in a box on their journey to France, now I was keeping them in boxes on my way to Scotland. I survived my journey, but would they survive theirs?

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