Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 8 – This is War

This is the eighth chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here, the third chapter here, the fourth chapter here, the fifth chapter here, the sixth chapter here and the seventh chapter here.

I starred at my creators in disbelief. Alexandru and Mihai, the two Romanian vampires, who had seduced me, and made me into the bloodthirsty monster that I was today, were standing right in front of me. I was thrown back into flashes of memories from that fateful night in Bram Stoker’s basement. A wave of sadness and anger hit me as a desperate longing for my old life as the innocent daughter of a pubowner in London’s West End tickled my mind. I wanted to destroy them. I wanted to annihilate them. They had taken my life away from me, and given me eternal damnation. I hissed.

“Miss Drusilla”, Mihai bowed, “how very lovely to see you again, child. Last time we were together, you left us rather abruptly and it seemed like your gratitude towards us, your teachers, had dissolved into thin air.”

I squinted my eyes at him. “You didn’t teach me anything. You are monsters who kill innocent people and enjoy to torture those who have done you nothing wrong. You were without wisdom when you created me, and you still seem void of that trait. Now, would you please leave my establishment!”

“Your establishment?”. Alexandru laughed. “This is ours, sweet Drusilla. We created you, and everything you own, belongs to us. We knew you were a vixen and I must say, I am impressed by how you were able to turn your indecent nature into a profitable business.”

“Are you calling me a whore, you vile monster?”, I shouted at the vampire.

“If the glove fits, dear. Now, show us around. Don’t be disrespectful. You are nothing compared to us. You are but a needy vampire whore. And you know that.”. Alexandru grinned. Mihai touched his shoulder, knowing that his brother had gone too far now.

I felt a tingle in between my legs. I remembered that night. That night when they had seduced me, the night when they had taken my innocence away from me, and had given me a life I had never asked for. I had enjoyed the crudeness of the act and the control they seemed to have over my body and soul. So much so that I had shivered, twitched and moaned in pleasure. But now? Now the aggressive undertones in their behaviour made me want to attack them. The tingle disappeared.

“I am asking you one last time. Leave my establishment!”, I bellowed. The music stopped and I heard shuffling of feet and low whispers behind me. My girls, my bounds and their bounds, had all gathered. I could sense Jermaine to my right, and Adrien to my left. I watched Alexandru and Mihai take a step back. I felt empowered by my army’s support and walked towards them. With each step I took, I heard my friends take a step too. And watched the brothers slowly walk towards the door.

“This is war, Miss Drusilla. And you will lose, whore.”, Alexandru shouted angrily before he closed the door behind him. A silence befell the house. It felt as if everyone was holding their breaths. I shook my head in disbelief, swallowed, turned around and looked at the group of people in front of me.

“If it is a war they want, a war they will get. My army is strong, we are stronger than they could ever be. We will win this, my friends, and be freed from the last men who are trying to control us!”. Everyone started cheering and hugging each other, relieved that our confidence had not left us but had increased. I shuddered. I had no idea how to fight vampires.

One Last Time

As morning approached, everyone withdrew to their chambers, bounds left the brothel and I sat in my office together with Adrien and Jermaine. I didn’t know what kind of atrocities the Romanian brothers were capable of, but I was convinced that we needed to be prepared. We decided that we’d always have someone watching the area in front of La Madame Blanche and that if the brothers showed up again, we would most likely always outnumber them. I retired for the day, anxious about what was to await us, but also relieved that my connection to the brothers would finally be broken, one way or the other.

When I awoke in the early evening, I saw that my door was ajar. The girls were getting ready for the night, flashes of naked skin, lacy lingerie and waving hair filled the hallway. It was as if last night never happened and normalcy had yet again taken over our home. I sat up and watched Jermaine enter the room. Offering me his neck seemed to mean more today than it did yesterday. We were now fighting my past, the dreadful monsters from Romania, and he was showing me that he was my servant and the source of my energy. I watched small droplets of red blood on his porcelain skin, as I cleaned my energized lips with my needy tongue. “Thank you so much, mon prince”, I whispered and kissed the last of his life juice from his flesh.

