Rabbitty Force

Forced orgasms with rabbit sex toy

We were in a stand-off. I was staring at him, my whole body tense. My toes were wiggling, my hands were in fists. “Anxious much right now, puppet?” He was right. Today had been a stressful day and my anxiety levels were high. Maybe that was why I had just yelled at him about cooking the rice right? I hate when he has a point. My feelings are valid after all! “Well, yeah, maybe. I don’t know.” I mumbled. The rice needed to be cooked right. I didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to do this. Why can’t we just smash everything on the floor and get some take out? “Dude, you suck. I don’t want this shit. Fuck this.” I tried to storm off, but he held onto my arm.

“You know what you need? You need to be fucked and hurt.” – “Yeah, whatever, sex isn’t the solution to everything, brainiac.” He smiled. He didn’t let go of my arm. I tried to pull away but he pulled me. We were looking into each other’s eyes. He grabbed my ear with his fingernails and I squealed. “Hey, fucker, stop that.” – “Do you really want me to stop that, puppet?” I went silent. The pain was strong, it made me feel dizzy, almost blissful. He pulled me into the bedroom by the ear. I stumbled behind him, trying not to fall, or hold my head wrong so the pain would become too overbearing. Well, I definitely had forgotten about my anxiety and the rice for now.

“On the bed, puppet. NOW!” I looked at him. He meant business. I smiled. “Make me, dude” He laughed “Ha, you asked for it, silly girl.” He pushed me onto the bed, onto my back, and sat on top of me, on my belly. He held my arms down, his face right in front of my face. He licked my nose. “Eeeeww, what the fuck.” – “Know your place, puppet. Do you know your place now, puppet?” I kept silent. I didn’t want to make it easy for him. We were playing. I love playing.

His fingernails in my earlobe again. I hissed. “Do you know your place now, puppet?” Tears were shooting into my eyes. Ah well. “Yes, Master, I know my place now.” He got up. “Good. Now don’t move. Not an inch. I am watching you.” I stayed still, observing him. He was getting something out of the toybox. He returned to me with a purple rabbit toy and lube. Then he pulled down my pants and my knickers in one go, leaving me exposed. “Spread your legs. puppet.” I didn’t know if I wanted sex. Was I horny?

I still felt the tension inside of me. But having him control me brought a certain calm over me. And I didn’t really care if I was wanton, or into sex. I wanted him to play with me, I wanted him to dominate me, I wanted him to show me I was his to control.

I spread my legs, and he sat down in between them. holding them wide apart with his elbows. He squeezed my inner thighs while inspecting my cunt. “Look at you, all spread open for your Master.” I blushed. I hated but also loved that he narrated what was happening. I felt like a slut. And I knew he wanted me to feel exactly that way. Degraded into nothing more than his sextoy, a willing slut that would do what he told her to do. He also knew that I would love it.

I watched him open the lube tube and prepare the rabbit toy. I leaned back, and closed my eyes. There was nothing I could do, I might as well take it all in. And take it all in I was supposed to do. He switched the toy on and pushed it into my widespread cunt. Then he placed the top part on my clit and slowly moved it in and out of me. He was sitting in between my legs, making it impossible for me to move. I let go. I was his to play with. Nothing else mattered anymore. His movements sped up, but it was still very pleasurable and I could feel it now, my arousal. I wanted this. Like he had known I would want it. I moaned silently. The first orgasm was slow, like a wave during a windstill day. I twitched a little and breathed out. I looked at him.

He was focused on my cunt, watching it get wetter, watching it twitch. His movements were much faster now, pounding me, making sure the rabbit’s ears stayed on my clit. It started to feel uncomfortable and I made a noise of displeasure. I tried to wiggle out of his grip. His response was to laugh and to place one of his elbows on my mons pubis. I squealed. “No, no, no. Stop. No.” I yelled. “Is that the safeword, puppet?” – “No.” – “Mmm.” He continued.

The feeling of discomfort slowly disappeared and made place for a floatiness that was difficult to fight against. I was in subspace now, he had pushed me there. My body was relaxed, my mind had become blank. I was being pounded, my clit was vibrating. And I came. Over and over. Strong, soft, screaming, moaning. My body was moving a little, pushing against him, wanting more. More torture, more pushing, more, more. He laughed. “I wish someone was pissing on me right now. People watching me. Aaaaah.” He laughed harder. “Nasty slut, of course that is what you want.” I blushed and came even harder.

Tears were running down my face and I felt like I was going to faint at any moment. And then it happened, the build-up. Pain, discomfort, arousal, want, desire. I almost jumped up, landing on my elbows, leaning forward. We were looking into each other’s eyes. And then it hit me, I screamed, my whole body twitching uncontrollably, a rainbow of orgasmic pleasure running through me. I heard him laugh. I cried.

He switched the toy off, and I fell back, breathing heavily. My body was still twitching a little. His hands were resting on my thighs. I felt the calm after the storm. All the tension gone. Bliss. “So, ready to make lunch, puppet?” I smiled. “Yes, Master.”


The toy we used.

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11 Responses

  1. Sometimes we just need them to force us towards the release we need so much.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. May More says:

    Your master really knows how to handle you – some of your reactions in the 1st few paras reminded me a little of me
    May x

  3. MrsK says:

    Well isn’t this just the sexiest look at how to go from a strong, defiant woman to a puddle of goo!
    A good Master always knows what’s needed 😉

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    Probably this time the lunch turned out to be delicious.

  5. Mark says:

    The tension in the relationship is relieved. Now you can think about food.

  1. May 15, 2021

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