Be a Good Girl


Still. Not moving a muscle. Become a picture, a painting, a work of art. For him to admire. Don’t look. I said, don’t look. You can feel his eyes on your naked skin. Like invisible hands caressing you. You listen. Do you listen? His breath is steady. You hold yours. You become aware of the temperature in the room. The hot air floating around you. Small pearls of sweat are forming on your back. Don’t move. You want to turn your head, you want to look at him the way he is looking at you right now. The urge is strong. You really want to. Don’t move. I said, don’t move!

You are in your mind. Your body has become his to control, to observe. You imagine. I know you imagine. Dirty little slut. You imagine his hands on you, his fingertips following the lines of your cheekbones, gently running over your lips. Don’t you dare close your eyes. Keep them open. His strong fingers slowly wandering down your chin, resting on your throat. Holding you, keeping you where you belong. Under his control. Finally finding your breast. You can feel the squeeze. Can you? Imagine it. Squeezing gently. Squeezing harder, his hand a firm grip on you. The fingertips are moving outward. You know what is coming. You anticipate. Don’t make a sound. They are holding your nipple. Hold your breath and press your lips together. Gentle, then forceful and hard. And he pulls. Pull pull pull. Don’t make a sound. I said, don’t make a sound!

Can you feel it? It is throbbing. Can you feel it? It is wet. You want to touch yourself. The pressure, oh, it is everywhere. His eyes on you, his breath next to your ear. Imagining his hands caressing and controlling you. The urge to look, move and moan. It is overwhelming. You need to. You have to. It is all you desire. But don’t you dare. I said don’t look, don’t move, don’t make a sound. Be a good girl, for him to observe and admire.

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13 Responses

  1. MrsK says:

    I LOVE the way this is told. It speaks to the reader is such a unique way! Authorial intrusion is a hard style of narration. Nice work!

  2. PurpleSole says:

    I really like this image, so bold and striking and it compliments the words so well too ☺️

  3. Littlegem says:

    Fantastic image and felt very immersed in your writing!

  4. May More says:

    Great work here Devie – the picture is great but love how you weaved the words together
    May x

  5. This is gorgeous!

  6. Lisa Stone says:

    As a model for an artist

  1. April 29, 2021

    […] roll…. Congratulations to Deviant Succubus with the image Be a Good Girl for being voted the top pick! The image has taken it’s first position in our showcase slider, […]

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