On All Hallow’s Eve

The brew in the cauldron was bubbling. Lara was stirring the potion carefully, adding curious ingredients, turning a page in the old book of recipes on the counter. She heard a squeal in the background and sighed. “What is it now, Sarah? Catch that silly frog already. How daft are you?”. She didn’t expect an answer to her questions. Her beautiful but slightly slow friend Sarah would eventually ask for help, The tear of a frog was the last ingredient she needed to finish the love potion. The door to the kitchen opened and Lorraine came in. Her round body and long brown hair filled the room with an atmosphere of seduction.

“I have the outfits. Witches are in fashion again this year. Aren’t we lucky, my friends?”. She emptied the plastic bags she was carrying, and the table in the middle of the room got covered in clothes and cheap jewelry. Lara picked up a pair of orange and black striped stockings and a short black lacey dress. “That will do for me!”.

“Sarah, bring me the frog already!”. The door opened and the sad face of Sarah appeared. Her blue eyes filled with tears, her blonde curls framing her face perfectly. She sighed. “I can’t catch it, Lara. It is hiding!”. Lara stormed out of the room and returned seconds later with the slimy green animal in her hand. She silently shook her head. She held half a cut onion under the frog’s eyes, until small amphibian tears dropped into the cauldron. The animal hopped away. Stirring the potion, Lara smiled. It smelled exactly right. This would do its work tonight. She felt the butterflies in her stomach increase.

Lara and her two friends had been cursed many moons ago, by a powerful wizard. They had used their beauty to try a coup at the annual meeting of witches and wizards. They had tried to seduce the leading men, to then poison them and turn them into rodents. But one of these men was not interested in the company of women and stopped the three friends from taking over the ancient secret society. Instead they were cursed with a very specific spell: Only on All Hallow’s Eve were they to experience sexual pleasure.

First, the three witches hadn’t given the spell much thought but as time had passed, the frustration and despair in them had grown. They had tried everything: self-pleasure, different practices. But nothing worked. It was first on Hallow’s Eve that they had been able to feel the relief that had built up for a whole year. The frustration, the despair, the relief!

Today was All Hallow’s Eve and our witchy friends had prepared a potion that would do the job faster than the world’s most skilled seductress. They knew how to look young and beautiful but they had had trouble keeping up with the most recent courting techniques. A love potion only works on a willing subject. It speeds up the process of seduction, but doesn’t numb unwilling bodies and minds.

The cellar was clean and warm. Cushions were placed on mattresses, candles lit. Hands on hips, the three friends all nodded and climbed up the stairs to welcome the guests of their Halloween party. Their house was known for its most celebratory debauchery, and young and old were making their way to the witches’ home each year. No one ever wondered where the hostesses had gone or why the majority of men had disappeared for a few hours. The music was loud, the food delicious, and there was a magical flair filling all rooms.

The beautiful Sarah was handing out special drinks to most gentlemen, while Lara and Lorraine took care of the rest of the men, and the women, giving them pastries that helped them to more intensely enjoy the beauty of the music and the flavours of the food. After a few minutes, the men who had been given the love potion, began flocking around the three witches. The women grinned and made their way through the living room filled with dancing wives, mothers and daughters. A dozen men followed their lead, sheepishly walking down the stairs of the cellar.

The three witches simultaneously snapped their fingers and like being undressed by invisible hands, their clothes flew off their bodies. The men gasped. The women were beautiful and ready to be ravished. The smell of arousal spread throughout the room. Two snaps coming from three pairs of hands and the men suddenly were naked too. The witches smiled. They were close to finally getting what they had craved for the last twelve months.

A wild growl coming from Lara, she laid back on one of the matressess. Her hands in the air, mumbling an inaudible spell, she focused on the four men right in front of her. She spread her legs wide and opened her arms. The four men’s feet lifted off the ground and they flew over to the waiting witch. Lorraine crawled toward her toys and started playing with their cocks, sucking, rubbing. Sarah made her playmates crawl to her, meeting them on her knees, taking hands and pulling them towards her round breasts, and in between her slightly spread legs.

Moaning was heard as the witchy friends could finally give into hedonistic pleasures, knowing the relief was to be felt this night. The focus was solely on what they needed in that moment, they didn’t want to please, they needed to be pleased, they craved to be pleased. A head between her legs, Lara kissed one man, while having her breasts attended by two others. Lorraine was already pounded in her three welcoming holes. One in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her mouth, she seemed to be almost floating in pleasure. Sarah was riding one of her toys, a firm grasp around his throat, while the other men were playing with her hard nipples.

“Now, my friends, now!”, Lara shouted. The three witches moved a hand between their legs and started rubbing their clits, fast and relentlessly. “One, two, three, this night is ours!”, Lara counted and the three women simultaneously started twitching and howling, their bodies almost convulsing from the relief they had craved for so long.

The men flew off the women, like being struck by lightening, twitching in the air and then falling to the ground. Something peculiar happened to the witches. Their bodies turned wrinkly and old. Warts popping up, small hairs growing, liver spots covering yellowish skin. Noses grew, eyebrows became one, hair turned white and scarce. The three beautiful women had turned into aged scarecrows with little resemblance to who they seemed to be just minutes ago. The men seemed confused, gathered their clothes and ran up the stairs. The witches laughed, knowing that their spells and potions had worn off. They got what they had craved, nothing else seemed to matter to them.

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  1. Asrai Devin says:

    mm so naughty. I was not expecting that!! (er the ending, the naughtiness I was).

  2. May says:

    Oh I liked that and I too love a surprise ending x

  3. Tabitha Rayne says:

    Loved that ending! And the lovely detail of the frog tear x x

  4. Kayla Lords says:

    This is DELIGHTFUL! Love this so much!

  5. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic concept! Loved the ending 👏👏👏

  6. kisungura says:

    I LOVED that ending! Wickedly wonderful stuff!

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