I heard her giggle. That could only mean one thing. The date went well and she had brought the man back home with her. I was sitting in the livingroom, my naked feet on the table, my pajama bottoms hanging loosely over my legs, my top covered in chips and salsa. My Saturday night had been less eventful than hers, as I seemed to had fallen asleep on the couch. I yawned and got up to make my way to my bedroom. Sharing the apartment with her had its upsides. I knew my mess would be cleaned up tomorrow. I was more of the chaos creator, she was more of the cleaning manic. I shook my body to allow any remaining chips drop to the floor, scratched my head and started to sleepily walk to my room.

The light in the hallway made me squint my eyes a little but once I got used to the brightness, I saw her door stand open. The giggling got louder, only interrupted by the dark mumbles of the man she was talking to. I slowly took silent steps closer to her door. I was curious to see what the man looked like. I saw that her white curtains were drawn and it smelled like candles were lit. Two shadows on the canvas that the curtains created. Silence now.

I watched the dark silhouettes kiss. Her head with the ponytail tilting back as he pushed his mouth onto hers. It looked like a shadow puppet theatre, and luckily I didn’t have to pay an entrance fee. Their tongues playing with each other in the air in between their lips. Her hands were grabbing his hair and I could see how the movements of her fingers created pointy tips of hair sticking up.

My friend’s shadow now pulled her dress over her head and I watched it land right next to the bed. The man’s hands were slowly moving to her back, sometimes stopping to gently touch her cheeks. He opened her bra, and I now saw her hard nipples’ shadows clearly on the curtain’s canvas. His head moved down her face, throat and towards her perfect breasts. I held my breath as I watched his mouth open and his lips embrace one of her nipples, I felt a throbbing sensation in my nether region. I silently grunted, and for a second I wondered if I should leave the two of them alone. But my eyes were glued to the secret screen and my body ached to see more.

I listened to her moan, and watched his tongue caressing the tip of her nipple. Then, his lips moving closer again, he pulled her nipple with his teeth, my friend squealing. Not being able to hold back anymore, I pulled up my shirt and starting playing with my own nipples, The shadow players were now both on their knees, and naked. His manhood stood up like the phallic you would expect it to be. I watched one of her hands move towards it, embracing it by the shaft, slowly moving up and then gently starting to push and pull. His dark figure leaned closer to her, tongues touching again. One hand massaging her breasts, another between her legs, he took care of her, like she took care of him.

I felt my breath get faster and the throbbing between my legs had become almost unbearable now. I couldn’t take my eyes off the curtains. Their shadowplay had entranced me. One of my hands made its way into my pants, while the other continued to play with my left nipple. I was leaning against the door frame and caught a glimpse of their naked bodies in the candlelight. I was becoming careless as my moaning almost synced with hers. I closed my eyes to enjoy my own sensations. My fingers circling my clit, my nipples now hard. The slickness of my slide spreading towards my button. I felt myself moving on the door frame.

I opened my eyes and saw my friend staring at me, smiling. “We saw you enjoy us. Your shadow was quite enticing!”. I realized that the light from the hallway had created its own shadowplay on the floor, with me being the main actress. I quickly pulled down my shirt and my hand out of my pants. I wanted to turn around and quickly leave the scene of shame, but my friend held my arm. “Where are you going?”

She pulled me into her room. I blushed when I saw the man on his knees, his cock still hard. We nodded at each other. My friend pulled a chair in front of the bed. “If we are doing this, let’s do this right!”. I took my clothes off and sat down on the chair. My legs spread, I could smell my own arousal. They looked at me. I looked at them.

I watched her lay down on her back, her head almost off the bed, close to my naked body. Her eyes were closed, her mouth wide open. Her breasts started to wiggle, as he was now pushing into her, pulling out, and pushing in again. They were both moaning. I suddenly felt her hand touch my leg, and her eyes focused on my pussy. She watched my fingers play with myself. I felt my wetness. My other hand was now rubbing my button, three fingers moving in and out between my widespread legs. The three of us moaned simultaneously. I watched him rub her clit, flick it, and pull it, while his pounding became faster.

Her back arched and her body started to twitch. He pulled his hard clock out of her, and I saw his juices spread over her sweaty body. My slit clenched around my fingers and I almost fell off the chair as my own body started feeling the relief I just watched the two of them experience. The three of us were panting and looking at each other. “I am Aaron, by the way”, the stranger said, as he stretched out his hand over my friend’s naked body. “I am Lisa, nice to meet you.”. I leaned forward, my wetness now hovering over my friend’s face and my juice-covered hand stretched out. “Ahem!”, I heard her say, as she pinched my thigh. We all started to laugh.

Masturbation Monday

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  1. slave sindee says:

    very nice and sexy

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    that was a fun story and very hot too 😉

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    That sounds like a lot of fun. Great story!

  4. Kayla Lords says:

    The shadows will give you away every time, lol

  5. jupitergrant says:

    Wonderful. That’s a hot fantasy of mine right there! Loved it

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