Painful, Pleasurable Period Sex

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Period sex is an odd thing. It is a fetish for some, but most people avoid any kind sexual play during that time of the month. And that is a shame, really. I mean, just because our bodies show us that we can still reproduce, doesn’t mean we can’t feel pleasure. Orgasms and penetration are great ways to get relief from period cramps! And did you know that if you have penetration sex during your period, it might actually make it a day or so shorter because the blood flow increases? So there is definitely a thing like painful, pleasurable period sex. I get it though, there is the mess! You need to prepare, you need to have the towels ready and all of the involved might need a proper shower after.

I personally avoid penetration sex during my period because I am a lazy person. I like my sex spontaneous, and while the nasty mess can be kind of hot, the clean-up is a bummer. But however much you want to avoid a mess, sometimes there is just no other way!

Sudden Pain

I was reading an article online and was kind of stuck in my own world, listening to music and wondering if there was a thing like post-surrealistic postmodernism. Basically, I was deep in thought. But suddenly, I was on my back, my Master on top of me. In no time, my shirt and bra were removed and he started squeezing my boobs, while I still tried to understand what was going on. I was screaming from the sudden strong sensations. But looking at his content face made me relax instantly. I love seeing the sadistic sparkle in his eyes. I get all tingly and excited when I know he is going to torture and play with me.

One hand around my throat, he squeezed my whole areola with his other hand, nails into my skin. I gasped for air as the pain made my body twitch. Squeezing both my breasts really hard now, I arched my back. I could feel my vagina tingle. The pain and the loss of control made me melt under him.

He pulled me up by my hair and I was on my knees now. His pants down, he pushed his hard cock into my mouth, using me as his toy. Pulling it out for a second to allow me to gasp for air, then fucking me so deep into my throat that I gagged, tears running down my face. He slapped my face with his hard cock, reminding me of what I was: his to play with, his puppet, his toy, his slut.


He grabbed both my boobs and pushed them together. He slapped them with his cock, and then pushed his hard manhood in between them. I stuck out my tongue to to lick his head but he was just teasing. My need for his cock in my mouth was not the need he wanted to meet. Instead he pulled both my nipples while fucking my boobs. And then she stopped.

I am on my knees, waiting. His one hand in my hair now, holding me in place, he looked down on me from above. I could feel my submissive side dance inside my mind and my body. He was my Master, and all I wanted was to be his. Subspace was slowly taking over. I was feeling floaty and in bliss. And then he started to slap my boobs. Both of them, over and over, from the top, from the side, on the nipples, on the skin. I could feel the heat coming off my skin now, the redness spreading. I wasn’t screaming anymore, I was moaning now.

The slaps turned into punches. Hard punches. Holding my boob, raising his fist and punching it with all his might. I almost fell back but he caught me by the hair. One punch, another punch, and another. The other boob. One punch, another punch, and another.

By the time he stopped, I was swaying. I was floating so deep in subspace that everything around me was blurry. All I could focus on were the sensations in my body, on my skin. I looked at him with dreamy horny eyes. I was his now and he could do with me whatever he pleased to do. “Oh, the slut needs to come!”, he said, and pulled me up my nipples and led me to the bedroom. He pushed me on my back and pulled down my pants. “But I have my period!”

“Psssshhhhh”, he said. And I turned quiet.

Wand Torture

He took out the wand from the drawer and applied some lube to it. He pressed it on my clit and the buzzing started. He hugged my lower belly and kept my legs spread with his shoulders, his face hovering over my cunt. I relaxed and allowed the vibrations take over my body. I didn’t worry about the mess I could create. It wasn’t penetration sex, after all.

After a few orgasms I was starting to feel uncomfortable and tried to close my legs. But he didn’t let me. Instead, he turned on the highest setting of the wand and pressed it even harder against my clit, sometimes moving it all around my now drenched cunt. I was panting and screaming. This was not nice, this was torture. Oh oh, sweet torture. Then I got over the point of discomfort and instead was hit by an incredible wave of pleasure. Being controlled by him, being tortured by him, the vibrations hurting and at the same time pleasurably pleasing my swollen clit.

Orgasm after orgasm made my body spasm and twitch. I was unable to have coherent thoughts at that point. I heard squealing and moaning sounds escape my open mouth. My primal side had taken over and I pushed my body against the vibrating instrument of torture. “Hurt me with it, harder harder””, I yelled. He looked at me and laughed. “Slap me with it, please Master, hurt me with it!”.

I could feel the build-up for something else, something coming from deep within. I couldn’t stop it but I also didn’t want it to stop. And then he slapped my clit, no, almost punched my clit, with the vibrating wand. I screamed from pain and pleasure and suddenly felt a stream of wetness coming out of me. I had squirted, without being penetrated! That had never happened before! More slaps, harder and harder. I was screaming, as pearls of my squirty juices were spreading everywhere, my legs, the bed, the floor. I felt like I was about to pass out, the intensity of the sensations becoming almost too much to bear. And then the vibrations stopped.

I was on my back, panting like an animal, dizzy from the dozens of orgasms, my boobs still hurting from the torture. He crawled up to me on the bed, laid next to me and gave me a kiss. “Good girl.”, he whispered into my ear.

Period sex can be fun. Even if it means that you have a mess to clean up after.

(Read more about squirting here.)

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17 Responses

  1. Sometimes when I read posts like these about period sex, or see stunning images with period blood, I wish I still had my period.

    Rebel xox

  2. J. Lynn says:

    When I had a period we played and then finished in the shower. Easy cleanup! Lol
    Now I still have the hormone change but no cleanup and it’s still just as fun.

  3. May says:

    Period sex has always been a favourite of mine. I am not squeamish about mess – and if a man is then he is not for me! x

  4. Molly says:

    I used to hate my period and thought no one liked period sex but then I met Michael and he showed me I was wrong and now I love period sex. I have always masturbated during my period though as I found it really helped with period pains and as you said, increases the flow too


    • Yeah, I have always masturbated during my period too, because it helped with the cramps (and well, also, because I was horny haha). I am glad to hear that Michael helped you discover the awesomeness of period sex!

  5. Bee says:

    I’m always envious of people who enjoy sex during periods. I find it increases cramps, definitely not a good pain, so orgasms are impossible. Generally that’s not a problem as my sex drive vanished completely, I don’t even want to be touched, let alone hug or have sex!

    • I always thought no one would want sex during their periods, but then I realized that some people are just squeamish about the mess. And others, like you, find it very unpleasant because it increases the pain. I am sorry to hear that sex during your period is very much out of the question for you.

  6. jupitergrant says:

    Weirdly, as soon as I start bleeding, my libido disappears. I’ve had it where I’ve been, as usual, super horny for a few days before, then mid-shag I just switched off. My poor partner was really working hard to get me off, but my orgasm just vanished. When he got up to get a toy to help things along, he noticed that I’d started bleeding. I immediately wanted to stop, as I felt embarrassed about the mess, but he was determined that he had no problem with a bit of blood on his sword, as he put it! In the end it wasn’t as messy as I’d feared, but it took a long time and a lot of concentration for me to come. And I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t fazed at all by my period. In fact, he’s kind of less hung-up about it than I am!

    • Oh, I have heard about that before, that women lose their libido when they have their period. It is definitely some kind of hormonal rudeness! That story is so interesting, how odd that must have felt! Kudos to your partner for trying very hard to get you there, still!

      • jupitergrant says:

        Yeah, he is a good egg. Also quite stubborn, so I think there was part of him that just refused to have his sexual prowess thwarted by a period, lol! Bless him, he’s a love!

  7. Intense!

  8. slave sindee says:

    sweet twist

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