SoSS #8 – Sexy Images, Raunchy Stories and Some Serious Thoughts

Share our Shit Saturday
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January has now come to an end and for me it is time to reflect upon the first month of the new year. Well, honestly, it has been pretty crappy for me. I just don’t really share my every day struggles on this blog or on social media, but oh boy, this month sucked donkey ass. But that is okay, because I have still been able to do most of the things that I had planned and I have taken some steps into a new direction for myself and my writing too. Before I dive a little into what I have been up to, I want to share some posts and pictures by others that have impressed me this month!

Share Our Shit Saturday

I have terribly fallen behind with reading other people’s posts. So if you haven’t seen me comment on your posts, then it is because I suck at time management these days and I just haven’t been doing so peachy. I do try to at least scroll through everyone’s posts though, so you might just get a like, even though I otherwise would have maybe left you a in depth comment. I will try to do better with this in February! Having said all that, I have been able to read a bit here and there, and look at some wonderful photos. Here are some posts that have impressed me this month.


Kisungura talked about a terrible experience during a OB/gyn appointment and reflects upon how on earth health care professionals do not take the pain and worries of those who have wombs more seriously. There are some parts of the post that angered me, others I could deeply relate to and in general, I really think that so so much more needs to be done in this area. I totally recommend anyone reading this post, womb owner or not, because it is through education and spreading knowledge that change can happen. So go and read This will only hurt a little.

Francesca described her experience with self-administered pain during masturbation and it is absolutely hot hot hot! I am a sucker for pain, and reading her post reminded me of the times I was all alone in my room in Sweden, pulling those clamps harder and harder, while getting closer to a climax. So if you want to know how you could try out to use some pain during self-pleasure, read Francesca’s post Fucking Painful.

Bee discussed marks this month and I could relate to so much that she talked about. It is very difficult for me to get marked and bruised, my skin just goes back to normal after play, no matter how hard the impact was. And just like her, I have often been stuck with doubts about my ability to take more pain and impact, and if that was the reason for not getting marked. Well, I have found out that squeezing and pinching leave marks on me after all, and Bee found ways too! Find out what they are and read her post Marking Impossible.


Zebra Rose posted an amazing picture this month, called Not what it looks like. Her hands being cuffed behind her back, and her whole body stuck in a submissive position, there is still something very powerful in this picture. And that is what her accompanying words also suggest! Check out her picture!

Exhibit A shared a fabulous picture this month! He is holding a baseball bat and the position of his body oozes strength and sexiness. Honestly, this shot could be part of an art project or be printed in some high class glossy magazine. Check out his picture It’s a Swing Thing.

And last but not least, I have been really impressed with WeConnect‘s contributions to Lingerie is for Everyone! My favourite picture of theirs, oh my, she looks heavenly in this image. Innocent, yet raunchy! Check out New Lingerie.

My Own Work

I participated in Violet Fawkes’ January Jumpstart challenge this month, where you need to publish a post a day for the whole month. And behold, it is 11.30 PM here, and when this is published, I will have actually succeeded with the challenge! Oh my! I thought first that it would be a lot of pressure but I had it all planend out and it worked out!

Altogether, I have published 37 posts this month. Some of them were pictures, some of them were erotic fiction, others talked about kink, yet others were discussions on my own relationship and sex life, and there were also some on mental health and other areas of life.

My three most read posts this month

I am Fat: On Fat Acceptance and Fat Shaming (published in December last year)

Guilty Pleasures (an erotic story) (published this month)

This is Not A Game – a personal sex experience (published this month)

Of the posts that I have written this month, my own personal favourites were a post on my Dissociative Identity Disorder, the erotic story A Special Kind of Ride and my post I am a masochist and a painslut.

My most viewed pictures this month

Just Like Heaven (my Master holding me in his grip)

Shadowplay (I am holding a candle and I am playing with the shadows)

Abandoned (my butt in an abandoned place)

Round-Ups and SoSS

I have been in quite a lot of round-ups and SoSS in January, yay me! For Masturbation Monday, my post This is Not a Game got picked by the lovely Amy Norton. For Wicked Wednesday C.P. McClennan picked Mission Lady Mode. My post on Emotional Intimacy was picked by Marie Rebelle for Food For Thought Friday. And I have been in three round-ups for Lingerie is for Everyone. And, last but not least, I was in the top 3 posts for E-Lust this month with my post on Fat Acceptance. Plus, there were the share our shit round-ups by the lovely members of the sex blogging community, thank you all!

Other Work

I have also done some work outside of the sphere of this blog! I wrote a guest post for Sex Bloggers for Mental Health on Dissociation and even wrote the introduction for the prompt on the same topic.

I am slowly working on making my blog more profitable and additionally go into freelance writing more. I have sent in pitches and surprisingly enough, all of them were accepted. So I have a lot of exciting work ahead of me! I also have some collaborations for guest posts and ghost writing planned. And I am finally getting paid for writing sex toy reviews too!


I have had my first negative comment on my blog. I have handled that surprisingly well. I read the post, realized that the person would never be interested to discuss things in a reasonable and calm manner, so I just trashed the comment. They had obviously not read the post at all, and were just out to hurt me.

On a good note: I have had my most views on my blog this month. My stats are consistently growing, my search engine views have become a huge pool for new people checking out my site. Yay!

The month of February is going to be a busy one! I am participating in the Smuthmarathon! And I have prepared for my contributions for February Photofest. As always, I will try my best to write for as many meme prompts as I can, and I also have some additional posts already planned! So bring it on, no matter how shitty things might be for me in real life, I am totally pumped for being a creative hard-working writer!

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