Unbearable Need

It had been weeks since his hands had last touched my naked skin. This was partly my fault. Okay, it was all my fault. I could have just followed his instructions and we both would have enjoyed each other’s company in the wild and primal way I have been imagining for what seemed like forever now.

He liked to push my limits and I loved that about him. I needed boundaries and I also needed to learn how far those boundaries could be stretched. This was the keyword here, stretched. We had discussed it beforehand, I had agreed. I had been both excited and a bit scared about what he had planned. I was handcuffed to the bedposts on the headside of our bed. My legs were free for comfort. He was sitting in front of me, looking at me. My nipples were clamped and my mind was floating in the wonderful world that is subpace. Or was it?

His hands gently tried to spread my legs open wider but I tensed my muscles so he wouldn’t be able to. I stuck my tongue out at him. I knew I was in a helpless position, but he wouldn’t get me that easily. I curled my toes into the towel I was laying on. His eyes squinted at me. He chuckled. He used more strength to pull my legs apart, using his elbows in my thighs to keep me unable to move. It hurt and I squealed. Oh, sweet delicious pain.

His fingers slowly made their way up to my vagina and spread my lips. I started to relax. I was looking forward to this. We had been working our way up to this for so long. Today was the day. Or so I thought.

I was wet, dripping wet. One finger entered me. Then two. Then three. I was starting to get a little bit frustrated. This was all the build-up? He was just going to put them all in and that was it? I wanted it to happen slowly, I wanted to feel how he forced me open more and more. I tried to remind myself of that he was in control, that he was the one making the calls. If he didn’t want slow, then slow wasn’t what we were doing. Four fingers were inside me now, and I enjoyed the fullness of it. I felt relaxed but the frustrated thoughts were still nagging me. Nah, I wanted it my way.

I clenched my vagina muscles really hard and pushed. I felt his fingers trying to stay inside me but slowly sliding out. “What are you doing, girl?”, he said with surprise. “You are doing it too fast, man, I want to savour it. This is kind of dull.”. He stopped touching me, stood up and looked at me. “Are you trying to dom me?”

“Noooo. I just want to …”

“Yes, this is not how it works. I call the shots here. And you are being disobedient and trying to control me. This is not how it works.”

I moved my body in frustration. My skin already missed his touch. I didn’t want him to stop, I just wanted him to try a different pace! “But Master!”

He squeezed my thigh so hard that tears immediately blurred my vision. I breathed in hard. “The fuck man, I just wanted it to be slower so I could enjoy it more”

“You are not making the decisions. You are being bratty again.”

He climbed up on the bed again and sat down on my chest. I felt his whole body weight on me and had to catch my breath. His cock was resting on my naked skin. “Well, now you really won’t get it your way at all. Open your mouth.”

I looked at him. “No, this is not nice. I wanted to …”

“I don’t care what you wanted. Open your mouth!”

“But Master ….”

Two of his fingers pinched my nose closed. I had to open my mouth to breathe. His cock pushed inside my hole and he started moving it, in and out. I was laying on my back, still handcuffed, his hands pulling my head closer to him. I felt him getting harder inside me, I felt his cock almost entering my throat and I silently gagged. He was in control, I liked him in control. I could be obedient, I was obedient right now!

Even if I weren’t to come, having his cum fill me always gives me satisfaction. Being used, being useful, being someone who can pleasure. My eyes were closed now, and I submitted to the motions he forced upon me. I was waiting for the moaning, then the twitching, and his hot juices filling me up. I heard him moan. I tensed up in anticipation. But then he let go of my head and pulled out his cock. “Open your eyes, girl!”

I opened my eyes and looked at his hard cock, his one hand holding a tissue, his other hand stroking himself, fast. Now his whole body was twitching and white fountains of cum were squirting from his cock. I quivered in frustration. I wanted to taste it, and I stuck my tongue out, offering to lick and suck him dry. He shook his head. “But ….”, I started saying.

“No buts. If you are unable to be obedient, then I need to teach you how to do it right. I know you are a good girl, I know you want to be a good girl. I want you to go deep inside yourself and think about what happened just now.”

“I just wanted …”

“Mmm. Wanted. What does a good sub want?”

“To please her Master?”

“Was that a question? See, you need to learn. And you need to be punished for what happened. I want you to understand and to feel it, your submission. I will not touch you, give you pain, or pleasure, until you beg for punishment.”

“But Master …”

“Shhhh”. The discussion was over. He leaned over me and released me from the handcuffs. I sat up and watched him leave the room, then heard him turn the shower on. “Ah, he needs sex and giving pain, he is not going to follow through with this”, I thought.

That was three weeks ago. He had followed through. His hands had not been on my naked skin for three weeks. First I decided to not let it bother me. I could still get off masturbating. But after a few days, I realized how it wasn’t the same. I missed his hands, I missed him looking at me in a certain way. And I definitely missed the pain. My skin had started tingling every time he got close to me. I felt urges I didn’t even know I had. I needed the control from him. Sex without him was just meaningless orgasms. The depth was missing. He gave me the depth.

After about a week, I got angry. But even expressing my anger didn’t help. He didn’t punish me. He didn’t even raise an eyebrow. He didn’t care! My bratty heart was broken, and my body and mind were still needy for his attention. Then I got sad and desperate. I begged him to touch me. I told him I needed him. My body was aching for him so much, I even knelt before him and tried to pleasure him. He pulled me up, looked at my disapprovingly and shook his head.

