His puppet: Face Fuck

Face Fuck

Plop. The nipplesucker leaves my skin and I giggle. I love trying out new toys, even if they seem silly at first. I try to attach them to my nipples and laugh because it tickles. Having them plop when being pulled off my naked belly seems more fun right now. Plop plop plop. I giggle again. I suddenly feel his eyes on me and I look up. He is siting on his chair, working. I grin. He slowly shakes his head, then smiles and comes over to me.

“What are you doing, silly puppet?” – “Eh, just playing around.” – “Ah, it is play you want?” I freeze. What did he mean? I automatically cover my nipples with my hands. He laughs. “Are you scared, little puppet? Don’t worry. Shhhh.” He picks up one of the nipplesuckers and looks at me. “Remove your hands. Let’s see how this works.” I reluctantly let me hands slide to the side and watch him pushing the toy onto my boob, and pressing it hard enough so the needed vacuum is created. It is a pleasurable feeling and I sigh. And then he pulls, and pulls, and pulls. Plop. “Owww. Ouch!” He laughs again. Plop plop plop. Now he is playing with my belly. I laugh and wiggle. Then suddenly his hand squeezes my cunt lips together. Hard.

I hold my breath. The sudden pain is unexpected and I freeze. I look at him, he looks me. And I can see the strength behind his eyes, the need in his strict lips, the tension in his facial muscles. I am lost. I know that he wants to play, and I want him to play with me. “Take your panties off. We don’t need them.” I lift my butt, pull down my panties and kick them onto the floor. In the meantime, he has taken his clothes off. His semi-hard cock is right next to my face when he pushes me back onto the divan. I close my eyes and prepare myself for what is to come.

Without forewarning, he pushes three fingers inside my cunt. I can feel how wet I am, and I can hear it now too. I react instantly when he is rough with me. “Ooof!” – “Quiet, puppet, and enjoy.” I try to let go and take in the pleasure. But I am not there yet. This is too fast. I was not in the submissive headspace and although my body is willing, my mind is lagging behind. He is finger fucking me harder and harder and my whole body is moving with his motions each time his three fingers push inside me, his palm hitting my vulva. I feel like I am surfing on rhythmic waves, my body a slave to nature’s forces. Then he stops.

“Head over edge!” he commands. I look at him, puzzled. “What do you mean, Master?” – Move to the edge of the bed and let your head comfortably hang over the edge, while you are on your back.” Ah. I wonder what he has planned, as I slide over to the edge and do as I am told. He climbs down and walks around to me. “I am going to ruin your face now, pretty puppet. Open your mouth. Wide. Yes, just like that. Good puppet.”

My mouth is gasping wide. “There are easier ways to give a blowjob, but okay.” I think to myself. But it isn’t a blowjob that he wants. He wants to fuck my face. I feel his hard cock pushing inside me and his head hitting the back of my mouth, almost entering my throat. I gasp for air and start choking. He holds on to my boobs, squeezes them and relentlessly fucks my face, pushing in so hard, and letting himself rest on my chest, that there is no escape for me. I hold onto his thighs and try to push him away. God, I need to breathe. I. Need. To. Breathe. As if knowing my thoughts, he pulls his hard cock out of my mouth and gives me a second to catch my breath.

And then he goes back in, minutes seem like hours now. Fucking. Breathing. Fucking. Breathing. I love that he uses me like this. I am in subspace now, wanting more of him, wanting to be the perfect toy, wanting to be what he wants me to be.

He climbs over my head and sits down next to me. He pulls me up by my hair. Tears are running down my face, snot is coming out of my mouth, I spit out some saliva and it lands on my boobs. I feel degraded, I feel used. And I feel awesome. I want more. I open my mouth and try to lean down to take his cock again. But he stops me, holding onto my hair. “Now now, insatiable puppet. Look at you wanting my cock. You know your place. Good girl.” My tongue is hanging out, I can’t open my eyes because the mascara and eyeliner are making them burn. He pushes my head onto a pillow that is leaning against the wall. I lie back and try to look at him.

His knees next to my shoulders, he holds on to my head. “Open your mouth, bitch!” I open my mouth and take a deep breath. His cock pushes into me, all the way into my throat. I start to choke and when he pulls it out, I gag. I hear him laugh. And I float. I enjoy being under his control like this, entertaining him. I just follow the motions now. Relax my throat, breathe, relax my throat, breathe. I can fell him get harder, I can taste the precum.

He suddenly pulls his cock out of my mouth, slides back a bit and moments later, I can feel his warm cum landing on my face and chest. Saliva dripping from my lips, tears running down my face, I smile. I open my eyes and look around. I need some tissue, at least to wipe off the make up so I can see.

“Don’t you dare move, puppet. Stay right there, just like that. You are what you are supposed to be. Dirty, nasty and used.” I expect him to get his phone to take a picture when I hear him walk out of the room. I really just want to clean myself up now, but I am still floating in subspace, and his needs are to be put before mine. I hear him return. But instead of the click of the camera, I hear the click of the lube bottle opening. Seconds later, a wand is pressed against my clit, on the highest level, and a hand pushing down my mons so I can’t move away. I scream of surprise.

I come fast. And again. And again. He doesn’t let go. He moves the wand around now, sometimes almost slapping my clit with it. I can feel the neediness and horniness take over, but also the discomfort of too many orgasms, of too much pressure, of the overwhelming vibrations. I try to crawl away, I tell him to stop. “That is not the safeword!” Grrr.

I fall back and try to relax. And there it is, the point where it tips over, where I begin to be only cunt. I want more now, I need more. And I feel a different kind of pressure building up in me. And without realizing it first, I squirt. “Oh, look at you, nasty girl, squirting. Horny slut!” I can’t stop coming and I yell “What are you doing to me? I can’t stop. Aaaaah, I can’t stop!” I hear him laugh. I squirt and I can feel the blanket under me soaking in my cum.

And then I can’t do it anymore. The tension is building up and I scream. I can feel the orgasm take over everything that I am, my body violently twitching, while trying to kick him away from my cunt. My ears are ringing. In the distance, I can hear the wand being switched off. I fall back and try to calm down my breathing. “Open your eyes, puppet.” I open my eyes and see him take pictures of me with his phone. The wand on my belly, my face and chest covered in his cum, bathing in my own juices.”Good girl.”

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8 Responses

  1. Wow! Just fucking wow! You know, someone not into D/s would just not get how hot this is, but as a fellow sub, I was squirming as I read this. And I warmed inside and smiled when I got to that classic end…”good girl.” Those are quite possibly my two favorite words in the English language.

    • haha, my sexlife is wild and very much not vanilla so it is always good to know that I am not alone liking the things that I like! Gosh, and yes, there is nothing better than a good girl from your Dominant!

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    Well written… As if she herself was there.

  3. Mary Wood says:

    Wow! Good girl!

  4. jupitergrant says:

    Oh wow! That was so vivid that I think I need to snuggle into a blanket and have a sleep!! 🤩

  1. September 11, 2020

    […] that is when it comes to blowjobs. But then there are also face fucks. And believe me, those really turn me on! I love when my Master just pulls his pants down, grabs my […]

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