On your knees, now!


I know that my sex life is different from the average person’s vanilla explorations under blankets in the dark. The oddest things can turn into some sexy fun, while other people would just raise an eyebrow and shake their heads. I am not really stigmatizing myself here, I am more in a chuckling mood – sex is always consensual and fun for me, but sometimes it just is so out of the ordinary that I’d like to raise an eyebrow myself.

It sucks having your period, for many reasons. Apart from the pains and the yuckiness, sex becomes a bit more complicated. You need to plan ahead a little if you actually want to involve the nether regions, and even then, it just doesn’t feel like it usually would. And after, you can’t just pull your undies back up and you are done. Nope. You have to clean up and take a shower. It just isn’t the same. It can be fun, and we have often found ways to still enjoy ourselves without having to go through the whole clean-up, wash-up red yuck odissey. I am not judging here – it is totally chill if you like sex when there’s blood. It is a valid kink, and also a part of a lot of sexy times when a menstruating person is involved. It just isn’t my favourite kind of thing.

I always expect our sex life to be a bit different during those days, even though our libidos might not agree with less intense play. Whenever we actually find a cool way for some sexy times when I am on my period, it not only comes as a surprise, but I also want to highfive my Master because we are creative and don’t let the yuck stop the fuck.

I had been poking him all day. Sometimes I just feel like being bratty and I go for it. I know that he can take it, I know that it entertains him and well, my rebel side needs an outlet. And every now and then, I take it a tiny bit too far, on purpose. I want him to react, I want him to show me my place. It is such a satisfying feeling to know that he wants to put the effort into reminding me that I am his submissive. I also need to feel that he is stronger than me, I want to be with someone who can not only handle me, but also control me if needed. It makes me feel safe, it makes me feel wanted, and it turns me on.

I was just casually walking to the kitchen, when I felt his presence behind me. I turned around and seconds later, I am pushed against the wall, his right hand around my throat, his left hand pulling my hair. I was held in place, I couldn’t move. Not that I didn’t try, I tried to kick him, to wiggle my way out. He lifted his knee and pushed it against my cunt. Yeah, now I really couldn’t move anymore. I grinned. He looked into my eyes, his face focused, and smiling. “You think you can get with everything, eh?”

I felt safe, and scared. I knew he was going to hurt me. And I wanted him to. In that moment, when I couldn’t move, my breathing and mobility were totally controlled by him, I felt like I was his. His sub, his puppet, his thing to play with. I felt myself sliding into that safe place where I was just blissfully floating and I wanted him to use me, to push me, to do whatever he wanted with me.

He pulled down the front of my dress. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and both his hands started slapping my breasts. I felt the sting, I moaned, but I didn’t lose eye contact with him. His body was pressing against mine, and I could feel him getting hard. I felt my own arousal rising but knew that I might not get played with the way I was used to as I was on my period. Nevertheless, his one hand slid in between my legs. He pinched my cunt lips. I screamed. That was not what I had expected! “Aww, did that hurt, little puppet?” – “Fuck, yes, it did” I mumbled.

He pulled me by my nipples and led me to a chair. His hard cock was right in front of my face now. He grabbed my hair. “Open your mouth, bitch!” I did what I was told to do and he pushed his cock into my mouth, almost making me choke. In and out, moving my head with his hands, exactly as he wanted to. I became the puppet I needed to be, allowing him to control my body for his pleasure. In and out, sometimes stopping to give me time to catch my breath. Saliva was running down my chin, tears made my cheeks wet. He stopped, and forced me to look up. “Good girl. Get on your knees, now!”

I got up and went down on my knees, on the hard floor. He stood over me, rubbing his cock, smiling. “Don’t move, cumslut.” I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out. The thing I wanted most in this world right there was his hot cum land on my naked chest and my face. And then I felt it, the warmth from his cum dripped onto me, my face, my tits, my tongue. I heard him sigh and opened my eyes. I could feel the sting from his seed on my eyelashes. His hands rested on my head. “Good girl. I hope you know your place now.”

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12 Responses

  1. MrsK says:

    Oh, yes! I resonate with needing to know your place, but also knowing he’ll be strong enough to out you there. Is electrifying and terrifying all at the same time 🙂
    Deliciousness at it’s finest here Devie!

  2. Loved reading this, and smiled at the phrase ‘don’t let the yuck stop the fuck’ 🙂
    ~ Marie

  3. missy says:

    I totally relate to needing to be taken in this way. Very hot! Missy x

  4. David Mei says:

    Period sex never bothered me. My past and current loves either had light flows or none at all. (There is value in partners done with child bearing, or of an age.)

    Some loves were more grossed out than I could understand. The body is an amazing biomechanical structure. Never understood folks who chose to let something natural limit them.

  5. Littlegem says:

    Very intense and sexy DS, I love to be taken like this and can relate to the bratty pushing side!

  6. Lisa Stone says:

    Your rebellion has been rewarded. Hot as always!

  7. May More says:

    My man insists on coming on my face and tits – I really protest but still he does it lol
    May x

  8. My kind of story 😊. xoxo

  9. Stella says:

    Don’t stop to posting all this type of blogs..

  10. Mary Wood says:

    Great story from start to finish.

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