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I love being naughty, in both all the mischievous and all the sexual ways. I don’t even pretend to be a good girl. Although sometimes I want to be one. Or better said: I want to be forced to be one. When you are in a Dominant/submissive relationship and you practice BDSM in the bedroom, then the kind of naughty that I am, sometimes fits very well and sometimes is very misplaced. You’d think being the brat that I am, I welcome punishment so I can learn to correct my behaviour and become the good girl that I know I am somewhere deep within me.

The problem is that when I am being punished for being mischievous outside the bedroom, it quickly turns me into the naughty brat of the bedroom. I see punishment as funishment: it turns me on instead of teaching me a lesson or helping me correct my behaviour.

The naughty submissive

We all got that naughty sexual beast inside of us. I am quite sure of that. It is all about how it can be tickled out, what needs to be done to push us to a place of absolute arousal and need. I sometimes have that naughty side to me without even being triggered. I just need to be touched, hurt, fucked. And just by looking at my Master, I get all these naughty ideas of what we could do with each other. He finds that pretty funny at times because I give him that horny look and he knows exactly what is going on.

This is a great place for degradation and humiliation because just from the look on my face, my movements, my behaviour, he can read what is going on in my head. He gives me that smile, a smile of superiority, of happiness that he has such a naughty sub. And when I am lucky (oh, lucky!), he tells me what a nasty slut I am for wanting him so much, for needing to be touched, for having the desperate urge to be ravished, hurt and used.

And sometimes he can push me into a space where I totally lose it. I become a sextoy, a thing to play with, and I am absolutely at peace with that. I become the naughty submissive that we both know I am deep down. He can do anything to me in that space, I even beg for it. I tell him what I want him to do to me. Beg him for anal, I want to be tortured with the wand, I want to fisted, I want to be hurt more. I become so needy that I scream when I get denied what I crave: orgasms, more pain, squirting. He revels in that sometimes, watching me squirm in my neediness, fully knowing that only he can give me what I want.

And when he gives me that, oh man, I go all in. I scream, I whimper, I cry, I have a crazed look on my face, I almost pass out. I am all naughty, and not ashamed of it at all. Being naughty in those kinds of situations actually makes me a good girl. I love the paradox in that. Because being naughty doesn’t need to equal bad, and being nice doesn’t need to equal good.

The mischievous brat

Outside of the bedroom, things are a bit different. I am a brat and I am difficult to tame. This naughty side of me is disobedient, mischievous and daring. I recognize and respect my partner as my Dominant and Master. It is not a position of roles that I would question. I respectfully call him Master almost all the time. Unless. Well, unless I am having a moment of naughtiness. And it is not the same as being a naughty submissive.

I know where the boundaries lie and I am trying my best to not push those. But sometimes, well, it just happens. It might just be that I call him Master in a sarcastic tone. I give him a bratty no to a command. And I wink at him when he is trying to give me a serious talk. I throw a tantrum when he is trying to make me do something. I literally poke his arm or sides with my finger. Basically, I am being a naughty brat.

A brat behaves that way for many different reasons, for me it is attention and punishment. I want to have my Master’s attention at all times. A want for him to look at me, to touch me, to listen to me. It’s not even necessarily sexual. I just really love when he observes me, when he watches me, when he looks at me. I even more so love when he touches me: a hug, a squeeze, a slap on the butt.

Well, and I also want punishment. And that is when I try to push boundaries a bit. I want him to unleash his dominant side and show me who is boss. There is a need for him to pull my hair, I want him to pull my ear, I want him to force me to lie down, pull down my pants and spank me. I want him to know that I am naughty and that I need punishment. But there is a bit of an issue here: I love being punished. There is almost no kind of attention from him that I don’t enjoy. And the harsher and the more forceful he is, the more I get turned on. The naughty brat often turns into the naughty sexual submissive when she is getting punished.

That is why we sarcastically call punishment: “funishment“. It is really difficult to find something that would count as punishment, that he’d enjoy giving and that would help me learn to be a better submissive outside of the bedroom. And that can make things frustrating for us. However much we enjoy that things turn sexual. sometimes it would maybe (oh my, do I even really admit that right now) be a better goal to help me in my growth to become a more obedient and respectful submissive in our 24/7 D/s connection. I will always have the bratty side inside of me, and she will want to come out and play. But it should be when he allows it, and not on a whim and always trying to push boundaries.

The word naughty can mean so many things. In the bedroom, it is definitely more of a positive term, at least between the people who engage in sexual play. Outside of the bedroom, naughty is often synonymous with mischief and morally questionable behaviour. I am all kinds of naughty, and if Santa wants to punish me for that, well, I am up for it. Bring it on! *wink wink*

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  1. David Mei says:

    My Kitten is very similar in her behaviours and it is a pleasure to give her what she “asks” for with her actions. 😈

  2. slave sindee says:

    very interesting. my submissiveness is completely different in that my pleasure comes from pleasing others. Not sure if i have a brat or naughty side. ok pretty certain i don’t
    Love your perspective

  3. It sounds like you can be quite a handful, but also like your Master knows exactly how to handle you, and the two of you just make a great team.

    Rebel xox

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