Perception is tricky. We all have ways in which we want to be perceived, but we can’t really control how others see us. Not when it comes to what we show of ourselves personality-wise, or how much we show of our physical bodies. But we all do love the illusion of control. We want to feel like we can push and tamper, adjust and crop, what little crumpets of ourselves we allow others to perceive in the first place. But it is impossible because everyone has the intelligence to piece everything together into the whole that you’d want to hide. A show of chest and ass, and everyone can guess themselves to what kind of body type you have. Express your opinion on something trivial, or write a piece of fiction? It is easy to draw conclusions about your personality, struggles and personal convictions.

The hiding and the filters, the cautiously put together images of who we are and what we look like, are not really tricking anyone. Only the most ignorant believe that the shiny realities everyone tries to convey to them are a true reflection. The only reason why we still try to control the perception others have of us, is because we need the illusion of control. We don’t want to let go and allow everyone to perceive the flaws that we see in ourselves, in our bodies, in our lives. And that is okay. It shows a lack of body love and confidence, and a fear of vulnerability. We all experience those in different degrees, and that is why we rarely call each other out on it.

I want to tamper, filter, adjust, how the world sees me, constantly. I can’t control other people’s perceptions of me when they look at me. But I can try to make a first impression that is hauntingly intriguing. So that their need to find the depth behind the concepts I have created, will lead to a genuine interest in what the whole is, who I am, and who is behind the art, the words and the looks. I can’t control how I am perceived but I can spark an interest for the true reflection of who I am.

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  1. Littlegem says:

    Such a beautiful image and I’m really glad to see you back again ❤️💜

  2. May More says:

    Wonderful image!
    I do think you are being generous in your observations about “Everyone” – u say – “everyone has the intelligence to piece everything together into the whole that you’d want to hide” –
    I suspect u are far more intelligent than the “everyone” that u mention lol
    May x

    • Thank you, May! haha, maybe I still have some hope in the intelligence levels of the general population 😛 I do think that most people get that they only see parts and not the whole of a person. They just rather not think about it and just continue to be shallow!

  3. Lisa Stone says:

    I liked your post. In some ways, it is consonant with my thoughts, which I shared with you in the comments earlier. When you mentioned the topic of privacy on your blog. Unfortunately or fortunately, by blogging you cannot keep your persona a secret, even if you try to. In one place you mentioned one event. In another, she wrote something about her childhood and so on. For someone who reads this all the time, sooner or later it forms a whole picture (if the reader is not stupid). Therefore, if you want privacy, then you need to disconnect your computer from the Internet, and from the power outlet too. As for you, unlike many other bloggers, it seems to me that you are the most honest with your readers. I draw this conclusion if only because you do not hide yourself behind the cropped edges of photographs, but always appear before the public in an integral image. I will not analyze your stories about yourself and your life here. This is a topic for a separate review.
    What conclusions can be drawn from the above:
    1. You are an intelligent and educated person because even the style of your writing convinces us of this, not to mention the fact that the thoughts expressed by you are always clear and understandable without unnecessary ornate words.
    2. You are an honest person for the reasons stated above.
    3. You are kind to people and know how to sympathize with them because you yourself have experienced a lot.
    4. Your external beauty looks specific to me, but this is my personal perception. And any nuances are more than compensated for by the previous three points.
    Special thanks to you for never deleting my comments or anything from their content. I appreciate it.
    This is how, in short, I answered your article 🙂
    And I treat you very well, otherwise I would not be so groveling.
    Sorry for the verbosity.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Lisa! I appreciate that you took the time to really reflect. And you are right, when someone has read my blog,, they will definitely have an almost whole picture of who I am, with all the different nuances. Most people don’t take the time to connect the dots and are just satisfied with the little bits and pieces that they get.
      I like that you are honest that my looks are a bit too different for you, but that you look at them with the background of what you know about me, and that that changes your perspective!
      Thanks again, for your long and thoughtful comment!

  1. April 22, 2021

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