Perverted Fun – Degradation Play

This actually happened some years ago with my Dom at the time. It was the first time I ever engaged in degradation play and I was swept away by it. There is something twisted, perverted and forbidden about degradation. You are not supposed to enjoy it, it is something that you’d abhor in all other areas of life. But being turned into a mess, being humiliated, talked down to, and being made to do things that you had never imagined you would do. Oh my! I was pushed into a submissive space that I absolutely loved. It is a different kind of space than pain or rituals would put you into. Instead, it is so much opposite of how you are supposed to treat yourself. It is losing who you are. It is primal and mind-wrenching! So here we go: A personal account of degradation play!

I want to add that I consented to all of this. It was a very intense scene and we took small breaks in between to debrief, to check up on each other. This was safe and we enjoyed ourselves. We were in a long distance relationship at the time and didn’t see each other too often, so we had kind of perfected the whole internet sex thing.

Degradation Play

My day started with him calling me., a video call. I was still sleepy and a tad low when he called. I didn’t even have sex on my mind. We talked about other things, our connection, work, every day shenanigans. But then he did it again, the magical words that always switch my mindspace into a sexual one: Come for me, my whore.

Yes, I can come on demand, he could command me to come, especially when he ambushed me with it (love that, unexpected orgasms) or when I was already in the safe mindspace with him. We used to do erotic hypnosis here and there because I am very open to it, and a few of the commands were stuck on my mind and worked with him. He had to leave the room for a while, and I was told to touch myself, to prepare my body for him, to wait for his return. I obeyed and enjoyed.

The magical words, and I was lost, lost in arousal, in wanting to please him, in wanting to give in and submit. My brattiness did not work today. I belonged to my Master within a second. He was very caring but also very playful. I was supposed to have breakfast so I took my laptop with me into the kitchen. He told me to take my boobs out, he objectified me, I obeyed and enjoyed. His eyes on me, I was melting. Giving in, wanting it. He asked me to drink four glasses of water.

A humiliating kind of breakfast

I knew what that meant, my whole body was tingling in anticipation, while I was drinking the water, him looking at me, observing, looking pleased. I took an egg out of the fridge, but nope, I was not to fry it yet. Instead he made me insert the egg into my vagina, and let it stay in there, while I bent over the kitchen sink, wiggling my butt, him making me come on demand. I obeyed and enjoyed.

I eventually made breakfast. Coffee, fried egg on toast, cherries. But I was not allowed to eat in peace. Nope! I was told to stuff my face with more than half of my sandwich, not being able to talk. He called me his little piggy. I had an orgasm. And he was not done yet. I found myself bending over the kitchen chair, fucking myself with the teaspoon that I used for my coffee. I was told to put the spoon back into the coffee, and stir. And there I was, drinking my coffee, mixed with milk and my own juices. I obeyed and enjoyed.

Clenching Jaws and Wet Heaven

And he was not done using me. And I was not done being used, pleasing him, being degraded and obeying him. We went into the bathroom. I found myself on the bathroom floor, naked, legs spread. I was told to use jaw clips (the ones you use in your hair) to open my lips for him, so he can have a good look at my vagina. He observed, he watched me. The pain was so very sweet and my whole body tingled. I needed to pee so bad. I couldn’t hold back anymore. The four glasses of water wanting to come out. He told me to let go. I pissed all over the bathroom floor, I was drenched in my own pee, it was everywhere.

I was called names, I was told to masturbate. I obeyed and enjoyed. Still not done. I fucked myself with an empty spice bottle made out of glass. Because, well, because my Master wanted me to. I was told to call myself names, to tell him I belong to him, to describe to him what I was doing, what was happening and what I felt. A dirty whore, so horny that I’d fuck myself with anything. I belonged to my Master, and his enjoyment is my command. A fuckslut who is so horny that she couldn’t not stop touching herself,, while laying in her own piss. I obeyed and enjoyed.

Losing it

You’d think we’d be done by then, right? We were not. He watched me, like a hunter watching his prey. I was anticipating, I was listening, I was so tense, waiting for his words. I was told to use the jaw clips on my nipples. Then I was to slap my boobs, over and over, slap slap slap slap. I obeyed and enjoyed. I couldn’t hold the orgasm back but was told to. Edged, edged so badly that I was screaming and crying. Finally relief. But not done yet. Slapping the clit, over and over and over, slap slap slap. Coming. Crying, wanting more. Pressing the jaw clips harder on my nipples. He counted me down to each orgasm. I obeyed and enjoyed. Screaming and coming so hard. Over and over. Sweet pain.

Drenched in sweat, in my own juices, panting like an animal. All I was, was arousal, all he was, was mine. I was his. I belonged to him, and he wanted me to belong to him. In that moment, I was in a blissful space of total ecstasy. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. He called me names, Fuckslut, whore, painslut. And all the sweet degrading adjectives one could think of. And I was told to fuck myself with a dildo. So fast, so hard. So wet, dripping wet. I obeyed and enjoyed. Watching him come, losing all control.He was done, I was done. We smiled at each other and said “I love you”.

There you go. A personal account of degradation play. Check out who else had some twisted thoughts this week by clicking the banner!

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16 Responses

  1. E.L. Byrne says:

    This was hot and definitely something I have only dabbled in, but reading this def got some ideas (and some other things) flowing!

    • Thank you! I think it is just important to be aware of one’s own triggers and limits beforehand, because I think it could get triggering and hurtful really quick when wrong terms are used, for instance! I hope you will get to try degradation play out some more!

  2. I can see where degradation play can work, but it’s not 100% my thing. My husband sometimes calls me a slut or his whore, and that I can handle, but it would fuck with my mind too much (in a very negative way) to go through what you described above. But again, I can see how it can work. It’s a good thing we don’t all have the same kinks 😉

    Rebel xox

    • Maybe it is about intensity too. Being called a slut or a whore is definitely objectifying degradation and not vanilla. It is just one the lighter side of the degradation-spectrum.

  3. Alethea Hunt says:

    This is one of the most interesting and confusingly arousing kinks when it turns up in stories, but not something I could ever handle in RL. Really cool to read a non-fictionalized account and see how it triggered all sorts of good subby feels but not really pushing other buttons…love to be challenged by variety!

    • It is confusing indeed, because it is paradox and plays way more with the mind than it does with the body. There are different ways of degradation too, for some it is just certain words like slut, whore and such. Thank you so much for reading and your comment!

  4. victoriablisseuk says:

    I love being called slut and whore…they’re like sweet pet names for me. 🙂 Your experience sounds so intense and so much fun!

  5. jupitergrant says:

    This is fascinating and sexy reading. While I’ve never much dabbled in the more hardcore elements of degradation, and I’m not sure I would do so “in real life”, I do like to fantasize about it sometimes, and this is a fabulously hot and kinky scene that sounds fun.

  6. Molly Moore says:

    Oh my the teaspoon and the coffee thing is soooooo fucking hot to me


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