Center Stage

The only warm thing I can feel is his hand. I hold on to it, as he pulls me through what seemed like a narrow and endless hallway. I am blindfolded and my hands are cuffed together in front of me. Earlier this morning he had told me to meet him by his car after work. And to wear nothing but high heels and my trenchcoat. It was early spring and it wouldn’t look too suspicious. So when I came home, I took a quick shower, put on some make-up, picked out my favourite red sparkly high heels and made my way to his car. Once in the passenger seat, he took off his tie and blindfolded me with it. As we drove off, He whispered: “Tonight you are going to be on center stage”, into my ear.

Not knowing where we were driving pushed me into asking what was going to happen. He eventually stopped the car, told me to get out of the trenchcoat, handcuffed me and pushed his used underwear into my mouth. I felt the cool breeze of the late spring afternoon on my naked body as I was standing outside the car. I got very excited. Not only did I love when he took control over my body and my sensations like that, I could also hear that we were still close to the motorway, which tickled my exhibitionist side. He helped me back into the car and we drove for another 15 minutes. 15 excruciating minutes. I couldn’t ask any questions anymore. I tried to push out some words but only muffled words came out. “What was that? Mmm? Yes, I thought so””.

And now here I am, in this hallway, following his lead. Naked, cold, excited and afraid. He stops and I can hear him open a creaking door. Suddenly there is an echo, coming from the heels of my shoes touching the hard concrete. He pulls me with him and then stops in his steps. He makes me stand still and then gently pushes me down to my knees. They touch the cold damp floor. He removes the blindfold. My eyes take a while to adjust to the white fluorescent lights. I look around. I seem to be in some sort of warehouse. I am staring at him.

“Remember when we talked about that one scene in the movie we had watched? Guess what, that fantasy is going to become reality tonight.”

My eyes widen. What did he just say? I try to look behind him but he is blocking my view.

“Do you want the fantasy to become reality, girl? Do you want me to whore you out and be used, all for me to watch and get pleasure from?”

I try to answer but the underwear in my mouth is preventing me from that. He takes a step towards me and takes out my temporary gag. “Do you consent, girl?”

“Yes, Master, I consent.”

“We can’t hear you. Say it louder. What do you consent to?”

“I consent to being whored out to others for your pleasure, Master.”

“Good girl”. He kisses me on the forehead, kneels in front of me and takes off the handcuffs.

“Now, gentlemen, step forward. The whore has taken center stage and is ready for the performance!”

I watch him walk away and sit down on a chair to the left, next to a table with a bottle of wine and a glass on it. Then I hear steps. Many steps. A group of six men wearing black masks form a circle around me. All of them are naked. Their spears are half hard.

I can feel a throbbing in my cunt and move a little uneasily on my knees. One of them steps towards me, grabs me by the hair and starts pounding his cock into my mouth. I stop breathing for a second, overwhelmed by the sudden change of pace. My head gets pulled back and another cock gets pushed into my only available hole for the moment. I can hear the men cheering each other on. “Open your eyes, whore!”, one of them says to me, harshly. I open my eyes and see six cocks being stroked. One of them slaps me in the face and I whimper as I feel the humiliation of the act. They laugh. “Anyone ready for the golden shower?”, I hear my Master shout from the background. I freeze. Oh god. No. Yes. No.

“Sit still, whore.”. the guy standing in front of me says. I open my mouth, knowing what is expected of me. “No, close your mouth. Filthy sluts don’t always get what they want.”. All my focus is on the cock in front of me. But then, I suddenly feel a warm stream running down the back of my head, down my spine, and disappearing in between my buttcheeks. I close my eyes to enjoy the warmth, the degradation, the feeling of being nothing but an object to play with, for my Master, for these men. “Touch yourself, slut.” I look up to the guy in front of me. “I said, touch yourself.”

“Do it, girl.”, I hear my Master say in the background. I start rubbing my throbbing swollen clit, moaning as the sensations intensify. Solely focused on my own arousal, the next stream hits me by surprise. Running down my naked breasts, over my belly and then over the hand pleasuring me. I almost go into a twitching trance when I realize what is happening. I am a toy, I am a plaything.

