Conquered Towers

Picture originally published as Twisted by Marie Rebelle and used with permission.

I crawled onto the bed, naked. One hand in front of the other, one knee in front of the other. His eyes widened as I was slowly approaching. The softness of the sheets touched my skin, the muskiness of his body drew me naturally closer to him. He was sitting with his legs crossed, still wearing his underwear, holding on to the cold shiny silver handcuffs. I was excited. He never tells me what he has planned and I like it that way. He knows where my limits are, he has been testing them with me. I felt safe and relaxed in his presence.

“Are you ready, puppet?” he asked sofly, with a grin on his face. “Sure!”, I said while squinting my eyes. His face turned stern, he moved closer to me, his eyes fixating my eyes, his left hand squeezing my left cheek. I looked at him.

-Mmm. What was that?”

-“Oh aye. Yes, Master. I meant yes, Master”.

-“That’s better.”

I stuck my tongue out and he shook his head in disapproval, while a hidden smile was showing on his calm face. “We”ll see how ready you are, little girl.”, he said, running with his finger tips over my right arm, while dangling the handcuffs in front of my face. I was definitely excited, I was ready. He gently pushed my shoulders back, pushing me to lay on my back. I followed his lead, and laid down, holding my arms over my head. I felt the cold silver embracing my left wrist, heard metal touching metal as he was pulling the other cuff around the headpiece of the bed. He held my right wrist, looked me deep into the eyes and closed the cold silver around my second wrist as well. I was captured. I was safe. I was so ready.

I wiggled my body a little to lay comfortably. He loved when I still had a little space to move, when I could still try to get away, wiggle and try to fight him. I breathed out. I could feel his fingertips on my toes, moving to tickle my feet a little and then slowly and gently moving up, touching my legs, shortly nudging my private parts, running over my belly, up on my sides, all the way up to my arms, tickling my armpits, moving over my shoulders to my face, stroking my cheeks, and then he kissed my nose. I was his. In that moment, my body, my entire being, my soul, belonged to him.

I smiled and was lost, lost in him, lost in the moment. A finger was circling my right breast, around the areola, just nudging it here and there, a second finger joined in and I felt a slight pinch. I moaned silently, while my whole body bulged a little in anticipation of more. I watched his face, focused, calm. The pinching continued, and moved over to my other breast. He was now laying next to me, his face resting on his shoulder, I felt his skin next to mine. He was observing me, he was watching my body and soul react.

My nipples were erect, they stood up like two towers waiting to be conquered. He now stood on his knees, leaning over me, whispering: “Ready, Puppet?” into my right ear. My whole body tensed up. Was I ready?

I felt two fingers touching my right nipple, and then two fingers touching my left nipple. He started to rub them and my whole body started to feel tingly. I started to breathe heavily. This was enticing. The squeeze intensified on both sides, stronger and stronger. I moaned. I got dizzy. My whole focus was on the sensation. And then he pulled them, both my nipples at the same time. He gently twisted them. He pulled them hard, up. I could see the muscles on his arms tensening. I squeaked. I tried to move away. My arms couldn’t move, so I tried to roll my body away, tried to pull away with my upper body.

“Puppet? Don’t move!”, he said, while still holding my nipples up, pulling even harder. I tried to catch my breath. I could feel the tingeling sensation in my private parts, I could feel my clit swelling. The pain made me want him even more. More and more.

Nipple Torture
© DeviantSuccubus

He pulled and squeezed and I moaned. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the sensation. His nails were now buried in my nipples. He pulled so hard that my nipples slipped out of his grip. A short scream escaped my mouth. It hurt. So much. So good.

-“Good girl.”, he said softly. He started squeezing both of my breasts, so hard that I stopped breathing. I could feel the wetness between my legs, the sensations making my whole body react. I breathed out when his grip loosened. But then a slap, and another slap. His strong hands were landing on my exposed breasts, my whole body was responding with waves going through my flesh, my chest being pushed out. I wanted more. I needed him to give me more. I stayed silent and enjoyed the waves that my body was thrown into. I was lost in his power, I was lost in the sweet pain, I was lost in the pleasure. The tingeling between my legs became almost unbearable.

He stopped. We were both breathing heavily. He suddenly buried the nails of both his hands in my breasts and pushed my breasts upward with all his might. They almost touched my chin now. I screamed and I tried to shake him off. My left breast got abandoned and I felt a strong squeeze on the flesh of my belly. I gasped. “Do not move, Puppet.”. I froze. His hand returned to my breast and continued to torture me.

The pain was both unbearably strong and unbearably beautiful. I was fighting the urge to move too much. I felt my legs opening as my excitement grew. The grip on my nipples and aerolas got even stronger, and the pressure on my chest even heavier. I screamed again, and felt a tear running down my right cheek. He had seen it. He smiled and gently licked the tear off my face, continuing the squeeze, whispering “Good girl.”

His grip loosened and he was leaning over me, trying to get something from the nightstand. Two clothespins. Without hesitation, he placed them on my nipples. I gasped. He observed me, observed the body still being tense in anticipation. He smiled with approval, with his head tilted. “You are doing well, girl. You are beautiful.” I felt a hand gently moving down my body, and stopping at my private parts. “I can smell you from here, you painslut”, he said, while starting to rub my clit hard. I tried to catch my breath, “Can I please come, Master?”

-“Already? Be patient, you will get your reward”. He crawled towards my nether regions, not stopping to rub my clit. He spead my legs open even wider, and without holding back, pushed three fingers inside me. I screamed of pleasure. My butt went up and I pushed towards him. My whole body was engaged, I could hear the clonking noise of the handcuffs hitting metal. I was needy. He fucked me hard with his fingers, in and out, in and out. I yelled: “Can I please come, Master?”. “Not yet, Puppet.”.

I screamed of frustration, of need, of want. My whole body was moving, and I still had to control myself. “You can come now!”, and a second later I was twitching, I felt the relief, in my body, in my mind, in my soul. I breathed out, while I could still feel the pressure of the clothespins on my nipples. As if he had read my feelings, he pulled them off, in one go. I screamed.

“This wild puppet still needs to be ridden and tamed, it seems”, he said, chuckling. He pulled up my legs, spread me open and entered me with his hard cock, leaving me flying high in the kingdom he had created for us.

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