Help me
Tear down my reason
Help me
It’s your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else

“Closer” – Nine Inch Nails

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20 Responses

  1. MrsK says:

    Great song, great image and both make me feel the same thing!

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    You bring me closer to God…

    /dess. 😉

    I am loving your fishnet!

  3. missy says:

    I really like the blue tone that you have used in your edit. 😊

  4. slave sindee says:

    very erotic photo and wonderful song

  5. Fabulous image, Devie 🙂
    ~ Marie

  6. Those lyrics fit the image, nice. I’ll have to go have a listen.

  7. Littlegem says:

    Fantastic image and I like the blue tone.

  8. Lisa Stone says:


  9. I need to listen to this – but you’re looking mighty fine in the fishnet

  10. Damn that is one hot image!!!

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