One of the men pulls me up by my right nipple, quick and painful. I scream. The men laugh. They push me towards the table, my Master now standing next to it, waiting for us. He lifts me up and sits me on the table. He slowly ties my arms to my side with black rope. The men are standing in front of me, stroking their cocks, waiting for their doll to be wound up.

I am told to lay down and I do. Within seconds, the men gather around the table. My head gets harshly pulled to the side and someone starts facefucking me. A pair (or two) of hands start torturing my bare breasts, my nipples. Slapping, pulling, pinching. I feel a finger in my butt, lubed up, probing. Another finger. The fingers are replaced by a buttplug, making me feel full before anyone has even entered me yet.

But that is about to change. A hard cock pushed its way into my cunt. My needy and wet flesh opens up and welcomes the warm spear. My knees are almost being pushed into my belly, as someone fucks me, fast. I try to moan but can’t because of the cock in my mouth. The pounding of my cunt stops for a second. And then someone else enters me, a longer cock that hits hard against my cervix with each thrust.

The cock gets pulled out of my mouth and I can feel cold metal clamps being closed around my hard and sore nipples. I let out a moan and then a scream, as someone pulls the chain to the clamps. Suddenly the sweet stingy pain of a flogger hits my belly. I try to move, but can’t. The man fucking me pushes my legs into the table, someone standing behind me, pushes my shoulders down.

I hear a vibrating sound. Without warning, a wand is pressed against my clit, on full power. I scream as the overwhelming sensations hit me. The chain of the clamps still pulled, someone flogging my belly, my clit being worked on, the hard thrusts into my wet cunt. I am getting closer. I can feel the relief building. I am breathing fast now. And then everyone stops. A bright light shines into my face.

“Look at the whore taking center stage, gentlemen!”, I hear my Master say. “And now for the highlight of our evening”.

I watch him put on a rubber glove. Someone presses the wand back onto my clit. One finger enters me, two, three. I feel spread. The men are watching my body twitch and turn, stroking their now hard cocks. A fourth enters me, a fifth. My Master slowly pushes his whole fist into my welcoming cave. I scream of pain and excitement. A first fountain of hot juices lands on my achy breasts. And a few seconds later, a second load hits my face. I almost come from the sensations.

“No yet, you needy slut”, I hear my Master say in the distance.

His fist now easily moves in and out of my wet cunt and I feel another pressure building up. The wand is still working on my clit. He wants me to squirt. Oh! I can feel the tension now. I look to my sides and see four cocks being stroked. One man still pulls the chain of the clamps. I fall deeper and deeper into a trance like state, enjoying the fullness of the plug, the fullness that the fists provides, the objectification, the pain on my nipples, the humiliation of the piss I can still smell on my sticky skin.

Another man’s cum on my belly now. I arch my back and try to embrace my Master’s fist with my muscles. He moves it in and out of me, as yet another hot cum load lands on my chest. The tension is unbearable now. I need to come. I am going to come.”Master, please!”, I yell.

“You can come when you want, needy slut!”

He pulls his fist out and slaps my swollen tortured clit. With each slap, a fountain of juices leaves my cunt and splashes on the floor. I stick out my tongue just in time to catch the cum of the last two men, both deciding to finish on my face. My body twitching, feeling used and satisfied, I let out a huge sigh.

A hand is stroking the wet hair out of my sweaty face. “Good girl!”, I hear my Master say, as I fall into a sudden slumber, my body exhausted from the rough work out it had to endure.

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  1. It seems you and I went for similar stories for the prompt 😉
    Love your story better than mine!

    Rebel xox

  2. May says:

    That sounds like an amazing workout – great tale DS x

  3. jupitergrant says:

    Wow! Such powerful images! ?

  4. E.L. Byrne says:

    This was hot- my favorite thing- fisting combined with a real fantasy of the gang bang element… nicely done!

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