Verbal Humiliation – Words can make me Wet

Verbal Humiliation
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I really like erotic degradation and humiliation. It is quite an odd thing to admit for most, I assume. But for me, my D/s connection and my BDSM play needs to have an element of humiliation, degradation and objectification, to be satisfying for me. I should make it clear that I like being on the receiving end, I am a submissive brat and erotic humiliation puts me just as much in my place as pain and commands do.

There are a lot of ways to humiliate and degrade someone in a sexual context. There is pissplay, there is the whoring out or publicly humiliating someone. The list of possibilities is long. And sure, all those things are absolutely lovely, and I want to try them all out. But what really gets me off is when someone can read me well enough to know which words and actions push me into a space where I want to be nothing but a naughty, nasty and needy sex object.

Words, Words, Words

It is often in the words that are tailored just for me. It is about pointing out my personal kinks and neediness and making me feel ashamed and yet aroused by being so horny and deviant. Getting pissed on and being whored out is all great fun, but the greatest pleasure of all I derive from words and small actions.

Before any kind of play, it is of course important to talk things through and discuss limits. With one of my previous partners, I had very long conversations about triggering words that I wouldn’t even want to be used during play. For me that would be a word like “fat”. But I must admit that on certain days some words might get triggering although they aren’t on other days. So it really depends on the moment, and on my vulnerability in that moment.

Let’s talk words! I love being called a whore, a bitch, a slut, a cumslut, a painslut, a toy, a fuckhole. All those terms are very degrading and really make me into just an object of sexual pleasure. Outside of a sexual place I’d get very upset if anyone called me any of those terms, but during play, oh my, they put me in a space where I want to be used, to be objectified!

Sometimes I even like degrading terms like cow or pig. They take my humanity away, they degrade me into something primal, and humiliate me at the same time.

There are lot of adjectives that can go with those words: pathetic, disgusting, nasty, naughty, needy. You know, there are really no limits than the limits you set for yourself. That is one of the awesome things about verbal humiliation, the possibilities are endless, and it is not that hard to find that sweet spot between hurtful words and endearing terms!

Play With My Mind!

Words are one thing, But it is also about using your kinks and needs against you. I need to be with someone who is intelligent and witty enough to read me. They need to be able to put into words what would push me where they want me to be. It is about pushing me really deep into a place of shame and arousal. I am being told how needy and strong my vagina smells, or when someone makes fun of how I squirm, beg or try to get more attention.

Think if someone rubs your clit and fucks you at the same time. And they tell you how you are such a needy slut. And laughs at how horny you are and how much you are craving that orgasm. Or when they pull your nipples, squeeze your skin or slap your butt, and you moan. And they call you their little painslut.

Being laughed at for being needy or aroused is another thing that is a turn on for me. Just the idea of that all I am is that needy bitch that has to be fucked and used. And it is hilarious how easy I am, how much I crave attention.

That craving attention and wanting to get off, is something else that can be used for humiliation. My current partner is really good at ignoring me when he wants to humiliate me. He wouldn’t look at me but actually look at something in the distance. He would also tell me to be quiet, a fucktoy doesn’t speak, moan or scream. Actually, a fuckhole doesn’t move either.

A level up to this if the terms to describe me are written on my body. It kind of shows a certain ownership,. A way to label my body and me as something that is to be used and abused (in a consensual way, of course). And you know what is the biggest humiliation for me? When I have to admit that I am those things, when I need to say it out loud. Or when I have to write those words on my own body!

Verbal Humiliation is my Favourite

The sort of humiliation I have described in this post makes me feel little, dehumanized, and objectified. It plays both into my submissive and slutty sides. I love being nothing more than a sex object. And I love being just a toy to please my Master. I love hearing how nasty I am, how wet and needy my cunt is, I love being called a whore and a slut. I become primal in those moments, I become sexual, I become solely a degradee who is just an object to be played with, to be used and to be fucked. There are other kinds of humiliation that I am interested in but that I haven’t tried out yet, like being whored out, for instance. But so far, verbal humiliation has been my favourite.

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6 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    yes WORDS as You Speak makes me look at the beautiful lips of yours

  2. sub-Bee says:

    Words are so powerful aren’t they. I only have two that are on my ‘banned’ list. Sometimes I’m feeling more sensitive than others so more care is needed but the days where you can say anything to me are definitely more fun!

  3. jupitergrant says:

    I love words, too, I am very aroused by words, and the way you described verbal humiliation here has set my mind racing with lovely thoughts and imaginings of the kind of words I love to hear my fella use on me; “bad girl”, “naughty little bitch”, “filthy slut”, “dirty whore”. Unfff, your post has proved to me just how much I miss it (and him!!?)

  1. January 1, 2020

    […] Verbal Humiliation – Words can make me wet – I write about why I especially find verbal humiliation enticing, and give some tips on words to use and ways to engage in it safely. […]

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