Category: Sinful Sunday


She’s Lost Control

And she screamed out kicking on her side and said,I’ve lost control again.And seized up on the floor, I thought she’d die.She said I’ve lost control. “She’s lost Control” – Joy Division This is...


Coma White

Her mouth was an empty cutand she was waiting to falljust bleeding like a polaroid thatlost all her dolls “Coma White” – Marilyn Manson


This Roaring Silence

Don’t fallI know your back’s against the wallBut this roaring silenceWon’t devour us all “Don’t Fall” – The Chameleons I am not often in love with a picture of mine but I am in...



And now I’m stuck in the webYou’re spinningYou’ve got me for your prey “Spiderwebs” – No Doubt



The prompt for this week is Doors/Doorways and I didn’t want to take the expected full body picture in a doorway, playing with shadow and light. Although I must admit that I tried it...



We move like cagey tigersWe couldn’t get closer than thisThe way we walkThe way we talkThe way we stalkThe way we kissWe slip through the streetsWhile everyone sleepsGetting bigger and sleekerAnd wider and brighterWe...



Step into this pictureRelease all your lightI think God has gone mad, here tonightYou can’t believe your eyes control is so hard to keepObsession can be hell from which you’ll never be freeIt’s all...


Ravish Me

I want the kill, the conquest,to be your master,wrap your arms around my pale skin,it’s too late to back out you’re in,on your knees and praise your new lord,deeper now, and here’s your reward,take...