Gagball – Jawbreaking Torture or Enjoyable Fun?

A gagball can be quite an exciting addition to any kind of sexual play. Although, naturally, they are more commonly used in BDSM scenes than sensual vanilla interactions. I personally like the idea of being unable to speak during play. It is a different kind of control, to have someone take your words away from you.

Purple lips and gagball
Hard plastic gagball © DeviantSuccubus

More often than not, gagballs are needed to tone down the volume of noises and screams during play. A lot of us live with our children, or the walls to our neighbours are quite thin. It is one thing to enjoy exhibitionist urges, but another to push your sexuality onto others. Well, and not to mention that others might get quite worried if they heard someone scream because of pain or yell “no no no”. No one wants to have the police called on them because they have been enjoying a bit of impact play, am I right?

Brats need to be silenced!

Personally, I sometimes really need to be shut up during play. My brattiness demands that at times. Not only am I a screamer but I can also be quite pokey. I say things that might egg on the dominant I play with. Brats like punishments and been shown their limits, and a gagball is the perfect tool to accomplish just that. “Is that all you got?” or “Ah, are you trying to be all dommy right now, or?” are fun things to say, but it is even more enjoyable when your Dom puts you in your place, and takes away the power of words from you. Because, let’s be honest, that is the only kind of power brats really have, once they have been shut up, they are in the submissive space they belong in!

Painful first gagballs

Goth wearing metal ring gagball
The metall ring © DeviantSuccubus

My first few gagballs were kind of low quality and they made my jaw hurt pretty fast. They made the whole experience quite uncomfortable. I loved the intention of why I was wearing the gagball but didn’t enjoy actually wearing it. I have quite a small mouth and I can’t open it very wide. So most gagballs are just too big for me. I also went for the cheaper kind: with hard plastic balls. I have one gagball-like thing with a metal ring. The aesthetics of that one are great, but the ring is huge and my jaw and teeth hurt a lot when I last wore it.

So hard plastic balls and rings are not my thing. A few weeks ago, we went to a sex shop in our town and I saw a lot of very beautiful gagballs with softer rubber balls. I squeezed them and really loved the feel of them (I really felt the urge to try one on, but that kind of felt inappropriate, to have my saliva on some random ball in a shop, haha). They were quite expensive though. I had only gone to the shop to buy some high quality fishnet stockings that wouldn’t just rip in in the crotch area after two minutes of wear. I found those (yay!) but left the expensive gagballs behind.

Finally got the gagballing right!

Gagball on a goth
The new gagball © DeviantSuccubus

I am a clever girl though, so I checked online and I found similar gagballs online, and for way less money! The money factor always plays a role for me, unfortunately. I just don’t have a lot of bucks and I rather spend those on food, than expensive sex toys. I bought one that was reasonably priced (around 15 CAD). It is not from a known sex toy brand but a smaller Japanese company that sells all kinds of things, from a few different sex related items, to stuffies, to backpacks. The gagball is called LIUHUAF Silicone Mouthball and you can find it at amazon and other retailers, as well.

But honestly, for that price and coming from a brand that doesn’t really specialize in sex toys, the gagball is pretty great! It has a soft silicone ball with some holes in it for breathing. That is quite helpful for me, because I suffer from sinus issues and breathing through my nose isn’t always an option. It can be closed tight or lose, and although the ball is quite big, I can sink my teeth into it a bit which makes it possible for me to wear it for a longer period of time without excruciating pain in my jaw.

I love the feel of the ball in my mouth! Now my words and screams can be silenced, without my jaw feeling like it is going to break at any second. Finally a gagball I will actually enjoy using during play!

(Read an erotic flash fiction story I wrote on gagballs)

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  1. Never been a fan of ball gags or anything that straps around my head. My panties work just fine to stuff my mouth and shut me up!?

  2. jupitergrant says:

    I also have one of those hard ball gags and I am always worried about biting down in the heat of the moment and breaking a tooth, lol! So we resorted to neckties instead. But this gag sounds terrific, and a worthwhile purchase. Thanks for the tip! ?

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