Covered in Him

covered in his cum erotic fiction
© DeviantSuccubus

The warm water was running down my naked body, mixed with the foam from the vanilla-scented soap. I was trying to clean myself from the stress of the day. I was tired and I was going through my mental to do-list for tomorrow, realizing that I once again would have a busy day without much time to unwind. I sighed. But for now the streams of water coming from the showerhead soothed my body. Tomorrow’s stress slid into the back of mind, and the moment’s calmness engulfed me. Showerhead.

I opened my tired eyes and smiled. With a swift move I removed the showerhead from the holder on the wall and slowly moved it down my body, feeling the warm water running down my breasts, my belly, and between my legs, and then touching my thighs, knees and calves, until finally disappearing into the drain. I needed some stress relief, something to relax me. A quick orgasm might just do the trick. I leaned against the wet wall of the shower cabin and spread my legs. I moved the showerhead closer to my vagina, feeling the water running over my clit and my lips. Oh, this was nice! I spread my lips and anticipated the feeling of the water pressure kissing my clit.

A knock on the shower cabin’s glass door stopped me from experiencing the sensation I craved. I opened my eyes and saw my Master stand in the bathroom, holding the book we had discussed last night. “I wanted to ask you about the chapter you had mentioned, and what do I find? Are you being naughty, girl?” I grinned.

-” We have discussed this, when I am at home, you need to tell me when you are feeling frisky! I want to enjoy your hot body too, together with you! Get out of the shower, NOW!”

I turned the water off, opened the glass door and stepped out of the shower. He was watching me, waiting for me. He handed me a towel and I rubbed myself dry, under his observing eyes. My wet hair was still dripping and I got distracted by a single drop running down my chest, my belly and then, after slightly touching my vagina, was running down my legs. I looked up and saw that he had been distracted by the same watery performance. We looked at each other, he took a step towards me, and suddenly pulled my ear. “Into the bedroom, puppet. NOW!”

The pain from the sudden pinch made me gasp. “What if I don’t wanna? I am tired.” He gave me a stern look.

-“You managed to once again ignore the rules, you horny vixen. Are you saying that you should get away without punishment? That you should be spared right now because you are tired?”

-“No. But can we make it short. I really just want to sleep. I just needed some relaxing relief first!”

-“I decide, bratty girl. I will show what tired really means. I am not going to repeat myself again. Into the bedroom. Now.”

He was still holding my ear with his nails and it was really starting to hurt. I reluctantly followed his lead, although it was not like I had much of a choice. His finger pointed on the bed and I sat down on the edge of it. He dropped his pants and underwear, and before I even managed to catch a glimpse of his manhood, he said: “Open your mouth!” and his hard cock pushed into my mouth. He held my wet hair and used my mouth as his personal fuckhole. I couldn’t breathe, I felt the gag-reflex kicking in, but at the same time, I felt my arousal level rise.

He stopped. “Don’t move!” I froze. I wondered what was to come now. My tiredness was washed away. I was alert, I was anticipating. Who needs sleep? I need THIS! Tears were running down my face, and I breathed heavily. I heard a metallic noise and then watched him approach me with nipple clamps in his hands. I panicked. This was going to hurt! Without hesitation he pulled my left nipple and closed the cold metal around it. I squealed. “What was that, puppet? Too much?” I shook my head and bit my lip, and breathed out through my nose. The right nipple got pulled. I closed my eyes and tried to take the sensation in. I was slowly feeling how the pain turned into pleasure, how the throbbing in my cunt intensified.

“Crawl back a bit. Yes, just like that, and spread your legs for me”. I did what I was told to do. My focus was on him, on the pain, on the anticipation. What will he make me do? What will he do to me? He was still holding the chain to the clamps, stretching my nipples. He dropped the chain and the cold metal landed on my belly, pulling my nipples down. I flinched.

“Touch yourself for me, puppet!”

“How, Master?”

“Oh, you know how, girl!”

I started rubbing my clit, starting slow, feeling it swell up. I dipped a finger into my wet cunt, hearing the sound that indicated that I was ready. “Please fuck me, Master!”

“No, puppet. I can see, hear and smell how much you need to be fucked. But you didn’t follow the rules. Rewards are for good girls. And no coming, don’t you dare come!”

I watched him stroke his hard cock, the cock I so very much needed inside me just now. I wanted him, I needed him. Oh god! I continued to rub my clit, my eyes on his swollen manhood. My fingers wandered and I started to penetrate myself. I was so needy. “Please Master, I will be a good girl. Please fuck me!”

He laughed. “Needy slut, eh? I said no! Now lay on your belly, ass up, legs spread. And continue touching yourself!”

I moaned. I was a good girl, sometimes! I did as I was told and the new position made me feel even more exposed. I couldn’t see him anymore, all I was focused on now was my own arousal, and listening to his breathing that was getting faster. “Please, Master, please fuck me. I am begging you!”

He slapped my butt. Once, twice. And again, and again. He pushed his hard cock against my buttcheeks, leaned over my back, pulled the chain of the nipple clamps hard and whispered into my left ear: “Bad girls don’t get what they want.”

I screamed of frustration and pain. I heard him chuckle. “Don’t stop rubbing your needy cunt, girl! Lay down on your belly now, ass down!” . I was on my belly now, going crazy with need and arousal. I needed to come, at least that is something he could give me! “Can … I … please … come … Mater?”, I moaned.

“On my count, puppet. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“One.” Yes, he was going to make me come! I felt the built up already getting too much.

“Two.” I had to stop rubbing my clit, I couldn’t hold it back anymore. “Don’t stop, girl!”


“Four.” I started screaming, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I couldn’t. Waiting for the final relief felt like an eternity!

“Five. Come for me, puppet!”

Relief! As the spasms of the orgasm made my body twitch, I felt his seed landing on my butt and back. My orgasm intensified, the sensation of his cum landing on my back, made me feel owned, used, humiliated and like I had pleased him. I breathed out. I felt relaxed. He slapped my butt. “Good girl! Now finish your shower and then we can cuddle and sleep!”. This was what I had needed. Who cares about tomorrow’s stress if today’s pleasures are so overwhelmingly beautiful.

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Hmm, I love it when they tease and torture. (In a good way

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    Tease, torture, and in the end, give exactly what’s needed. That’s always my favorite part.

  3. In the end both get what they want and that’s the hot way it should be!

    Rebel xox

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