Anal Sex – I did it!

Anal Sex
© DeviantSuccubus

Pseudo sexual, intellectual
Moving in time, to the rhythm of his dreams
Head up, standing proud, swallowed up by the crowd
Only in the silence, can you hear the screams
White lace, cuff fall, He knows he can have it all
Gliding through the mayhem, in a trance like state
Too numb to feel the pain, let the evil rise again
We can guarantee it will intoxicate

“Wardance” – Cauda Pavonis

Anal sex is probably a kink that even those who prefer vanilla sex engage in. I personally think that vanilla sex is very much similar to heteronormativity in the gender discourse: vanilla is the predominant way to have sex. It is the majority’s way to have sex. Well, and scrolling through the most viewed and most popular videos on any porn website, videos involving anal sex are quite high on those lists. While anal sex doesn’t equal the general idea of vanilla sex, which is probably missionary, in the dark, under the blanket hush hush sex, I think it is not as taboo as many other kinks and sexual practices. It is the metrosexuality on the spectrum of kink, right next to its buddy oral sex.

Past Experiences

Now, reading through my blog, you might get the idea that I am a very kinky and open-minded person. I am kind of up to anything that is legal and consensual. At least once. It might surprise that there are some more conventional kinks that I haven’t tried out yet: proper rope play and suspension and outdoor sex are some examples. And up until recently, anal sex was on that list too. Oh, I sort of have had anal sex before, but never in any kind of successful way.

I have always liked to engage in some sort of anal play when masturbating, I have owned buttplugs and still own a cute plug-tail or two. But anal sex with a partner was a totally different story. I had the odd incident when a cock ended up in the wrong hole by mistake. That really does hurt a little, an unprepared hole can easily rip in certain places and can make number two quite an unpleasant experience for a while. Another one of my experiences was rather unimpressive. The guy I had sex with had a very small cock and I have a pretty big and round butt. So while I felt his stomach slap against my buttcheeks, him moaning and eventually coming, I was stuck wondering if he ever actually made it into my butthole.

With my current partner, anal sex had been on the table more than once but the spontaneous nature of our sex life makes it harder to prepare. I like not knowing what is going to happen, fearful anticipation is a real turn on for me. So apart from double penetration with a dildo and the occasional finger, my butt has lived quite a lonely sexual existence.

All Them Preparations

I think I was also quite intimidated by all those online guides with a lot of tips for enemas, waxing or shaving, what to eat and what not to eat. I would never allow anyone to wax or bleach my butthole. That is some kind of limit not to be crossed for me. I don’t like others seeing me naked, and I definitely do not want anyone to touch me unless it is absolutely necessary and for pleasure. The idea of another human being judging my fat body and waxing me, imagining why I would want that part of me to be hairless, makes me tremble with disgust. Not. Going to Do. It.

And I am not sure how many of you have read Charlotte Roche’s “Wetlands” but that book really put me off shaving my butthole. It is a fantastic novel, but it has left a very negative impression on me when it comes to anal stuff.

Enemas are also definitely not something I want to do. I do not want to pour water into my butt so I am clean enough to be fucked in there. Why? Because it seems like one step too far when it comes to controlling our bodies. Poop is coming out of your butthole, poop is in your colon, in your intestines. I get the idea of going to the bathroom before and trying to avoid eating certain foods, but an enema? Not. Going. To. Do. It.

So knowing that I have a poopy and hairy (=natural and totally normal) butthole, I never really wanted to suggest anal sex. I didn’t want him to be disgusted by me, or think he has to do something to please me although I didn’t follow the apparently common guidelines for clean anal sex. But I am not saying that I am dirty and unhygenic! I shower, I know how to clean myself after using the bathroom. But yeah, you get my drift.

Anal Sex – I did it!

But then! We had sex. I was on my knees and I felt the thickness of his cock filling me up, the length of it hitting my cervix with every pounding motion. I was moaning, gasping for air when the pain in my cervix got too overwhelming. Slaps on the butt, on the sides, my face pressed to the bed. And then there was a finger playing with the opening of my butt. I held my breath for a second, wondering what he had planned. Apparently he hadn’t really planned anything but it was a spontaneous move. I heard him squishing out the lube and a few seconds later, his finger was back, now slowly entering me.

After having come several times, I was floating in subspace after a considerate amount of pain. I was relaxed. Another finger joined, while he was still fucking my wet cunt. A third finger. I felt spread and the double penetration. The in and out in both holes. Waves of pleasure were running over my body.

“Oh, look at you, you nasty cunt, enjoying four fingers in your ass while you are being fucked!”

I squirmed. Yes, I was nasty! I was a cunt! Yes yes! I felt myself getting even more excited. He grabbed a condom, removed the wrapper and there was the familiar squish of the lube again. He grabbed my butt cheeks, spread them and I felt his cock gently taking space. I felt so owned, so full. It felt so wrong yet so right. He slowly moved in and out, picking up the pace when he realized that I happily obliged to his motions.

