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Only through suffering can we find ourselves.

Fjodor Dostoevsky

I watched an episode of “Easy” the other day and it made me think. It was about an artist who directly allowed his art to be impacted by his life, not his imagination. It reminded me of that a lot of my content and what I create is not coming from the depths of my soul or feelings, or the now. I have focused much on my imagination, ignoring the direct connection that creating art, photography or fiction can have with my own emotions and experiences. I don’t share a lot of my personal struggles anywhere, not in a direct and immediate sense. But I want to focus more on expressing me, my depths, through what I create and write.

We live in a strange world and everything seems very surreal at times. I share this world with all of you, with everyone on this planet. But I am also in my own personal world, and there are things going on that I don’t talk about but that make my life miserable. I suffer. I sit in my own world, fighting my own struggles. Sharing them is never going to make them less acute. But I can express them, while also connecting to the rest of the world. Because we are all struggling in one way or another these days. It is a strange world we are living in right now, after all.

Sinful Sunday

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22 Responses

  1. I think sharing is very important, especially now.

    • Yeah, definitely, at least for those who feel safe enough to reach out to people. I am more of a carer than a sharer when it comes to immediate issues. But bottling things up is definitely never a good idea.

  2. Love the image, Devie, and your words definitely give more depth to it. Take care, and if you are comfortable with it, please share. I hope it helps you.

    Rebel xox

  3. And apt image for the times, I find it mesmerizing.

  4. Julie says:

    I love the expression on your face. This is just what we need right now.

  5. A Savoy says:

    These are SUCH weird strange times. And this photo is fantastic. Fear or rage or shock? It looks like a cut from a sexy horror film

  6. Molly says:

    Yes it is indeed a very strange world. I think capturing some of that in your art can be a powerful thing, for both artist the audience


    • Yeah, I think those of us that have the tools to describe what is going on inside of us, should try to use that skill to capture some of the universal pain and confusion many are experiencing.

  7. PurpleSole says:

    How truly terrifying, Edvard Munch would be proud.

  8. Lisa Stone says:

    keep on expressing, Devie 🙂 you are doing very well

  9. sub-Bee says:

    Sharing is so hard isn’t it, sometimes it feels it makes no difference and yet our suffering may help someone else too.

  10. I don’t know how I missed commenting on this one lol. Apart from how weird it would seem to have this on my wall, this picture is so incredible to me, it would be something I would put up.

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