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Despite the naughty nature of this picture, I am not an exhibitionist. I just enjoy beautiful or interesting locations for my pictures. And during the warmer months of the year, it is more fun...



Sweet melody amidst the moving spheresBreaks forth, a solemn and entrancing sound,A harmony whereof the earth’s green hillsGive but the faintest echo; yet is thereA music everywhere, and concert sweet!All birds which sing amidst...



When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest...


Perpetual Spring

This is my favourite time of the year. Nature is alive! You can hear, see and smell it. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are warmer. I dislike the...


I Want You

I want you only for myselfI want you with all your screamingI want you to want me tooI want you just for old human traditionI want you, there is no resistanceI want you with...



I haven’t been doing so well lately, both mentally and physically. Actually, mentally has been utter shit, unsafe and just greatly desperate. And that makes it hard to keep track of things, to write,...


Fragmentary Blue

Why make so much of fragmentary blueIn here and there a bird, or butterfly,Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue? “Fragmentary Blue” – Robert Frost