Krampus And The Naughty Girl

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I pulled my bobble hat tighter over my ears, adjusted my mittens and walked out into the frosty air. I was carrying a huge cauldron filled with mulled wine over to the fire place. This was not the first time I had to make the journey from the local pub to the fire where I sold the hot alcoholic beverage to those that decided to enjoy today’s parade. The crisp snow was making wonderful cracking noises as I approached my working station. I always enjoyed coming home for the month of December. My hometown, a small village in Bavaria, was situated in the Alps. We were surrounded by snowy mountains, the roads were covered in the white powder as well, and Christmas was on everyone’s mind.

It was a great escape from my quite unsuccessful life in Munich, where I was stuck in a barista job while slowly giving up hope on a career that is worthy of the name. It was ironic that I spent my first weekend back in the village, serving people. The parade had been overrun by big city guys the last few years, seeing it as a way to let off some steam, get drunk and maybe get laid. I didn’t mind. I knew how to handle those self-absorbed hipsters who think they own the world.

The music was getting louder, and so were the cheers. I stood on my toes to be able to catch a glimpse of the parade. This was not the usual Christmas celebration. There was no Santa Claus, no elves, sitting on a sleigh being pulled by reindeer. We don’t have reindeer in the Alps and I doubt our cows would enjoy pulling a sleigh. No, this parade was different. It was a celebration of the older roots of this time of the year. We dedicated one day of the year to the demonic creature we call Krampus.

I got excited when I saw hundreds of horned heads turning around the corner, and dancing on the streets, to the music coming from drums and the cheers of the audience. The costumes were fantastic. Demonic masks, horns, goat hooves, carrying metal chains, whips and birches. It was like hell had opened its gates and the demons were out on a night of debauchery. Torches were lit and held up into the cold winter night. I imagined that everyone who had been naughty this year was frozen in the fear, awaiting the punishment from Krampus.

I turned around and walked back to my cauldron. A man dressed in a Krampus costume followed me and asked for a mug of wine. His voice was dark, and he was wearing red lenses that made his eyes seem like being lit by evil. The claws on his hands seemed very real, and he wasn’t limping on his one goat hoof like all the other dressed up Krampus-imitators were doing. A heavy and long metal chain was resting on his shoulder, a whip in his hand. I smiled at him.

“Your costume is really impressive. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost guessed you were the real deal.”. He laughed. “Well, have you been naughty this year, beautiful maiden?”. – “I can’t remember a time I have been good!”, I chuckled and winked at him. His eyes squinted for a second and he shook his head in disappointment. He walked away, not uttering another word. He left behind an odd smell of smoke and sulfur. “Weirdo”, I thought to myself and turned to the next customer waiting in line.

It was late at night now and I had just left the pub. Mister Adelmaier had been grateful for my help and promised me a free meal next week. I was looking forward to some traditional Christmas food. But I wanted get home to my parents’ house now, and warm up. The streets were empty and there was a light snowfall. I breathed in the cold air and felt at peace with myself. I watched the occasional drunk Krampus fall up the stairs to the local hotel. What a fun night this had been.

As I turned left to walk up the hill that led to my parents’ house, someone tapped me on the shoulder. A Krampus was standing in front of me. The cold air made the breath coming out of his nostrils seem almost like smoke. Oh, it actually smelled like smoke and sulfur. I knew this creature. “Oh, it is you! I am still really liking your costume. What’s up?”. He tilted his head and starred at me. I started to feel uncomfortable. “Do you still admit to having been naughty, maiden?”. I laughed. The air suddenly felt electrified with a sexual energy. “Yes, Krampus, I have been naughty indeed.”. – “Then you leave me no choice!”. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed for a short second. Holding on to his strong arm, I watched the lights of the village become smaller as he was carrying me into the woods. I wasn’t scared. There was something safe about him. He knew what he was doing. He didn’t seem dangerous. He seemed industrious.

We arrived at a cabin and he put my feet back on the ground. I looked up and his red eyes were fixated on me. “You have admitted to being naughty, maiden. That leaves me no choice. I shall administer the punishment I see fit for your bad behaviour. Are you prepared to take what you deserve?” – “Uhm, sure. I hope we have the same kind of punishment in mind.”. I winked at him again. He groaned and pushed me through the open door. I loved that he took control. It all seemed so primal. And so wrong. Yet so exciting. I was starting to feel aroused by his presence.

The room was lit with torches and candles. A fire was burning in a fireplace in the corner. It seemed liked I had stepped into a past century. “Remove your clothing and then go there”, he commanded. I looked into the direction he pointed in and saw two hooks hanging on the stone wall. Two more were on the sides, lower down the wall. I swallowed. I took off my hat, my mittens, my scarf. “What are you going to do to me?”,I asked. He groaned while taking off his coat. His whole body was covered with a suit of furry hair. He had really gone all in with his costume, it seemed.