He took my hand and helped me out of bed. I dressed in nothing but a red velvet robe, and allowed it to be unbelted. In La Madame Blanche, nudity was normalcy. And normalcy was what what we needed to stay calm and collected in this midst of fear of what was to come. Stepping into the hallway, I listened to the buzzing noises of laughter and arousal that so often spread through the rooms of my establishment. Many of the bounds seemed to have already arrived to serve their queens, and other loyal customers and girls were playing around, chasing each other and laughing.

I stood at the top of the stairs, looking down on the scene. I smiled to myself. This was a place of joy. A place of safety and connection. I had done well. And if that meant I was the whore my Romanian tortures saw me as, then be it. I was proud of what I had done with my eternal life so far.

I spread my arms wide, exposing my naked body to everyone. “Play, my children, play before we need to go into battle.” . Everyone stopped what they were doing for a short moment, looked at me, cheered and then went back to enjoying their hedonistic urges. I walked down the stairs, taking one step at a time, slowly, enjoying the feeling of entering a space of arousal and excitement.

I watched the dark Analie wearing an underbust corset, sitting open legged on a young gentleman’s knees. Her hands massaging her own bosoms, I could see his fingers busily rubbing in between her legs. She opened her eyes when she sensed my presence. We looked at each other and smiled. I bent down and kissed her delicious mouth. Her hands moved from her breasts to mine and I felt her playing with my petals. My hands were holding onto her curly hair, my tongue was dancing with hers, every now and then being reminded of her vampiric nature as I touched her small fangs. I removed my lips from hers and stood up, still resting my hands in her locks. She kissed my bush which was now covered with the dew of my arousal. I whispered “good girl” and turned around.

I saw Emilie sitting on the divan closest to the door. She was naked and lusciously spreading her body while one of her bounds, a muscular man from a handy trade for sure, had his face buried in her bush. I walked over to them and knelt next to her. She looked at me and her hand rested on my thigh. I massaged her ample breasts and kissed her as she moaned in pleasure. I got up and spread my legs above her face. I slowly lowered my body onto her welcoming mouth and while I was carefully sliding onto my knees, I felt her tongue gently spreading open my wet lips. My button got tickled and I closed my eyes to enjoy the wonderful sensation. When I opened my eyes again, I looked down on Emilie’s gorgeous body pushing itself towards the face of the man in between her legs. Around us was a scene of wonderful debauchery.

Analie was now sitting on her naked bound, riding him slowly, moaning, mouth open, her beautiful bosoms moving up and down as her hips dictated the rhythm. The music coming from the room to the left, and laughter from the girls still waiting for their first gentlemen visitors of the day. I saw Beatrice’s grey curls in between the unclothed legs of an elderly gentleman, her naked bottom spread on the floor, one of her hands in between her own legs, rubbing her button, moving her legs to accommodate the sensation. Tall Katherine was pressed against the wall opposite of me, her eyes looking into mine. A gentleman’s hairy button pressed himself onto her naked body. I watched her enjoy the sensation of him entering her. I felt the need for it too, the need for something to fill me up.

As if reading my thoughts, I watched Jermaine walking down the stairs, his eyes locked on me. He approached us and climbed on the divan. I myself climbed down from Emilie’s now very wet face and lied down on my back. Moments later, Jermaine entered me and I felt the fullness I had just anticipated. I turned my face towards Emilie and saw that she also was being ridden the way I was. My hand ran down her legs and rested on her bush. I parted her lips and started rubbing her button. She returned the favour and I felt her fingers playing with my swollen mount. Her hand, his member, the moans around us. I felt like I was met with arousing sensations wherever I turned. I screamed as Jermaine’s juices filled me up, Emilie’s rubbing intensified and I felt her body twitch next to mine. I felt the strong relief and all the fears and worries of last night being washed away by a wave of wonderful pleasure.

