A Special Kind Of Ride

I could barely make out the trees and fields outside flash by, as I was sitting on the late bus on the way home after a long day at work. I could feel my whole body ache and was looking forward to a nice soothing bath and some quality time just with myself. Something else was aching too, something that wasn’t painful, but promised a late evening of relaxing play time. I shifted a bit in my seat and looked around.

I was the only passenger. It was a Monday evening and this was the bus going through the villages surrounding the town. I wished I had the money to pay the rent for a place more central but at that moment I had to share a house with my grandmother. She had been kind enough to take me in after Derek and I broke up. What had it been? Four months? I felt a need grow inside of me, just thinking about him. No, not him. But his hands on me, him wanting me. No, not him. Any hands. Anyone wanting me. I shifted in my seat again, feeling the tingling sensation inside me grow stronger.

The bus stopped and the front door opened. Three men, middle-aged and laughing, entered. They walked past me and sat down a few seats behind me. They were discussing the soccer game they had apparently just won with their team. They seemed cheerful and happy. I wondered if they were in the mood for. No, Jess, no! I could barely sit still in my seat anymore. Another 15 minutes and no more bus stops before I had to get off. I squeezed my inner thigh hard. I needed to focus. I really couldn’t lose it like that in public. I started chewing on my lip and closed my eyes to take a deep breath.

The men behind me turned silent and then started whispering. I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hey there. I saw your reflection in the window and wondered if you were alright? You seemed to be breathing hard and then you closed your eyes. Just wanted to make sure that you didn’t need any help.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the man standing next to me. His brown eyes starred back at me with concern. But then something in his facial expression changed. “Oh!”, he exclaimed. “Oh!”. I blushed and said: “I, uhm, I am okay. Thanks so much for asking. I am just, you know, tired and can’t wait to get home.” He nodded. “Yes, I can smell that.” and winked at me.

I opened my mouth in shock. How dare he! “Hey, there are nice ways to tell someone that they smell like sweat. I have been working all day. That was rude!”

“That is not the kind of smell I mean, doll!”. He laughed.

“Oh!”. Oh shit. I could feel my face getting redder by the second.

“Need any help with that?”.

I swallowed. Ah whatever, I will go for it, I thought to myself. “What do you suggest?”

He leaned in and whispered. “Why don’t I get my buddies over here and we will watch you touch yourself. You seem to be unable to stop yourself from doing that anyway.”

I looked down and saw that my hand had wandered up my high and was close to my tingely cunt now. I nodded. He walked back to his friends and I could make out some whispered words: “Horny … masturbating … watching her …”.

Seconds later he returned with the other two men. “Ready when you are, doll.”, he grinned. I looked to the front, where the bus driver was sitting. “Hey, driver, are you okay with us getting some sexy action back here? Wouldn’t want to impose, mate.”, my new friend shouted. The driver laughed. “Do whatever you want, you have ten minutes until the next stop.”

The three men were looking at me, waiting. I slowly pulled my shirt up and my bra down. I watched them hold their breaths as they were observing me. I leaned back onto the cold window and started massaging my breasts, and then gently pulling my nipples. The sensation was so wonderful that I had to close my eyes and a moan escaped my mouth.

“Doll, you want me to film you with your phone? You look incredibly hot right now. You may want to watch it later.”

I opened my eyes. “Sure!”. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and handed it to him. He focused the camera on me and I continued my show.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants and knickers. My legs up on the back of my seat and the seat in front me, I was widespread now. I started circling my clit, slowly first, being aware of that I had an audience. I didn’t want to only pleasure myself but also give them something to watch. I could smell my own arousal, and feel how wet I was.

One of his friends came up to the side of me and leaned over the back of the seat in front of me. He was on his knees and I could see him touching his crotch. “Mind if I take it out?”.

“Do it”, I moaned. One of his hands touching my breasts, I observed him open the zipper of his jeans, pull down his boxers and release his hard cock. He started masturbating right away. Then I heard a noise to my left. I turned my head. Another hand stroking another hard cock. The men’s hands on my breasts, my eyes wandering over their cocks, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt like an object of desire. I was a sexy slut, filmed while masturbating, two men wanking off to her.

I moaned. I started rubbing my clit, faster and faster. Harder and harder. Two fingers of my other hand slid into my wet cunt and I started thrusting them in and out, almost screaming as the sensations became stronger and stronger. I felt a load of hot juices land on my breasts, and the thought of someone getting off to me, aroused me to a point, where all I could think of was my own orgasm. I needed to come. I pushed my cunt forward, right in front of the camera and released my fingers from my cunt. A stream of squirty cum spread all over my phone in front of me, and the man filming me. I felt another load landing on my belly as my whole body twitched to the thoughts of being an objectified slut.

“You got two minutes, people!”, the bus driver shouted from the front. My phone, drippingly wet, was handed back to me. I watched my new friend wipe his face off with his shirt. “Sorry”, I mumbled. “It is quite alright”, he laughed. I pulled down my own shirt, not caring about the cum covering my body. I wanted to feel their juices on me a little while longer. We all got dressed again and stood up as the back door of the bus opened.

Watching the bus drive off, we all looked at each other. I pointed into the direction of my grandmother’s house. “Well, that is me.”. My friend nodded. “Well, we are going the other way. But hey, if you ever need an audience again, I put my number into your phone”. I laughed and turned around. I really needed that bath now.

Masturbation Monday

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Oh, wowza!! This is sizzling hot, Deevie. I think I am going to need some special alone time now 👄👄👄

  2. slave sindee says:

    indeed very hot sizzling to past the boiling point

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    Ya gotta love a cool bus driver, lol.

  4. Sexy fun in a bus… so damn hot!

    Rebel xox

  5. Asrai Devin says:

    Sexy public fun!! Made me squirm.

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