SoSS #6

What a busy week it has been! I am glad I was able to make some time to read other people’s blogs, erotic stories and look at stunning pictures. And now? Time to share who my favourites of the last seven days are!


The Purples did it again! They have posted my favourite picture of the week. Not only is this picture incredibly artistic and sexy, it must have also taken quite some preparation to make it look so beautiful. The illusion of poppies hiding her naked skin, created with the help of wax! Check out their masterpiece field of poppies!

Missus WhispersI wet my pants is a very sexy picture that reminds me of 1970s advertisements. Gardening while wearing sexy lingerie does seem like fun, and a hose is the perfect tool for a sinful picture!

Francesca Demont’s The Ultimate Bondage Dress is a wonderful picture of said dress! It looks extremely hot on her. And the accompanying story of her trying to put the dress on for a dinner date, makes it all the hotter!


Bluesubmission wrote a story that I want put in the genre of magic realism but with an erotic twist! It is about obsession and shallowness, and how we can be fucked by our own madness. I won’t give away the ending, but oh my, you better read The Cost of Wanting.

The story Unfelt by Master’s Musings is absolutely eerily erotic. It leaves a lot to the imagination, while it follows a haunting rhythm that leaves you breathless. Read it yourself and find out where your own imagination takes you!

BDSM, D/s and Kink

Submissy wrote a really interesting post on Pleasure and Subspace. Subspace is something that is described by many, and experienced in a lot of different ways than just one. Her post reminded me of the first few times I was floating in subspace and was wondering what the hell was going on. Read her reflections about the fantastic experience that is subspace!

I finally read Molly’s post on her relationship and how the D/s part of it is on ice at the moment. I could feel the confusion and the hurt in her words, but also the strength that is in that incredible woman. I think it is brave that she so openly discusses her relationship and posts like hers help many who struggle with similar issues!

Melody wrote a very thought-provoking post on Self-Destructive Subs. They discuss blackmail as a kink, and the questionable consensual non-consensual nature of blackmailing in a D/s connection. It is a very interesting topic, so give the post a read!


Steeledsnakecharmer wrote a fabulous post on the movies that have influenced their sexuality and kinks. I got reminded of how much the Addam’s Family actually has influenced so much of what I think of relationships and a true connection. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Gomez or a Morticia in their lives? Read their post Movies and TV and Plays, Oh My!

Kayla wrote a post on boundaries and the anxiety it creates for her when she needs to say no to certain requests. It can be very difficult to be okay with having our limits with other people, especially if we have been taught in the past that we need to please so we don’t get hurt. I could relate to so much she wrote in her post, please go and read it!

My Own Writing

I have been a busy writing bee this week, it seems. I participated in Sinful Sunday with a black and white picture depicting the anticipation before the delicious pain during play. I wrote a post on the connection between trauma and physical illness, discussing how my physical health issues are very strongly related to the trauma I had to endure during my childhood. Additionally, wrote a post on hormones, and how having both PCOS and Hashimoto’s has an effect on my sex life. The erotic story Shadowplay was quite fun to write, imagining shadowy sexual play. I wrote a new chapter for my Auntie Jeanie series, this time it is all about limits and the possibilities and impossibilities BDSM folks had to face during the 1950s. Another post I wrote is on the pleasures of period sex, and one particular instance I enjoyed tremendously. The post on the porn film that shaped my sexuality prompted me to watch said porno again, fun times! I wrote a post on the power exchange in my current D/s relationship and the rules we have just started to implement. The picture Coma White shows me in some sexy lingerie, and the I also posted a picture for boobday. And last, but not least, I wrote a post on triggers, what triggers me the most and how I handle being triggered!

All in all, I posted 11 blog entries during the last 7 days, oh my! And I have quite a lot of posts planend for the next 7 days too! There is going to be a new chapter for Drusilla-Queen of Vampires! I am currently working on my first sex toy review, so stay tuned for that! Oh, and talking about firsts, I have started a post on my first successful fisting experience! So watch this space, good people!

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  1. Sweetgirl says:

    Loads of great links

  2. slave sindee says:

    wonderful links for sure
    also anxiousy waiting for new chapter for Drusilla-Queen of Vampires!

  3. Violet says:

    Excellent highlights!

  4. jupitergrant says:

    A fantastic SoSS, DS, some terrific stuff here! Congratulations on having such a productive week, too! You’re posting fabulous content, as always. And congrats on your first toy review – I’ve got it flagged and can’t wait to read it! ??

    • Thanks, Jupi! Some weeks are definitely better than others when it comes to the writing bug! Ah, I think I like writing sex toy reviews, it was fun trying it out too 😛 Have fun reading 😀

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