Being His Doll – Sexdoll Humiliation Play

Sexdoll Humiliation Play

He is on top of me, not inside me yet, and he is trying to hurt me. I want him to hurt me, I like when he gives me pain when we have sex. I am a textbook masochist: pain turns me on when I am in the right headspace and it can push me into a submissive place where I crave even more of the sweet slaps, punches, pinches and pressure.

But today I don’t want to make it easy for him. As much as I like pain, I also like being a brat. I like that I can fight him, I want him to show me that he really is stronger than me, that he can push me into submission. I don’t need that push, I am a submissive. But I do enjoy that extra push! He tries to pinch my nipples, but I turn away and he can’t reach my tits. I stick my tongue out to him. I can see the frustration in his face, but also the spark in his eyes. He loves when I want to play, when I don’t just take what he gives to me, but actively try to engage with him.

He knows how to get me to obey though. So he pushes my legs apart and his hard cock enters my wet pussy. I hold my breath for a second, close my eyes and take in the sensation. He doesn’t move and I look at him. He is focused on my cunt and I see a finger and thumb form the circle that can lead to only one thing: a flick. Oh no, he wants to flick my clit! I cringe. I am not going to make it easy for him. Because that hurts, that really really hurts! I put my feet on his chest and push him away, and quickly close my legs. “Don’t flick my clit, please. That shit hurts, man!”

He looks at me, thinking. I wonder if I have gone too far now. It is sometimes hard to know, but I am sure I will soon find out if I am going to get punished or not. He smiles. I sigh of relief. The play is still on, the brat is still wanted. We look into each other’s eyes. I am daring him, daring him to subdue to me, to take control, to not let me taunt him. And my Master gets up, rummages in the wardrobe and returns carrying a red rope. I tense up and then smile. We have recently been doing more rope play and I really love when he ties me up.

“Naughty brats need to learn to not move. So I am going to help you learn.” I don’t fight him when he starts tying the rope around my right wrist and then moves on to the left one. I try to wiggle my hand out of the rope, but all the rope play has given him skills. Once a knot is tied, there is no getting out of it. I swallow, realizing that this means that he will soon be able to do with me whatever he pleases. And I will be helpless, totally under his control. I want this, I want him to hurt me, I want him to use me, I want him to control me. But I am also afraid because I don’t know what exactly he has in mind. The anticipation is slowly building up inside me and I turn tense, yet excited.

I look at him. He is calm and focused when he ties my wrists and ankles together. The hogtie looks beautiful on my pale skin and I can’t take my eyes off his hands that skillfully wrap the red rope around me. His work is done and he looks down on me, satisfied. “Better. Now you can be what you are supposed to be: a sexdoll. An object fot my pleasure. Nothing else. That is what you want to be, right? My sexdoll?” I blush. And nod. “Yes, Master.”

I can feel myself slide into subspace. I love when he humiliates me and turns me into an object, degrades me into something for his pleasure. And I feel helpless in the rope, yet so free. I let go of all control and breathe out. I am ready, ready for whatever he wants to do to me. But I am trembling. The anticipation is hard to bear.

I am exposed. The tie has my legs widespread and my tits pushed up . There is no way out for me. He is smiling. “Scared, puppet?” – “Yes, Master.” – “You should be. But maybe it won’t hurt much. Maybe I will be gentle today.” I don’t believe him. He is playing with my mind. He leans over me, his mouth next to my ear. “Shhh. Don’t be scared. Let go. You are mine now.” I hold my breath. Not helping, I know what that means!

And there it is: a hard pinch on my earlobe. I scream because I am startled, and I scream because it hurts. He laughs. “Fucker, that hurts. Gaaaah.” – “What was that, puppet? Respect, girl!” He slaps my left boob. And he is precise, he hits the nipple because he knows that hurts the most. I scream again. And he doesn’t stop, slap after slap on both my nipples, on my boobs. I can feel them getting hot and when I look down, the skin is firey red. I swallow as I feel tears shooting into my eyes, “Sorry, Master. Gah, I will be good now, Master.”

