Punished Fairy

Fairy Folk - Erotic Fiction
Image originally published as Fairy Folk and used with permission.

I was walking on the grass, barefoot. The garden’s vastness opened up before me while my toes touched the wet ground and a small shiver went through my whole body. It was late spring and everything was beginning to come to life, to blossom, to open, to push their path through the darkness of the ground, cracking it and starting to breathe.

I was almost skipping. I loved the garden. I was clutching to my favourite book of fairy tales and was heading towards the white bench under the big cherry blossom tree. My favourite corner. I got distracted by a beautiful butterfly flying by, and heard the bees buzzing among the wildflowers around me.

I sat down on the bench and opened the book. Oh to be a fairy, oh to have wings to fly. I had always dreamt about the magical world of fairy tales, of tiny flying fairies, their beauty, their connection to nature. No wonder Peter Pan and Tinkerbell had that connection! While I was sitting there, he had observed me from afar. I hadn’t seen him, but now he was slowly pushing his way through the wildflowers, approaching me. I wanted this time for myself, daydreaming about freedom, but here he was, destroying my peace.

I looked at him at him with squinty eyes. I wanted to yell “What do you want from me?” but instead I pressed out an annoyed “Hey”.

-“Oh, someone is cranky. I think I deserve more than a stubborn hey. Why don’t we try this again?”

-“Oh my god, what do you want? Don’t you see I was having a moment here? I don’t always need you to be close to me, you know?”, I said, while pretending to continue to read. Sometimes I need my own time! A second later I realized what I had done. He was my Master and I was disrespectful. I smiled to myself. This might actually turn into something fun.

He didn’t say a word. He just observed me, looking at the cover of my book, looking at me, staying silent. I pretended to ignore him, pretended to read. I was getting uncomfortable and excited. I knew I wouldn’t get away with what I had done, the unknown that was ahead of me both scared and aroused me.

-“Little Fairy.”, he said sternly. I froze. Like a dog’s tail, my imaginary wings were up and waving in excitement. “This little fairy needs to be shown her place. You have been a bad fairy, you knew better and still, you were disrespectful. What do you think happens to tiny bad fairies that don’t know their place?”

I stayed silent. I was going to be punished. He was going to punish me. I wanted him to punish me. I blushed in anticipation. Gone were the thought of far away magical lands and wonderful tiny creatures. I was the fairy now, and I was about to learn a lesson. How to be a good fairy. I looked up at him. He smiled. And suddenly I felt his firm grip on my left upper arm, squeezing it so hard that I screamed out loud. He pulled me up from the bench. “Turn around, bad fairy. I will show you now. You will learn to be a good fairy!”.

I resisted. I tried to pull away. My eyes were focused on his face, on how serious he was. His face was motionless. I tried to remove his firm grip with my right hand, but he squeezed me even harder, the pain almost forcing me to my knees. I was both breathless and finally able to breathe.

“Turn around, you naughty little thing”, he whispered into my ear. The pain and his voice had focused me. I was in my own magical land. My imaginary wings were flapping excitedly, I felt like I was floating over the ground. He pulled my arm behind my back. by quickly moving his hand from my upper arm to my wrist. I was captured. I was in his cage now. I was his plaything now. He had caught a fairy. I had lost my freedom but had found it at the same time.

He turned me around. “Stand still. Do not dare move. You hear me?”.

-“Yes, Master.” My imaginary wings were standing up erect but not moving. I was a frozen fairy, waiting in anticipation. He placed my hands on the white bench. I heard the bees buzzing. I felt a cold breeze touching my private parts as he pulled down my panties. He pushed down my back a little, and spread my legs. I was bending over. In anticipation. I could feel his hands tracing the round forms of my back and butt. He was tenderly stroking me. But then he stopped. I listened. The bees were still buzzing. I heard a clicking noise and then swooshing sound of his belt being pulled out of the loops of his pants. I gasped.

He pulled up my dress. I was exposed. I was bending over the white bench, wings in anticipation, my naked behind waiting for the punishment I deserved, I wanted, I needed. “So what do you think you are getting now, little fairy?”

-“Punishment, Master.”

-“For what?

-“For being a bad and disrespectful fairy.”

He was now stroking me with the cold leather of his belt. I moaned. “Oh, you are enjoying this? Punishment is not something to enjoy, it is to teach!”, he said firmly.

The hard strike by the belt almost made me fall over. The heat it left behind on my naked skin made me crave more. I felt my arousal. I could smell my arousal. Another strike. And another. And another. I gasped for air. My skin was tingly, my whole body was tingly. my legs started to tremble. I would fly if I could. He stopped. I turned my head and looked at him. The look on his face, that look! I could see his bulging cock. I needed him.

-“Had enough? Are you going to be a good fairy now?”

I giggled. “I don’t know, Master.”

-“Oh, you think you can take more, eh? Beg for it!”

I was stuck. Who even begs for punishment? He will not get me to that place. I am okay. I don’t need more punishment. I am fine.

He started slowly and tenderly stroking the hot traces his belt had left on my skin. I moaned. I needed more. I wanted more. I needed him.

-“Please, Master, I need to be punished more.”

“Good fairy”, he said while the belt struck me hard again. I screamed and tears were starting to blur my vision. Another strike. Hard. Another one. Another one. He stopped and I heard how he opened his fly. I was trembling. He pulled my hair as his hard cock entered me. He whispered: “You learnt your lesson. Good fairy. Now it is time for your reward!” While the rhythmic motions shook my body, our moans became one primal scream coming from two sets of lungs, and my imaginary wings were flapping so hard, they carried us both and made us fly.

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  1. kisungura says:

    I love the imaginary wings so much! Very hot piece, I enjoyed it x

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    I love fairies and would love to be one, so yes, I’m here for a bad “fairy” who needs punishing. UNF!

  1. September 8, 2019

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