Getting My Sexy Back

She won’t be rich or beautiful
But she’ll be walking in your streets
In the clothes that she went out and chose for herself.

“November Spawned a Monster” – Morrissey

I haven’t felt sexy in a while. And that shows in the way I dress, the way I act around my partner, and the pictures that I take. My own body image is very much connected to my mental health and my mental illness. On bad days, I don’t even dare to look into the mirror. On good days I run around naked at home and wear short dresses when outside. I want to feel sexy again but the bad days are still more numerous than the good days. I still like some sheer stockings and some high heels on myself though. Maybe I can wobble into the direction of appreciating my body again, once I learn how to walk in these shoes properly,

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16 Responses

  1. jupitergrant says:

    They’re love shoes, and lovely legs. 💖 Sending you positive wishes for you to find your sexy self-confidence again 😘

  2. kisungura says:

    I really love those sheer leggings, really stunning!

  3. J. Lynn says:

    Fabulous photo DS and right there with you on the heel wobble! Lol

  4. Posy Churchgate says:

    Power to you Devie – fake it til you make it! You’ve expressed that visually and in words and I hope your mental health gives you a break very soon. You look gorgeous, your legs in that sheer fabric look awesome and I love your heels. x

  5. <3 sending all the love – I personally think you always rock and look incredible! However, I understand the feelings you have expressed so I send you all the love and cuddles xx

  6. slave sindee says:

    love the way You have your legs spread. You write some wonderful sexy stuff.. hard to believe that You have such problems. i hope and trust that before You know it all those bad days and thoughts are behind you.
    i look and think the your sexee is ON

  7. Violet says:

    I relate so much to your words here. For what it’s worth, you were sexy all along, and remain sexy. We see you, even when you don’t see yourself. As for this image: I fucking love it and your ability to say so much when you show so little.

  1. October 27, 2019

    […] Getting My Sexy Back […]

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