Body Love: V is for Vagina

My vagina

My life is not like in the movies. In the movies, women encourage each other to take their tiny make up mirrors, spread their legs and look at their own vaginas. And then everyone is amazed by their beauty and they drink champagne and have a toast for being cunt-owners. My friends are pretty open-minded but we never really talked about our vaginas other than discussing which razor was best for removing the hair. I have not seen my vagina properly until my 30s. And I am not sure my life has gotten better for that.

The Looks

First off, when you are fat, looking at your vagina is very difficult. Even if you spread your legs wide enough while standing, getting a mirror low enough in between those legs so you could get actually a full picture of everything, is nearly impossible. Your stomach is in the way, your thighs are in the way, and you will most likely fall over. So these movies lie, it is not at all easy to look at your own cunt that way!

I never had any interest in seeing my own vagina. I don’t have a huge thing for genitals anyway, no matter if cocks or vaginas. Sure, I know what is what, and that there are many different sorts of vaginas, yes. I have seen the porn, I have seen the charts, I know that there is no “normal”. And I know where my vagina fits in, as it is quite closed, small and my lips are short and small. I am fine with that. But does it make me like my vagina? Do I find it beautiful? Not really. I don’t look at genitals that way, so I don’t look at my own parts that way either.

Despite all of that, I have this issue that I have talked about in an earlier post: while I am white passing, my vagina sort of reveals that I am mixed race and not really white. It doesn’t really bother me, but it was my vagina (among other things) that forced me to think more about being mixed race, and coming to terms with that.

Hairy or Smoothly Shaven?

I started shaving my vagina when I was about 15 years old. First, I only trimmed it but ever since my 20s, I am going all the way in and just shave everything off. It is easier that way, and I find it more pleasurable to not have any hair down there during sex and masturbation. And so far, all the people I have dated and had sex with, preferred no hair down there. Although I generally do not care much for how vaginas look, I definitely prefer smooth vaginas without hair to hairy ones. That is a personal preference though, each to their own.

I tried waxing once by the way. I would never ever go to a beauty salon and allow someone else to do that, because I’d have to be naked in front of a stranger (anxiety alert!). So I tried home waxing and messed it up so badly, that I pulled off some of my skin, and couldn’t sit or walk properly for weeks. Waxing is not for me!


What I love about my vagina, like with most of my body parts, is the pleasure that it can bring me, and how much it can take. My vagina is very sensitive, yet also very tough. It gives me multiple orgasms, vaginal and clitoral. My clit can take torture, forced orgasms, being pinched, and it is very pronounced too. So I am happy that my partners will always find my clit easily!

I also like that I can take rough sex, actually, I even crave rough fucking. I can be fucked for hours, without my cunt getting too sore. And I get wet easily, and my vagina is also pretty tight. So I am grateful that I have a vagina that is pretty good at giving me pleasure.

I have the usual issues, of course. I get the yeast infections and they get really painful for me, and sometimes last for months. It is not only the discharge, but also cramps, pain inside my cunt and sex becomes yucky. I dislike taking the medication for the infections so I often wait them out. I do not like the feeling they give me. They run in my family and I guess I will have to learn to live with them. I’m quite grateful that I don’t have other physical issues with it though. It could be much worse.

Another “negative” that sometimes bothers me about my cunt is that I don’t react much to soft touch or gentle foreplay. I am not sure if that has to do with my childhood trauma and that I can easily dissociate from physical sensations. But gentle rubbing or slow gentle penetration do absolutely nothing for me. I sometimes don’t even feel it.

It might be weird that I wrote an entire post reflecting about vagina, but our genitals are part of our bodies, and they deserve some thought too. I think that too many people worry about size and shape of genitals, instead of embracing the pleasure that they can give us. But I guess it is the same with all body parts, there are norms and being outside those norms makes us feel uncomfortable and like we are not enough.

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16 Responses

  1. What a great post. Vaginas are an interesting area for me. RE waxing, I went to the salon once. I was surprised that I had to keep my knickers on and they offered me a towel (if that helps with anxiety) I just can’t go back as I was giggling and enjoying it so much sexually I wouldn’t put an unsuspecting beauty therapist through that.

    • How could they wax you with panties on? Just curious…

    • Thank you very much <3 Oh, that is interesting! I wonder how they do it here, especially if you'd want a full on brazilian! Haha, yes, maybe not the best idea to get all aroused with a beauty therapist haha. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • It would be worth an ask around, if you have friends who get waxed they may have a recommendation. Mine was a full on Brazilian, and jeez, I absolutely loved it. Doing it myself was easier aftre seeing how she did it too 😉

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    Your picture is perfect sexy!

  3. Mary Wood says:

    Amazing Vagina 😉

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen the kind of movie you describe in your intro… And I can’t quite decide whether the concept of “vagina mirroring” as a topic of conversation between female acquaintances is lovely or laughable. (Or something else entirely.)

    I think I’ll stick with my penchant for films made during the Golden Age of Hollywood — no genitals to be found! 😉

    • Well, I remember it seeing in some movies in the 90s, and there was even a whole Sex and the City episode about Charlotte being too scared to look at her vagina, and Samantha telling her to use a mirror to check. Ha!
      That is so very true, old films very less, in your face 😛

  5. You have a lovely pussy—I can’t call it a vagina! I also love the clean shaved look, and have for so many many years.

  6. You know I really like this picture. Vaginas look interesting. They’re kinda weird. Not yours, just generally when I look at my own too lol. Like why would a vagina be shaped like that? I relate to you in regards to looking at it though. I don’t particularly care. A vagina is just a vagina and it has some pretty convenient functions, lol.
    I remember reading your post about how your vagina reveals your mixed race and how that made you feel.

    • Ha, thanks for liking my picture 😛 think they look interesting too, so many flaps and holes and colours! But they are not especially pretty lol.
      A vagina is a vagina. Yes, haha.

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