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I promise you, there is a submissive in this brat. See, I told you. Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinful this week.



It’s interesting how rituals that long ago generally were part of a spiritual context have found their ways into all our lives. Might it be the morning ritual of kissing your husband before he...


Covered in Him

The warm water was running down my naked body, mixed with the foam from the vanilla-scented soap. I was trying to clean myself from the stress of the day. I was tired and I...


The Floor is our Canvas

He looked at me in disbelief as his hands pushed up my skirt and stopped at my butt. “You are wearing underwear, girl?” I was confused, what was wrong with wearing underwear? I was...


Floaty Fairy

I got inspired by this picture’s beauty to write about one of my fantasies. I love the etheral feel of the image, the almost fairy-like shape of the woman in nature. It is both...


Goth. Sinful Sunday

There has always been a strong link between the goth subculture and the kink scene. Not only are goths a lot more sex positive than most other subcultures, they are also more accepting of...