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I am a cemetery abhorred by the moon, In which long worms crawl like remorse And constantly harass my dearest dead. I am an old boudoir full of withered roses, Where lies a whole litter of old-fashioned dresses, Where...


Bandshirt and Knickers

Someone take these dreams awayThat point me to another dayA duel of personalitiesThat stretch all true realities “Dead Souls” – Joy Division I can’t be the only one who likes chilling at home in...



I’m on my knees,I beg your mercy,My soul is my loss,I’m well hung from your cross. “Kiss” – London After Midnight This picture captures an intimate moment between my Master and me. I love...



Prey don’t look behind youPrey they’re gonna find youRun now, run now, run and hideI see you tripping in your trialsBabe you’re gonna drown “Prey” – Diva Destruction


The Rarest Rose

I really love this kimono style lace robe. It reveals more than it covers up, but that is how I like my lingerie! Once I had the rarest roseThat ever deigned to bloomCruel winter...


A Night Out

We had been out clubbing and dancing. A local goth club night. I had danced for hours. My feet hurt. But I was content. Content with myself, with the way I looked. So I...


Guitar Hero

This week has been incredibly fantastic and weird for me. I don’t usually go out and party anymore because my mental and physical health are a mess. But this week? This week I went...


Looking Up

But if you could just see the beauty,These things I could never describe,These pleasures a wayward distraction,This is my one lucky prize. “Isolation” – Joy Division Want to see more sinful pictures? Kiss the...


Masturbate your Emptiness

I am someone who loves see-through fabrics and stockings. I don’t only wear them when I want to seduce someone. I also love wearing them in combination with every day outfits. I mean, what...