I couldn’t hold my butt up anymore and fell flat down as my knees gave in. But that didn’t stop him. He pulled my hair and then pushed my face back into the bed. Still pounding my butthole faster and faster. I didn’t feel any discomfort, no pain. All I felt was pleasure.

“You nasty nasty slut. You like getting fucked in the ass. Nasty slut. Say it, bitch!”

“I am a nasty slut. I am your nasty slut!”

The humiliation in combination with the in and out motions made me come over and over. Apparently anal orgasms are very much a thing for me! He came shortly after, and then embraced me while lying on top of me, whispering “Good girl” in my ear.

Aye, and was it yucky? No, it was not. I totally enjoyed my first real experience of anal sex. So did my Master. I did not do an enema. I was not shaved nor bleached. Yes, I had a poop that day. And yes, I had showered in the morning. It was enjoyable, even without following any of the guides of how to make it as unyucky as possible. Which leads me to the conclusion that if you want to try out anal sex, don’t be squeamish. Be reasonable. Be slow. And make sure everyone involved likes what is going on. We all get turned on by different things, we all have different expectations of cleanliness. But before you go through the whole procedure of detailed preparation for anal sex, maybe talk about expectations with your partner. Maybe a poop, a condom and some lube might just be enough.

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30 Responses

  1. PurpleSole says:

    Anal sex certainly shouldn’t be judged from what we see in porn and its different for everybody. This sounds like a great experience though, good for you 🙂

  2. Sweetgirl says:

    I have to say if I prepare for MrH I just do a little rinse (definitely not an emema) with a tiny bulb, but MrH did recently claim my butt without warning or prep, and I LOVED it.

  3. TJ says:

    Wow. Good for you. Anal has always been a major fantasy. Ass play is wonderful but anal sex… a little scary… especially if you are… really… ummm… anal… lol And thanks for saying hairy unbleached assholes are normal. Because I have a hairy unbleached asshole too, and refuse to wax not because I am self-conscious but because fuck you if you think my natural asshole isn’t sexy enough. I may shave and clean… but yeah, I don’t see myself doing an enema beforehand or any of the shit (no pun intended) the internets tell us to do. It’s an ass… it is inherently dirty, making it even hotter to get fucked, fingered, filled or plugged. Lube all the way though And… you have a lovely bum!

    • Anal sex can be scary at first , yes! And it can hurt if you are not relaxed enough, so foreplay is really important and maybe having a couple of orgasms before even attempting it. But once you are all ready and excited, it is superawesome!
      Eh, there are so many expectation on how an attractive body is supposed to look like and everyone thinks that they need to follow those general ideas. But tastes differ, and what one might think a partner expects might just not at all what they think we should do to our bodies! Haha, yay, I have a lovely bum!

  4. Oh so good that you have so thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve had anal sex in the past both when I prepared myself and not… and it really doesn’t matter whether I do it or not. It can even still be a bit messy even when I had prepared. And, doing it ‘in the heat of the moment’ is so much sexier than having a lengthy preparation 😉

    Rebel xox

    • Thank you! And I can definitely see the pros and cons of prepared vs. unprepared. I am just more of a spontaneous sex person so preparing would kind of take the fun out of it for me. Thank you for sharing some of your personal experiences <3

  5. May says:

    Yay – I used to do anal a lot but now just every so often – like a treat lol x

  6. victoriablisseuk says:

    Oooh, sounds like you had a grand time. Yay!

  7. jupitergrant says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Yay! I have read “Wetlands”, and yes, I know exactly what you mean. Youch!

    I have an anal douche kit that I like to use just to make me feel a bit cleaner back there if I think anal play is on the cards. It’s fiddly and annoying, and does ruin any spontaneity. Weirdly, though, I’d happily peg him with no preparatory douching (if he wanted me to, hint hint :))

    Delighted that your trip to Botty-Town was so successful! 💋

    • I swear, that book traumatized me in some ways, haha. Although I loved the idea of planting trees covered in vagina juices!
      it sounds like you and him stil have some fun times ahead 😛 I considered an anal douche kit at one point because it is not as invasive as an actual enema, but I don’t know, it takes the spontaneity out of things.
      Thank you! Also, that is a great way to call it, Botty-town! Haha.

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Not for me, though.

  9. I love posts about happy explorations of pleasure! That you for sharing your delicious experience.

    I’m an anal fan too, and it took me a long time to actually do it as well

  10. I haven’t had anal yet, it’s still on my “fuckit list” but I do love butt plugs.

  11. slave sindee says:

    well done spontanous is always the best when we care and love our partners.i shave but won’t bleach and totally enjoy it
    glad it went weel for both of You and Thank You for sharing

  12. Tabitha Rayne says:

    What a great post! I love your honesty and humour, this is lovely and so informative ❤️

  13. kisungura says:

    Great post and I’m so glad you e hoped it, anal orgasms are just so intense. We didn’t really ‘do’ anal very much at all before D/s so it was another layer of discovery for us, thank you for sharing this x

  1. October 11, 2019

    […] written about anal sex before, as a fantasy but also as something that my Master and I engage in. My first proper anal sex experience has only happened recently. But ever since then, we integrated anal play and anal sex in our play […]

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