Clothespins and Pain Play

clothespins and pain play
© DeviantSuccubus

I love when you can turn every day objects into toys for kinky pleasure. Some items, like food, can be great for things like humiliation, you can use dog collars and leashes for dog play, spatulas for spanking. The possibilities are endless when it comes to every day objects and kinky play. But one of the things I most enjoy to pervert for kinky play are clothespins. They look beautiful pinned to skin, they give a lovely tingly pain when they are pinching me and the pain when you pull them off is both intense and exquisite.

When I started to dabble into BDSM play and D/s dynamics, I didn’t own a lot of fancy toys to administer pain. I am a masochist and once I felt safe enough to explore that strong kink of mine, I needed some fun ways to feel pain. But it wasn’t only that. My first relationships with dominant men were online, in Skype calls. That meant that no one was there to physically dominate me, or to administer any pain.

So it was up to me to follow their orders and do the pain giving. We had to get creative and then one day, my room mate came home from the dollar store and had bought me these awesome bat clothespins! I loved them, they were huge. And the idea grew in mind that I could actually use them on my nipples. So one day, during play, I suggested it and my Master at the time was into the idea. And oh my, I really enjoyed the pain!

Clothespins and pain play
© DeviantSuccubus

Putting them on wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. It is a quite pleasurable pain. Sure, it is constant but it doesn’t bite as much as nipple clamps do. But after a while, the pain becomes more intense because of the constant pressure that has been put on the skin. There were many times when I was begging to please take off the clothespins because they hurt too much. But instead I was told to pull them, so the pain would get even more bity. After tears and begging, I gave in to the pain, and then eventually even was able to get paingasms (orgasms from pain) from playing with clothespins on my nipples.

The most intense pain from clothespins comes from pulling them off. No matter if you open them slowly and try to remove them gently, or pull them off in a a quick move, it hurts. A lot. Well, pulling them off without opening them, hurts more. I screamed many times when I was told to do it, and later on, when my playpartners did it to me.

I then bought different kinds of clothesppins. The plastic ones, the wooden ones, smaller ones, bigger ones. I tried using them on different parts of my body. Apparently, they work everywhere on the body, really. It might not always be a great thing to be fat, but if you want clothespins to pinch you, it is awesome if you have many fleshy parts to attach them to!

So I tried them not only on my nipples, but also on my boobs. On my upper arms. My thighs. I love the marks that they leave on the body. I used clothespins not only when I played with the men online, but also when I masturbated. It was a fun time!

clothespins and painplay
© DeivantSuccubus

And eventually I went for my cuntlips too! And shit, that hurts! But using clothespins down there is also a fantastic way for objectification and humiliation. Attaching three clothespins on each outer lip, and being told to pull your cunt open to be inspected? Whoa, that is hot! And it really hurts too. I can’t stand the pain down there too long with the heavier clothespins, especially when they are made out of plastic. They just pinch very hard.

Then later, when I started playing in real life with a partner too, clothespins were also something that we used quite frequently, especially in the beginning. We didn’t own a lot of toys yet and clothespins were an inexpensive way to do some pain play. It was quite a different experience because I had no control over where the clothespins would go, and how long they would stay on. It was still very pleasurable, especially with the extra spice of being under more control added to it.

My Master and I haven’t used clothespins in play in quite a while. It is definitely something I’d like to reintroduce into our play sessions. There is not a lot of preparation needed when using them, we definitely always have them close by and I love the pain they give me.

I think clothespins are a great way to explore pain play and the masochist kink on your own. You can get them everywhere, they are inexpensive and it is unlikely that they would give you any permanent damage. And they are definitely a fun addition to play with a sadist or a dominant partner. I definitely don’t regret to be introduced to pain play with the help of clothespins!

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11 Responses

  1. I love that you have a bat clothespin! That looks gorgeous!
    I can relate to how clothespins were such a great and inexpensive way to start off experimenting with pain, while also working well for online play. It’s always good to keep some in the toybox 😁

    • I love my bat clothespins! It was such a great find!
      Yeah, they are a good way to learn about pain play, and they don’t cost much and often do a better job than nippleclamps do!

  2. Posy Churchgate says:

    Fascinated by your journey.
    I think it was an early picture of your nipples trapped with a bat clothespin that brought you to my attention – my goth vampire senses were tingling with kinship! I admire your ability to stand the pain. I have tried & cant stand it – I used the tiny plastic ones for Christmas cards – perhaps they pinch extra hard!

    • I am so glad that your goth vampire senses were tingling with kinship and you found me, yay! I am a masochist, so i like to push myself when it comes to pain. Plastic definitely pinches harder than wood does!

      • Posy Churchgate says:

        Me too, it’s always a treat to read your posts.
        Check out LSB’s #SS this week, she muses the difference between the 2 styles also.

  3. slave sindee says:

    wonderful post
    nice pics

  4. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic! And I love the bat clothespin!!

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