“You better be, puppet. And don’t think your punishment is over now. You are nothing but a doll to play with for me. So stop whining, and act like the doll that you are. Be silent, and take it. I don’t want to have to gag you too.” – “Yes, Master. Sorry, Master.” A flick on my clit and I want to scream. But I bite my lip and hiss through my clenched teeth. And another flick. And another flick. He grabs my swollen clit and pinches it. And I breathe out. I am floating now.

The pain feels daring now, feels like it is tickling my mind. He pulls my clit, slowly up, and looks me in the eyes. I can feel the orgasm build up, the confusing reaction to feeling controlled, helpless, humiliated and being in pain. He looks at me and smiles. “You need to come, don’t you, puppet? I can see it. Well, come then, you painslut. But not a sound, dolls don’t make sounds.” I twitch and feel the wave of the orgasm carry me even deeper into submission land.

He grabs my feet and pulls them up. I feel his hard cock push into me and I close my eyes. He is going to use me now. And I am embracing the feeling, the feeling of being nothing but a doll to play with and to fuck. Thrusting in and out, he pulls me feet even higher and then holds on to the rope holding my ankles and wrists together. I can’t move. I love that I can’t move. And I feel the motions going through my body. I can feel how deep he is inside me now, his head pounding against my cervix. But pain doesn’t feel the same right now, everything feels like pleasure. Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

“You are a pretty sexdoll. I’d give you a 3 out of 4.” he says while continuing to fuck me, harder and faster. I blush and cringe. Why does it turn me on when he degrades me like this? I am ashamed yet extremely horny. He pulls his cock out and pushes four fingers inside me. I hold my breath, enjoying the sensation of being spread even wider. I feel his palm slapping against my lips, hard, he is fucking me so hard and fast, I get dizzy. And then I come, squirting over his hand, twitching. Staying silent. “Ah. Yes, 3,5 out of 4.”

He pulls his fingers out of me and pushes his cock inside me again. I can feel how hard he is, I can feel how close he is. One hand holding up my feet, the other on my left tit, squeezing it hard. The pain is overwhelming but I try to stay silent. I am his doll, I am to stay silent and not move. He starts to moan and I hear him hiss a “fuck” under his breath when he pulls out his cock and comes all over my belly. His right hand holding his cock, the other still still squeezing me. We both breathe out. I smile. He leans over me, kisses me and whispers “Good doll.” .

I watch him get up and walk out of the room. Seconds later I hear water running in the bathroom. He is cleaning himself up. And I am waiting patiently for him to return to me, imagining his hands on my skin, untying the rope and then embracing me while we both slide into slumberland for a while.

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22 Responses

  1. Hot damn!!! Wow. Great pic to illustrate your post too.

  2. slave sindee says:

    very hot and loved the pic you like helpless yet sexy

  3. This sounds sexy – even though I personally don’t enjoy pain, you convey the pleasure you get so well that I am there with you, bound and used. Thanks Devie

  4. You know I absolutely love this picture! The rope looks so good and efficient, especially for this position. I love the symmetry, the way we can just about see your mouth open in response to him entering, perhaps?

    It’s funny when you turn bratty, it makes me grin! It’s fun to tease Doms! 😁 Even more amusing though when he wins and starts doing something you actually dislike a little.

    I loooove reading about how he turns you into his sex doll. This entire post is making me smile honestly. I’m glad you share these things with us! Such a fun add on to give you a 3 out of 4, then 3.5 out of 4. I can imagine that feels objectifying.

    • Thank you, I am quite happy with the picture! Teasing Doms is fun, until you feel the punishment and sorta want to run away, haha. Maybe one day I will be a 4/4 😛

  5. You had me at the image, and then I started reading. Wow, Devie, this is hot! There is something in the humiliation that’s just so damn sexy!
    ~ Marie

  6. LordRaven says:

    what a hot fun write, I can admire his desire to use and have you. It is exciting as a DOM to have such a great sex doll

  7. May More says:

    Well told and very hot to read – loved your brattiness 😉

  8. Lisa Stone says:

    I definitely like your games with him 😉

  9. Yowsa! That was one hot scene. I, too, love pushing just a little. I know he is stronger and can put me in my place, but it is such a turn on when he does. It’s a fine line…a very practiced dance.

  10. Mary Wood says:

    Hot image! I suppose that was very enjoyable play

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