And she had Audrey Hepburn’s smile
With deeper sadder eyes
The only thing she said,
“No one hears Cassandra cry”

Because the earth is standing still
And the truth becomes a lie
A choice profound is bittersweet,
“No one hears Cassandra cry”

“Cassandra” – The Crüxshadows

I am often silent. But not in the way that you’d imagine. Because I am loud too. Loud in the way that I dress. Loud laughter and loud orgasmic moans. Loud opinions and loud support for the people I love. But no one sees me cry. I am not loud about me. I am not loud about what gives me happy tears, or loud about what makes my heart break. In the moments I cry, you will see me silently smile.

Sinful Sunday

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22 Responses

  1. Hope we get more of the happy tears when this is all over. Wonderful epic backdrop, btw.

  2. slave sindee says:

    Great photo and yes we all have our moments of being loud

  3. Stunning photo DS … love this !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Always look forward to your photos. I’m thinking a little Bette Davis eyes too.

  5. sub-Bee says:

    I too am often silent when I should speak up and loud when I shouldn’t be too.

    • It is hard when it comes to ourselves, I think. I don’t mind speaking up, loudly, for the sake of others, but when we need help or support, we are staying silent.

  6. I feel those words so much – you look incrdible as always here, Devie x

  7. Molly says:

    Firstly that dress is fucking awesome and secondly there is a real intensity to this image. I think it is the way you are looking dead into the camera that is so powerful


  8. I guess we all need to express ourselves in different ways and if it’s not possible through words or showing the vulnerability when crying, then it’s in other areas. It makes me smile that you laugh out loud (I wish I could!) and let go in the loud orgasmic moans. I already told you what I love about this picture but you look stunning in each and every one of them, edited or not 😉

  9. Powerful image and even more powerful words. I tend to be quiet, quiet about opinions, quiet when I cry, but my orgasms and laughter can be quite loud, as is my trying to spread love around the world. Love that dress you are wearing! 🙂

  10. Lisa Stone says:

    Devie, great sharing, very deep thoughts. And you are fabulous

  11. Julie says:

    This is really fabulous, the dress, the pose, everything. I think a lot of us struggle with the person others see and who we are when alone or with those we care about.

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