I placed my clothes neatly on a chair in the corner of the room and did as I had been told. I stood with my back leaned on the surprisingly warm stone wall and watched him approach me. He was carrying his metal chain and a pair of hand cuffs. He pressed his body against mine and pulled my left arm up. He didn’t have to look at what he was doing. It seemed like a routine to him. A cuff around my wrist, attached to the hook with a chain. And the other arm. He looked into my eyes when I heard the second click. I felt stretched. Exposed. His body was hot and he smelled of fire. The cold metal chain was placed around my belly and attached to the hooks on each side of me. I felt even more helpless now.

He took a few steps back and tilted his head. In the light of the torches and the candles, he truly looked like a demon. I liked a bit of roleplay and sure, why not being punished by Krampus? I felt the excitement grow and spread my legs a little to make myself stand more steadily. “Oh, you truly are naughty”, he growled and shook his head disapprovingly. He picked up his whip from the floor and let it snap in the air once. I froze. This was going to hurt. He stood still, observing me. He looked focused and in control. He seemed to know what he was doing. I relaxed and prepared for what was to come.

The first strike made me scream out loud. The combination of watching the whip speeding towards me, the sound it made when flying in the air and the burning pain it left on my naked skin, overwhelmed me. He counted the strikes out loud. One. Two. Three. Naughty girls need to be punished. Four. Five. Six. Naughty girls need to feel pain to learn. The whip was dancing over my breasts, my belly, my legs, my inner thighs. Seven. Eight. Nine. Naughty girls need to learn a lesson.

I felt tears running down my face. I couldn’t move. And it hurt. At strike fifteen I started to enjoy the burning sensation and when he stopped at thirty, I was floating on a cloud of pleasure. I smiled. I could feel the wetness covering my cunt and my legs. “I can smell you, maiden. You are enjoying this. Tsk tsk tsk.”. He came closer to me, held me by my chin and licked my face. And then he knelt in front of me and spread my legs even wider. I heard him sniff. Was he really sniffing? He got up again, took a few steps back and smiled. “You have been a good girl and took your punishment. Now let me give you a gift. Keep your legs just like that.”. Dazed, I nodded.

He opened his mouth wide and a very long tongue snapped forward. I screamed of surprise. What is he? Is he the real Krampus? Can’t be? But I had no time to ask question, because the tip of his tongue was slapping and playing with my clit. I moaned. I could feel my button swell and pulse in excitement. His tongue wandered down and entered me. He pushed inside and started penetrating me. In quick and hard pushes he made me feel both full and fucked. I opened my eyes and saw him stand a few feet away from me, his red eyes starring at me, his mouth wide open, his long tongue reaching deep inside me. I was both terrified and immensely aroused.

His moves became faster and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I tried to move my hips following his motions but the chain around my belly made it impossible. He was in control of what happened to me. I started to moan louder and closed my eyes again. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and my body was overrun with shakes and spasms, while I felt his tongue tickling me inside my cunt. I screamed out loud as the waves of pleasure ran over me.

I felt his tongue leave me, and opened my eyes again. He walked towards me. Without uttering a word, he opened the cuffs and the unhooked the chain. I silently walked over to the chair with my clothes and got dressed. I watched him pack together his things into a chest close to the door. Fully clothed again, I opened the door. He cleared his throat and I turned around. “I have both seen your good and naughty sides tonight, maiden. I hope you will choose the right path from now on.”.

I opened the door, looked at him and winked. “I will see you again next year, Krampus.”. And I walked out into the cold winter air.

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  1. J. Lynn says:

    Oh this was naughty and hot DS! I love watching Krampus and you did his description justice. You painted a lovely picture of the Alps and it brought back a memory of visiting Garmisch. (S used to live in Miesau)

    • I am glad you liked my Krampus story. I am originally from Northern Germany and we didn’t really have any Krampus traditions but he just seems goth enough for me to love him 😛 I am glad you got reminded of lovely times in the Alps!

  2. I couldn’t stop reading, and felt myself tingling all over the more I read. So sexy!

    Rebel xox

  3. Oh, Krampus is so much more fun than Saint Nicholas. I clearly grew up in the wrong part of Germany. So proud Krampus can count on you. Saint Nicholas would have just passed you over year after year.

  4. Cal says:

    Loved your descriptive story of a tradition that is not very familiar to me. Krampus is certainly a more exciting Yule personality than I’d have guessed!

  5. slave sindee says:

    Wow i was right there being carried with you, DS. i screamed at the first crack and at the flick of the tongue.
    what a well written hot sexy story

  6. eye says:

    So hot and descriptive I could smell the sulphur!

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