The sadness was gone now. All I was now, was need and desperation. Raw sexual energy had taken over. I knew that only he could make me feel better. Only he had that power over my body and mind. After having paced up and down the hallway for about an hour, I made a decision. He was right. I am the sub, and therefore I need to behave like a sub. I had agreed to this, after all. My body’s need for his touch showed me just how much I had agreed for him to have control over me.

So here I was now, on my knees, naked, on the floor. A black paddle next to me. I was facing the wall. I was waiting. The clock on the wall was ticking. My pussy was throbbing. I heard the key in the lock of the door. I heard his footsteps coming closer. I turned my head around, looked at him, still kneeling, still naked. “Master, can you please punish me?”

“What do you need to be punished for, girl?”

“For being a bad and disobedient girl. I didn’t listen, and I was disrespectful. Therefore I need to be punished.”

He smiled. “Turn around.” I faced the wall. “Get up and place your hands on the wall.”

I did as I was told.

“Now beg for it again.”

“Master, can you please punish me?”


“Master, please, can you punish me”, I almost yelled.

I felt his hand on my shoulder and a shiver of anticipation and need ran through my whole body. “Good girl.”, he whispered. A tear of relief ran down my face.

He picked up the paddle. I felt the soft leather touching my naked skin as he was softly brushing it over my butt. I moaned. Finally, pain. Finally, attention. Finally, punishment. One slap with the paddle and I had to steady myself. He was putting a lot of strength into it. He must have waited for this just as much as I had needed it. Another slap. A third. A fourth. I could feel my butt cheeks warming up, and the stinging sensation turned into a rawer form of pain. I started to breathe faster, my mind was not racing anymore. Soon I’d be lost with him, lost in the floaty space I had been craving so much the last few weeks.

He stopped. He pulled me by the ear and we walked to the bedroom. He pushed me on my back, kissed my nose and then forced my legs to spread. I obeyed. I knew what was expected of me now. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to please him, to give him my body and mind. He was in control. My lips got spread, three fingers entered me. I yelped for a second and tried to move. “Girl?” – “Yes, Master. Sorry, Master”. I relaxed. He was in control and I liked it.

Four fingers, spreading inside me. I felt full. It hurt. I could hear my own wet playground. I was his. A fifth finger and I almost screamed. He put a calming hand on my thigh and I breathed out, closed my eyes and enjoyed. I enjoyed the sensation of pain and pleasure. His hand spread inside me, I was nothing more but a puppet on a stick. I was his to play with, to control, to make dance.

The rest of his hand slid inside me, now forming a fist. He held still for a moment. I held still for a moment. I felt so full yet so free. He moved his fist in and out of me, two fingers of his other hand first gently rubbing and now pulling my clit. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, but also like I never needed to breathe again. I could hear myself scream, far way, the physical sensations had taken over my mind and I was now out of control under his control. Primal and submissive. “Are you ready, girl?”, I heard him say in a distance. “Yes, Master!”, I managed to blurt out.





“Five. Come for me, girl!”

The three weeks long build up had been too long. The pressure inside me was overwhelming. His fist fucking my raw and dripping wet cunt made me fall into a passiondriven trance. And there it was, there I felt it. Relief. My whole body was twitching, the energy went through me like electric eels dancing in my muscles. I screamed and moaned, I didn’t breathe anymore. I squirted all over his arm, his shirt, the floor. He started laughing “You fucking needy cunt. Look at you being under my control and enjoying it.”

I sighed. I was finally free again. Free with him pulling my strings. He climbed up onto the bed, laid next to me and hugged me. “Good girl”, I heard him whisper, while I drifted off into sleep, smiling and knowing my place again.

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11 Responses

  1. Floss says:

    Oh hot damn! The majority of the time these days when I read posts with any elements of D/s dynamic in them I always find myself identifying with the Top/Dominant and it’s that angle that arouses me. My Switchy switch seems to struggle flicking into bottoming mode these days, HOWEVER, you have got some details in here that had my subby side poking at me saying, ‘that stuff, that stuff, get us that stuff’. Nicely done and I truly enjoyed every word x

  2. J. Lynn says:

    Yesssss!! Exactly what Floss said. I miss being dominated. That was so hot, the orgasm part too but what really got me going was her SHOWING him her submission. Words are just words but actions prove it.

  3. E.L. Byrne says:

    As someone who hasn’t had a whole hand inside of her in WAY TOO LONG I identified with this story in so many ways! Thanks for writing it for us to enjoy!

    • Fisting is a topic I am so torn on, I quite like it, but it is also extremely uncomfortable! I am glad you enjoyed reading my story and thanks for the comment <3

  4. Kayla Lords says:

    A punishment should always fit the “crime” — and this one DEFINITELY does. But the reward was so worth it!

  5. Posy Churchgate says:

    Truly enjoyed this, your vivid exploration of the sub being bratty until embracing the need to be dominated was very enlightening. Delicious descriptions of your inner thoughts, which always get me hot.

  1. June 13, 2019

    […] It had been weeks since his hands had last touched my naked skin. This was partly my fault. Okay, it was all my fault. I could have just followed his instructions and we both would have enjoyed each other’s company in the wild and primal way I have been imagining for what seemed like forever now. Keep reading. […]

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