I was still on my back, Jermaine’s head on my naked belly, holding Emilie’s hand. The moaning around us slowly died down and instead low muttering and laughter was heard. Someone still played the piano. And then I smelled it. It was faint but it tickled my nose uncomfortably. Smoke!

I jolted up and shouted: “Fire, it is burning somewhere, fire!”

A War of Flames

I saw the flames coming from the right side of the corridor coming where the kitchen was. The curtains were alight in intense colours of yellow, red and orange. Everybody was screaming and running towards the door. Some naked, some barely clothed. But when they tried to open the door, it was locked from the outside. Where was Adrien? He was to guard the door. I pulled the curtains behind me to the side and looked outside the window. I saw Alexandru and Mihai standing standing in front of the house, holding torches in one hand and Adrien’s cut off head in the other hand, in between them. I screamed. “Adrien, mon amour, Adrien!”.

I felt Jermaine’s hard grip on my upper arm as he pulled me off the divan. “Upstairs, everyone, upstairs now!”. Dozens of panicking people ran up the stairs. I turned around and watched the sofa we had just played on go up in flames. “All the windows are covered in brick, there is no way for us to get out!”, I said to Jermaine as we followed the others to other upper floor. The air was smoky and burnt in my lungs. People were covering their faces with with cloths and their bare hands. Where were we to go? Bram Stoker’s tale of vampires being turned to ashes made me freeze. The Romanian monsters knew. They wanted this fire to be fatal for all of us.

“My office”, I yelled, “it has a tiny window on the right not covered in bricks. The one that we open for fresh air, remember?” I looked at Jermaine’s scared face. “Oui!”. We ran towards the office, everyone following our lead. Jermaine went into the other rooms, pulling down curtains and trying to knot them together. I took a stool and threw it against the window. Glass splattered everywhere and when I walked towards the now open hole we could crawl out of, I felt my feet being cut open.

“The staircase is on fire!”, someone yelled.

“Quick, quick. Jermaine, where are you?”. He came into the room and pushed himself through the scared crowd. He tied the string of curtains to the window sill and nodded to me. I climbed up on the sill and turned around. I saw all the panicked faces of the people I loved, the women who were now my family. “You all follow me as quick as you can, okay? Don’t mind the bounds, the girls first. No matter what!”. Jermaine nodded again and placed the curtains into my hands. I swallowed and then slowly descended out of the window, worried the fabric would rip at any moment. I jumped down the last foot and pulled the string. Jermaine’s head appeared in the window, and I watched Analie climbing down.

One girl after the next landed safely on her feet. Beatrice and Katherine were standing next to me, looking up. I saw flames now. Where was Emilie? Why doesn’t Jermaine come down? I watched the string of curtains rip and one of my girls, a small redheaded beauty, fall to the ground. I saw Jermaine’s head in the window, next to him: Emilie. In desperation I yelled “Jump, mes amis, jump, we will catch you”.

But they couldn’t hear me. The sound of the flames was overpowering everything else for them. They hugged in the open window, and I heard Emilie’s desperate and pain ridden screams as I had to watch them both burn to death.

“Nooooooooooo!”. I fell to my naked knees on the cold and wet ground. I had lost everything. My loves, my new home. I sobbed. I felt hands on my shoulders, hands trying to lift me up. But I decided to lie down, naked as I was, and cry.

“Madame Drusilla?”, I heard the soft voice of Analie. “The evil frères, they are still outside the door.”.I looked around. We were in the backyard. I jumped up, naked as I was and yelled “Follow me, we are going to destroy the bastards who have taken everything from us!”. “Oui”, I heard, coming from a dozen mouths. And so we stormed out of the backyard, and to the left, towards the Romanian vampires, still holding the torches and Adrien’s head in between them. I flashed my fangs. I was going to destroy them. They were going to suffer.

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  1. slave sindee says:

    And suffer they shall
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    I hope she gives them their due and then some.

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    Oh, fuck!! No!! Such hot debauchery followed by awful tragedy. I love the roller-coaster ride of this series, and I am looking forward to those prick vampires getting their cumuppance

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